Labello Vanilla Buttercream

I recently received the new Labello Vanilla Buttercream caring lip balm from Rubybox to try out. I’m loyal to Labello and have every single Labello variant there is so I was very excited to hear that there is a new Labello and the variant sounded absolutely divine.


The new Labello Vanilla Buttercream packaging stands out from the rest as the cap of the twist tube is white and gold. The lip balm is beige in colour and has a very delicious vanilla scent, I could almost eat it! I like the size of the Labello lip balms, the surface is round and big enough to cover my entire lip in just one sweep and the 5.5ml tube lasts long and easily fits into a clutch bag, I haven’t been able to finish an entire tube. The texture of this variant is much thicker and creamier than most of the other Labello variants, it applies on smoothly and evenly and does not have a glossy finish like the fruit and most of the other variants so men can use it too.


The Labello Vanilla Buttercream deeply moisturises my lips as its extra care formulation contains shea butter and natural oils. My lips feel soft and smooth for hours with a delightful vanilla scent..I won’t lie the scent makes me feel for cupcakes and cake so that is a bit torturous. The best way to describe this lip balm is a scrumptious icing for the lips 😉. The lip balm can be worn as a lip primer before applying on a matte lipstick or any lipstick for that matter as it doesn’t have a glossy finish and won’t affect the finish of your lip product and will protect the lips from drying out by keeping it moisturised under your lipstick throughout the day.


What I love about the Labello Vanilla Buttercream is that even though it is a creamy textured lip balm it is lightweight and comfortable on the lips and because of its creamy texture it doesn’t rub off as easily and quickly as a gloss finish lip balm would. I have been using this lip balm everyday and I know in winter my lips are going to love it even more the only problem is the delicious vanilla scent that has me constantly craving dessert ☺.

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