Hug & Kisses and Exs & Ohs…

For the month of love Kangol launched two beautiful perfumes, Hugs & Kisses and Exs & Ohs.. These two fragrances make the perfect Valentine’s present for your bestie, loved one and even for yourself because we are allowed to spoil ourselves too 😉.

Hugs & Kisses

Hugs & Kisses comes in a matte black box with glossy black hearts and the Kangol logo is in chrome red with the name of the perfume printed in white. The colour combination on both boxes (Hug & Kisses and Exs & Ohs…) works well and the contrast between the matte and gloss makes the packaging stand out.


The perfume comes in a 50ml frosted white/beige square bottle with the name of the perfume printed on the bottle in red. The perfume has a strong floral scent when applied, I then get beautiful hints of citrus and once the perfume has completely settled you are left with a gorgeous soft floral scent. The scent does not last throughout the day so it needs to be reapplied, its small palm size makes it easy to carry in your handbag for touch ups.

Exs & Ohs…

Like the Hugs and Kisses perfume the Exs & Ohs… comes in a 50ml matte black box, with the red chrome Kangol logo and name of the perfume printed in white but this box has glossy x’s and o’s.


The box opens up to a see through eye catching 50ml square bottle perfume with the name of the perfume written on the bottle in white. The perfume opens up with a sweet scent, I then get hints of spices and berries, it then settles down to a very delicious marshmallow, vanilla and berry scent. This perfume lasts throughout the day so there is no need to reapply it but it’s small enough to be kept in your handbag for touch ups.


I love the simple sleek packaging and the bottles are simple yet stunning. These perfumes are definitely complete opposites as Hugs & Kisses has a bolder scent which I would recommend for a lady who is playful, fun and not afraid to stand out in a crowd. Exs & Ohs… is a softer sweet scent for an elegant, sexy and confident lady.

I’m loving both scents but for me the Exs & Ohs… stands out more, I love sweet smelling perfumes with hints of vanilla. Both perfumes can be used day and night. They make perfect Valentine’s gifts and a plus is that the boxes are easy to gift wrap.

Each perfume retails for R159.00 at such an affordable price you can purchase both to gift to someone or to keep for yourself. If you spend R300 or more on any Kangol products you will also receive a really cute and ridiculously soft fluffy compact keyring mirror which is perfect to clip onto your handbag and use to touch up your makeup so you are always looking your best 😉.


Kangol products are available exclusively at Truworths Stores nationwide.

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