Brows On Fleek With Rimmel

Trends come and go but having perfect brows will always be on trend and Rimmel London has a wide variety of brow products to choose from to achieve any brow look. Last year Rimmel added to their brow collection with the launch of Brow This Way Fibre Pencil’s and 3-in-1 Ultra Soft Powder’s which you can find out more about here, before these products were launched Rimmel London Brow This Way Sculpting Kit, Highlighting Pencils and Styling Gels formed part of their brow product range. Today I will be telling you all about these products.


Brow This Way Brow Sculpting Kit

The Brow This Way Brow Sculpting Kit has always been my go-to brow product for years. This little kit has everything you need to create perfect natural or bold brows.


The Brow Sculpting Kit is a small rectangular kit which contains a wax formula used to shape, define and fix the brows and a powder formula which is used to set the wax and give the brows a natural look. The kit also contains a tiny double ended slanted brush, the bristles on the one side of the brush is hard to define and shape the brows with the wax while the other side is soft to blend and set the brows with the powder. Lastly the kit contains a tiny spoolie to brush the brows in place and to blend in the products for a natural look.


The wax is soft in texture and blends well, only a small amount is needed for a natural brow look as the wax is very pigmented and spreads quite well.

I firstly brush my brows in place with the tiny spoolie. The spoolie works well and it is the perfect size for my brows not to big or too small.


I then use a small amount of wax and do light hairlike strokes for a natural brow look, more product can be used with a heavy hand for bolder brows. I like to first outline my brows with the wax then fill it in. After filling in my brows I then brush it with the spoolie to blend in the product and to give a more natural look rather than a solid look. I then apply the brow powder over to set the wax and give it one last brush to blend it in, I like to use the Rimmel Clear Brow Gel over to set and keep my brows in place.


The powder is soft in texture, blendable and also very pigmented so if you want a natural brow look use a small amount of the product. The wax is slightly darker than the powder but when used together they blend in perfectly and give a gorgeous groomed finish.


The brushes work well in picking up each product and applying it the brow without losing the pigmentation. The slant of the brushes makes it easier to outline/shape and fill in the brows.


The wax and powder is lightweight and comfy on the brows, it almost feels as if no brow products have been applied. It also lasts throughout the day without fading, smudging or rubbing off. The kit is so convenient and easy to use in just two steps, it’s small enough to travel with and contains everything you need so you won’t have to take extra tools (a spoolie and seperate brow brushes) with on holiday. Even though the kit looks tiny it contains a lot of product which lasts for a very very long time.


Brow This Way Highlighting Pencil

A brow highlighter can finish off your brow look by adding lift and definition to your eyebrows. The Rimmel London Highlighting Pencil can also brighten up the eyes and make them appear bigger by applying it to the waterline and the inner corner of the eyes. One pencil with many uses.


The Highlighting Pencil is small and chubby and it is available in two shades a shimmer shade and a matte shade. I bought myself the matte shade as it is perfect for everyday use while the shimmer shade would look nicer for a night out. The matte pencil is a beautiful pale pink and would look great on all skin tones.


The pencil has a very soft creamy texture, it is pigmented and blends well. It’s so easy to use all you do is draw under the brow arch and blend it with a small flat or slanted brush. Application is so smooth and it is so easy to blend the product. Using too much of the product can make it look more white than pink.


The Highlighting Pencil gives my brows a nice lift, I like to use it to clean up any brow products under my brows as it conceals any mistakes quite nicely. It can be used on its own or a shimmer highlighter can be applied over to make it more intense. Once the product has been blended out it stays put throughout the day giving the brows a beautiful lift, definition and gorgeous illumination.


This is one of my favourite highlighting brow products, even though it is small it lasts long as only a small amount is needed as it is very pigmented and blends so well. It offers precise application because it is a pencil. This has become my go-to brow highlighter.


Brow This Way Brow Styling Gel

I am a huge fan of the Clear Brow Gel even before the formula changed with the added argan oil, so I had to try the tinted brow gels to see if they are just as good. I love makeup but don’t use it all the time as I like my skin to breath but I do however wear a brow gel if my brows have not been tinted. Brow gels are quick and easy to use to give the brows natural definition, colour, keep them in place and fill in the brows when you don’t have time to spend filling in brows with a brow pencil or wax and powder.


I decided to try two shades of the Styling Gel the ‘002 Medium Brown’ and ‘003 Dark Brown’. The brow gels come in a 5ml tube, the colour of the packaging is the same colour as the actual product. It has a precise tapered brush. The gel formula sculpts and defines the brows and with the added argan oil it smoothes, conditions and softens the brows.


The Brow Gel offers a slight tint for a natural groomed look, it also states that the formula is lightweight and comfortable on the brows.


The ‘002 Medium Brown’ gel doesn’t have a gel texture like the Clear Brow Gel. The formula is thinner than a gel but not too thick or too thin. It is pigmented and the colour can be built up by layering the product onto the brow but I find that one layer is perfect for a natural tint. This shade gives my brows a soft natural tint, it holds my brows in place without feeling heavy and dry on the brows. This product tends to leave some grainy/flaky spots behind but it can be brushed out with a spoolie. My brows stay in place throughout the day and the colour does not fade or rub off.


003 Dark Brown’ has a very different texture to the ‘002 Medium Brown’, the formula is too runny with some gooeyness. This shade does not give a very natural tint as it is too dark for my brows and has a very grainy and flaky finish and brushing it with a spoolie only spreads it everywhere. It also feels heavy and uncomfortably dry on the brows leaving it feeling very stiff.


Both gels are very pigmented, application is very messy as the brushes are too big, a smaller tapered brush would work a lot better. I prefer the formula, texture and finish of the medium shade compared to the darker shade. These gels can also be used to change up the colour of your brows like using the blonde shade for a bleached brow look if you have dark brows. I like that they are convenient for when you on the go and don’t have time to spend on your brows. Brow gels also work well with or without any foundation.

May your brow game be strong and forever on fleek 😉.


Have you tried any of these brow products? What are your go-to brow products?

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