Epi-max Baby & Junior

This year the Epi-max Baby & Junior range won Product of the Year 2017 in the Baby Care category. The Epi-max Lotion in both the yellow, as well as the Baby & Junior range, has a new and improved formula to enhance water retention, leaving skin even more soothed, nourished and repaired. In partnership with Netcare, Epi-max will now be given to new moms in all the Netcare Stork’s Nest Clinics! Epi-max brought out a Baby & Junior mini range for this purpose.

Epi-max Baby & Junior is a range of gentle all-purpose emollient moisturisers for babies and children that are gentle and mild enough to use from birth. I enjoy using this range on my dry sensitive skin as it works well for me.

When skin doesn’t contain enough moisture it becomes dry and weak. The bonds between dry skin cells begin to loosen, pull apart and lift up on a microscopic level. The tiny gaps between the dry skin cells leave the lower layer of the skin exposed, making it easy for irritants and bacteria to penetrate the skin surface.

Three of the most common dry skin conditions in children and adults are:

  • Winter skin- exposure to harsh elements and air conditioning quickly dries out young, vulnerable skin. This results in dry, flaky patches that are itchy and irritating.
  • Eczema or atopic dermatitis- is a red rash which most commonly occurs in the first few years of a child’s life. Eczema patches are very itchy and sore, causing huge discomfort to not only little ones but to adults too. I suffered from eczema as a baby till now.
  • Psoriasis- outbreaks occur when skin cells are produced and shed more quickly than normal. This causes a build-up of skin patches that are red, thick and scaly and covered in white flaky dry skin.

Epi-max is not a cosmetic moisturiser. It is also not an aqueous cream. Epi-max is what dermatologists refer to as an emollient moisturiser.

An emollient is a type of body moisturiser formulated with very specific ingredients to add moisture to the skin, strengthen the skin barrier to keep the moisture in and restore any weak patches to stop irritants from penetrating the surface.

Epi-max products are suitable for the whole family and can be used as a water-soluble soap substitute. Epi-max products are rich in texture when applied and not greasy feeling. What I love about Epi-max is that they don’t test on animals, there’s a wide product range with conveniently sized packs and their products are well priced with similar ingredients and benefits to that of international products.

Epi-max Baby & Junior

Epi-max lotion and Epi-max Baby & Junior lotion now has a new formulation, the glycerine included in the formulation enhances water retention properties leaving skin feeling soft. Not only has the formulation of the Epi-max lotion and Baby & Junior lotion changed but so has the packaging, the lotions are now available in 450ml pump bottles which makes it easier to use.


Epi-max Baby & Junior lotion comes in a cute rounded pump bottle with purple print and a purple teddy bear on the packaging differentiating it from the other ranges.


The lotion is not to thin or thick in texture and has a slight almost aqueous cream scent. It is lightweight enough for summer and tough enough for dry skin. It hydrates my dry skin and it is quickly absorbed into the skin, only a small amount is needed as it spreads quite easily. I love how soft and hydrated my skin feels when using this product.


The Epi-max Baby & Junior 450ml retails for R55.00.

Epi-max Baby and Junior Packs

All Netcare Stork’s Nest Clinics will now be giving new moms an Epi-max Baby & Junior pack. The pack consists of a mini Baby & Junior range, these are not available for retail but I received one in my press pack to show you how cute this pack is and to tell you about it 🙂


The mini range consists of three products which are:

  • Epi-max Baby & Junior Lotion- the lotion is gentle and mild for all skin types. It has the same texture and scent as the lotion in the pump bottle. It’s the exact same product only in a 25g miniature version. This is perfect for moms to keep in nappy bags for baby and it is perfect to keep in our handbags as a hand lotion.


  • Epi-max Baby & Junior Cream- this cream comes in such a cute miniature 50g tub. The cream is slightly thicker in texture and feels richer, more hydrating and moisturising than the lotion. It has no scent, spreads quite easily and quickly absorbs into the skin. This is perfect for very dry skin. It leaves my skin feeling very soft and hydrated.


  • Epi-max Baby & Junior Bathe- this is a moisturising oil/bath drops. It contains Evening Primrose Oil, Lavender Oil and Vitamin E. It has such a beautiful lavender scent and can be used as bath drops or as a body oil. When my skin starts acting up I like to put a couple of drops of this oil into my bath it helps soothe my sensitive skin, hydrate and moisturise my skin leaving it feeling soft and smelling great. When I don’t have time to have a relaxing bath I use this oil directly onto my skin as a moisturiser, is absorbs quickly into my skin and doesn’t leave it feeling greasy and oily but hydrated and moisturised. The oil in the pack comes in a cute 50ml bottle.


The Epi-max Baby & Junior range is hypo-allergenic, fragrance and colourant free. The range contains pure cetomacrogol and glycerine emollient for all skin types and dry skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis.


The key to healthy young skin is simple, keep it hydrated with an emollient moisturiser like Epi-max Baby & Junior.

Epi-max is now also available on Amazon.com.

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