Kangol Tropical Paradise

In the blogging world we often form relationships/friendships with the person on the other end of the emails, I am proud to say that I formed a special friendship with Whitney Mazibuko she was one of a few who would always reply back to my emails and tell me that she enjoyed reading my blog posts and always looks forward to them. I didn’t know you that well but from our whatsapp conversations I knew that you were a truly amazing person. Thank you for all your support by always liking my pictures and always commenting on my whatsapp statuses it meant the world to me, you will be missed.

I believe that you are in your own Tropical Paradise right now looking down on your loved ones. This post is dedicated to you ☺.

For summer Kangol launched a Tropical Paradise range which consists of the perfect products to create sun kissed glowy looks. The products that I received are the Kangol Blend Beauty Sponges, Kangol Shimmer Powder, Kangol Extreme Colour Matte liquid lipsticks in two gorgeous shades and Kangol Nail Varnishes in three beautiful summer shades.

Kangol Blend Beauty Sponges

With this range Kangol introduced their very first Beauty Blending Sponges which come in a pack of two. The Beauty Blending Sponge has become a must-have in the beauty world as it helps with application of makeup and gives a natural flawless finish.


Kangol Beauty Blending Sponges come in a pack of two, a black sponge which I’m so excited about because it’s perfect to use to apply on foundations and cream contouring products and won’t stain and a pink sponge which is perfect for applying on lighter products like concealers. The sponges both feel soft and bouncy before wet.



Makeup sponges ensure flawless application. To use the Beauty Blending Sponge you first need to run it under water, this changes the size of the sponge, makes it easier to use without soaking up your makeup and allows for flawless application. Squeeze out any excess water, the sponge should be damp not wet. Now it is ready to use. The Kangol Beauty Blending Sponges expanded almost three times its size when damp and feels soft and it is easy to squeeze excess water, with some beauty sponges they are often too hard, difficult to squeeze and retain a lot of water making it difficult/useless to use.


To use the sponge you can either dab the sponge directly in your makeup and apply it to your face or what I prefer doing is applying on my foundation almost like a face cream then use the sponge by dabbing/bouncing it off my skin to even out my foundation and blend it in, this gives a beautiful natural airbrush finish. I use it in the same way to apply on cream or liquid contour and highlight products. The beauty sponge works perfect with cream, liquid and powder products but with powder products it’s easier to dab the sponge in the product and apply.


The wider side of the sponge is used to apply on primers, blend in foundation and blushes and can be used for baking (not baking a cake but baking your face by applying on a translucent powder over your concealer and areas you highlighted with a concealer, this process helps to set the concealer and stay put without creasing and gives a flawless finish throughout the day). The pointed end is used to apply on makeup in hard to reach places so you can use it to apply on concealers under the eyes, under the brows, to blend in foundation around the nose and mouth and lastly to blend in a contour and/or highlighting product, using the tip allows for a more precise application.


These sponges work well and don’t soak up a lot of the products but blend it in nicely and gives a flawless even finish. It is important to clean your Beauty Sponge after each use to prevent it from forming any bacteria and allow it to air-dry so that it doesn’t become mouldy. To clean all you have to do is run it under water and use a mild baby soap and squeeze till clean then squeeze any excess water and allow to air-dry on a container, like a small slotted soap plate and always store in a cool dry place. Keep your beauty sponges away from extreme heat of any kind.


The Kangol Beauty Sponges retail for R89.00 for a pack of two which is very affordable.

Kangol Shimmer Powder

During summer I’m all about beautiful sunkissed bronzed skin and love how golden bronze shades look on my skin tone so when I received the Shimmer Powder I was beyond excited as it is the perfect product to achieve healthy glowy skin.


The Shimmer Powder is a beautiful golden brown bronzer that comes in a round pan, the pan has two sections, the top section contains the stunning bronzer and opens up to a second section with a round clear mirror and a sponge applicator with air vents at the bottom of the pan. I love products that contain everything that you need.


A bronzer in my opinion is essential in summer it gives the skin a beautiful glow, it can be used over the cheeks, lids, dabbed on lipstick for a bit of glow and it is perfect to lightly sweep over the entire face to warm up your face.


The bronzer is buttery soft in texture and it is very pigmented so when using it over the cheeks first tap your blush brush on the lid of the pan to remove any excess product. It blends in well and leaves a stunning beautiful golden bronze look. The pictures don’t do justice to this product it’s so glowy and warm.


The applicator in the pan doesn’t blend the product well so I prefer using a blush brush. The applicator reminds me of the old school ones my mum use to use when I was a kid, it always came in a big round pan of powder.


This is really an amazing product and a summer must-have. The Kangol Shimmer Powder retails for R159.00 which is affordable as the quality is great and you get a lot of product in the pan.

Kangol Extreme Colour Matte

For summer I love glossy lips or soft pale matte lips.


I received two liquid matte lipsticks in the colours:

  • Island Beauty: this is a pretty mauve colour (pale purple) it almost looks nude on my skin tone. This shade is pigmented but does not offer full coverage, to achieve a full even coverage more than one coat is needed.




  • Aloha: is a pale pink colour with a blue undertone. This liquid lipstick is not very pigmented and does not offer full coverage. I noticed that with this shade it is best to wait until the first coat is dry before applying on another coat as the product will only move around and you won’t get the desired coverage. This colour is quite light and pale so it applies on quite streaky and when the lips are pressed together while the product is still wet it becomes very patchy.




Both shades are perfect for summer and both come in nice big tubes with a doe foot applicator that allows for even and precise application. The liquid matte lipsticks have a yummy sweet vanilla scent and are both creamy and smooth in texture and the formula is long-lasting. I found that you can’t make any mistakes when applying on these liquid lipsticks once they dry it is difficult to remove so always make sure to apply it nicely in the lines. The only way to remove these matte liquid lipsticks is with an oil based micellar water or makeup remover. They don’t stain the lips and stay put throughout the day.


The Kangol Extreme Colour Matte retail for R89.00 each.

Kangol Nail Varnish

When it comes to nails anything goes for the season, you can rock dark rich shades or go for more bolder bright colours which show off healthy sun kissed skin.


The three shades that form part of the Kangol Paradise range are:

  • Exotic Beach: which is a pale gold colour that has some black streaks in it, it almost has a metallic finish. This shade reminds me of beach sand. This nail varnish is pigmented and one coat gives an even and full coverage but it looks better with two coats.


  • Hibiscus: this is a really stunning bright coral colour which really pops against my skin tone giving me a beautiful tan look. This shade sums up summer it reminds me of beautiful sunrises over the ocean. Two coats are perfect for full and even coverage.


  • Maui Sunset: is a gorgeous purple. This shade reminds me of summer sunsets. This shade applies on a little sheer but with two coats you get the colour that you see in the bottle.


The nail varnishes come in square bottles and the brush is thin to allow for precise application. I created the nail art below using all three shades and ‘Paradise Party’ as a topper over ‘Exotic Beach’. ‘Paradise Party’ is from the Tropical Paradise- Summer range which I’ll review soon so watch this space 😉.


Kangol Nail Varnishes retail for R69.00.

All Kangol products are available exclusively at Truworths Stores nationwide.

In loving memory of Whitney Mazibuko.


Rest In Peace.


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