Revlon Eye Opening

Revlon recently launched some new and exciting products from brows to lips and today I’ll be telling you all about some of their new eye opening products which I received from their launch. The products that I received and will be telling you all about are the Colorstay Brow Pencil, Colorstay Brow Crayon, Colorstay Crème Eye Shadows and the Mega Multiplier Mascara.

This year has been all about natural, fuller angular brows, beautiful long lashes and metallic eyes.

We all want brows on fleek and are moving away from the old fashioned skinny brows (thank goodness) and opting for more fuller natural looking brows. Whether you want soft natural looking brows and looking for a product to fill in your sparse brows or if you want angular bolder brows Revlon has the best products to achieve any brow look that your heart desires so that you always have fleeking amazing brows. The new Revlon Colorstay Brow Pencil and Colorstay Brow Crayon are perfect to achieve any brow look.


Revlon Colorstay Brow Pencil

The Revlon Colorstay Brow Pencil has a long wearing, long-lasting, waterproof formula that lasts for 24 hours making it perfect for this season so you can have WOW brows in these hot summer days and don’t have to worry about the product coming off even when cooling off in the pool.


The brow pencil is different to most as it sports a precise angled tip and blending brush making it perfect to take with you on holiday or to keep in your bag and not having to carry a brow brush with. The angled tip allows for precise application for perfectly defined brows by using it to add detail to sparse brows for more fuller looking brows and to define the arch. The blending brush helps blend the product in to give a more natural look.


This product fills, defines and tames the brows in just two easy steps:

  1. Fill and define brows with the angled tip by doing soft hair like strokes in the direction of the brow growth.
  2. Soften your look with the blending brush and voila perfect looking brows every time.

The Colorstay Brow Pencil is soft, pigmented and the spoolie works well to brush the brows in place and to blend in the product. If you want to create a soft natural looking brow apply the product with light strokes and for bolder brows apply by adding a bit more pressure, the colour is buildable and the tip won’t break. I love that this product comes with a spoolie which makes life so much easier the only problem I have is that the angled tip tends to lose its shape after a couple of uses but still works well regardless. The product stays on my brows throughout the day and doesn’t fade, smudge or wipe off.



The Revlon Colorstay Brow Pencil is available in 5 natural shades so there’s a colour for everyone: Beige (for blonde babes), Dark Brown (for brunettes like myself), Brown (this can be used on ladies with red hair or light brown hair) and Black (for dark haired babes). It retails for R179.00.

Revlon Colorstay Brow Crayon

The Revlon Colorstay Brow Crayon has an innovative long wear technology that lasts for 24 hours and its waterproof formula allows it to stay put throughout the day. The Brow Crayon shapes brows in just one sweep and has a wax to powder finish.


The Colorstay Brow Crayon is used to create fuller and softly defined brows which made me a bit sceptical as I wasn’t too sure how a chubby crayon would get my brows looking defined. Once I tried this product I was surprised and immediately developed a liking to it.


The product is thicker than most brow products which allows for quick and easy application especially on the days when you just don’t have the time to draw in hair like strokes to fill in your brows. Its super easy to use all you have to do is glide it on to fill or enhance by building colour for a bolder look. The colour is buildable so on first application it gives a beautiful natural look but if you want more intensity you can just layer the product and blend with a spoolie. The sheer formula allows for buildable and blendable colour.

The product blends in well and applies on as a wax which allows it to keep the brows in place and once blended it has a powder finish. Its lightweight and feels very soft and natural and also lasts throughout the day without smudging, fading or wiping off.


The texture is so soft, I love that this product is so quick and easy to use and blends in so well. Application can be a bit messy because it’s chubby but it’s easy to clean up with a concealer or earbud and doesn’t spread and mess everywhere. I absolutely love how soft and natural it makes my brows look and because of its wax texture it keeps my brows in place without even having to brush them. The only thing I would change is maybe adding a sharpener to it that would work with this product so that the tip always stays a bit pointy.


This is really the perfect product when you don’t have enough time to spend on applying on makeup, the thickness of it means it fills in the entire brow in just one sweep. This has become my favourite brow product because of how convenient it is to use.

The Revlon Colorstay Brow Crayon is available in 4 shades: Soft Brown, Blonde, Soft Black (which I have) and Dark Brown. It retails for R179.00.


Revlon Colorstay Crème Eye Shadow

The new Revlon Colorstay Crème Eye Shadows come in cute little glass jars with a built-in brush in the cap of each jar. The creamy shadows offer glimmering glow to your eyes with a mess-free application. These luxurious, blendable eyeshadows are formulated with a unique blend of ingredients and strong flexible polymers, the crème eye shadows are long-wearing and waterproof for up to 24 hours of wear.


There are 12 wearable shades which each contain finely milled pigments to offer smooth application and give the lids a perfect burst of colour.

The cream eyeshadows are pigmented and the built-in brush works perfectly to apply the eyeshadows without any mess. Most brushes that come with eyeshadows are often useless and I don’t end up using them but this brush was made for this eyeshadow as I find that it works better with these eyeshadows than any brush that I have.


I received three different colours which are all very pigmented. For a soft and delicate look only one layer of the product is needed, more layers can be added for a more intense glamorous finish. These eyeshadows are buttery soft in texture, they don’t dry immediately once applied so there’s still some time to blend it in and mix-and-match by adding more shades to create a unique look. The eyeshadow doesn’t become grainy like most cream eyeshadows when layered. Once it dries it stays put even in hot weather. They are so easy to apply and can also be applied on using your fingers but the brush works best and also doesn’t take away from the intensity of the colours. Only a small amount of the product is needed as it spreads quite easily.


The cream eyeshadows last all day and the formula is really amazing that there is no need for a primer. The colour does not fade and the product does not smudge, crease or rub off and it is so lightweight and comfortable, it feels as if there’s nothing on the lids.


The eyeshadow is easy to remove with micellar water or an eye makeup remover. The brush is also easy to clean with warm water and baby soap. I absolutely love these eyeshadows the colours are stunning, it’s so quick and easy to apply, looks great on its own and the built-in-brush easily clicks into the lid making this product perfect to take on holiday as the brush is already built-in so there’s no need to carry extra brushes.

This product is also great to use when you’re in a hurry but want a pop of colour on the lids to finish off your look as there’s no blending needed just swipe it on with the built-in-brush and you’re good to go and you don’t have to worry about reapplication because its stays put until you remove it.

The 3 colours that I received are:

Espresso 715– this is a very pretty taupe colour which has very tiny silver glitter. This shade looks so natural on my skin tone and is perfect as a base colour, to use on its own and a transition shade.


It is also perfect to use everyday. Only one swipe is needed as it is very pigmented and offers full even coverage.





Black Currant 740– this is such a beautiful festive purple shade loaded with silver shimmer giving it a lovely metallic finish. The shimmer doesn’t feel grainy on the eyes in fact it can’t be felt at all the formula is amazingly smooth, not only that but the shimmer doesn’t gather up in the crease of the eyes! The glitter doesn’t rub off throughout the day/night.


This is perfect to add a pop of colour to the lids for a night out.





Earl Grey 760– this is a really beautiful metallic shimmery silver shade. It can be used on its own or to add dramatic highlight to the inner corner of the eyes.


This shade pairs perfectly with ‘Black Currant 740’ and together would make the perfect festive holiday look, I will create this festive look and post it onto my Instagram page before Christmas 😉.

This colour is perfect for a night out and like ‘Black Currant’ the shimmer does not rub off and gather up in the crease.





The Revlon Colorstay Crème Eye Shadows are available in 12 longwear shades which are: Praline, Caramel, Pistachio, Cherry Blossom, Chocolate, Licorice, Honey, Espresso, Earl Grey, Crème Brulee, Black Currant and Vanilla. They retail at R99.95 each.

Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara

The Mega Multiplier Mascara Contains unique fibers which plumps and extends lashes for mega volume and extreme length. I hate a mascara that flakes and gets all over my face and into my eyes leaving me with irritated itchy eyes so I’m glad that this mascara has a smudge proof and flake free formula.


The mascara comes in a sleek packaging that is matte black on the bottom half and the top half (lid) is glossy turquoise which differentiates it from the other Revlon mascaras as each colour offers a different lash effect. The wand is oversized, thinner towards the end and broader at the bottom, the mega lash brush deposits the formula from lash line to the tip for mega volume and extreme length. The thinner end makes it easier to coat the smaller lashes, to get to the base of the lashes and to separate each lash, while the thicker part adds volume and length.


The formula has the perfect consistency and contains fibres which can easily be seen on the brush/wand. I love how this mascara and the wand nicely separates my lashes giving me a natural look and at the same time creates beautiful lift, length and volume making it perfect for everyday use from day to night. It doesn’t clump and feels light on my lashes as if I haven’t applied any mascara. Sometimes fibre mascaras are difficult to remove but this mascara removes easily with warm water or micellar water and doesn’t irritate the eyes.




The Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara is available in 4 shades: Black, Blackened Brown, Blackest Black (which I have) and Plummy Brown (I would love to try this colour). It retails for R169.00.

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