TRESemmé #InspiredByNYFW Hair Collection

A couple of weeks ago TRESemmé hosted an Inspired by NYFW hair collection hosted by the beautiful Lalla Hirayama. The event showcased the latest hair trends straight off the NYFW runway created by local celebrity hairstylist “Ceecee” Mabaso. Every hairstyle showcased the four key TRESemmé product ranges- Botanique, Beauty-Full Volume, Keratin Smooth and styling.

MC Lalla Hirayama

Ceecee re-created the top hair trends that came out of New York Fashion Week, including Effortlessly Cool, On the Wild Side and Tousled Texture from the Carolina Herrera, Rebecca Minkoff, and Jonathan Simkai shows, among others. These looks were complimented by garments from local fashion designers Kisua, Mantsho and design duo Carina Louw and Natasha Jaume.

Unilever PR Manager Sphe Mjadu and event hairstylist Ceecee Mabaso

On the night we received amazing goodie bags (I’ve shared pictures of the goodies on my Instagram page) containing all three of the ranges which were used to create each style from the show, we also received a TRESemmé styling tool, I received a paddle brush which is great to create sleek straight looks. Among these TRESemmé products were some extra goodies. Today I will be telling you all about each range and the styling tool, I have also used these products and tools to recreate the hairstyles from the show.

TRESemmé Botanique

The Botanique range comes in green and white packaging and helps nourish and replenish the hair. I have reviewed this range earlier this year, you can find out more about this range here.


The Botanique models rocked their natural curly/afro hair and their outfits were bold and colourful with playful print, they also sported big statement earrings.

Botanique Model

This range is all about taking care of and embracing your natural hair so with this hairstyle I used the shampoo and conditioner and allowed my hair to air dry so that it is in its natural state. All I did was brush my hair after washing and conditioning and then applied on a curling product and left my hair to air dry.


TRESemmé Keratin Smooth

The Keratin Smooth range has red and gold packaging which is how one can differentiate each range. The range consists of a Shampoo, Conditioner, Deep Smoothing Mask and a Shine Oil. This range is infused with Marula Oil and Keratin Protein. There are 5 smoothing benefits in just 1 system which are:

  1. Up to 72 hours of frizz control
  2. Perfectly detangle
  3. Silky shine
  4. Soft feel and
  5. Tames fly-away

This range is perfect for achieving smooth, sleek, straight hair.


The Shampoo has lower sulphates for gentle cleansing, it has a beautiful rich-in-oils almost fruity scent and is a white shimmery colour. Only a small amount is needed as it foams up quite well and cleanses my hair thoroughly. After rinsing my hair feels soft unlike most shampoos which can leave the hair feeling dry and stiff.


The Conditioner has the same beautiful scent, it’s white in colour and the consistency is just right, not too thick like most conditioners and not too thin and runny. I use a generous amount and then brush it through my hair and leave it for 2-3 minutes before rinsing. The conditioner intensely nourishes and smoothes each strand making it easier to brush through while my hair is still wet.

Here’s a quick tip: if your scalp and hair tends to get oily very quickly then don’t apply conditioner close to the scalp but rather towards the mid-lengths and the ends.

After rinsing off the conditioner my hair feels very soft, smoother and it’s easier to brush through, not only that but my hair sits down instead of up and frizzy.


Both the shampoo and conditioner comes in 750ml bottles.

The Keratin Deep Smoothing Mask comes in a 300ml tub, it is white in colour just like the conditioner and has a soft creamy texture, the consistency is a little thinner than the conditioner. The mask is used to deeply nourish, smooth hair and to control frizz, it unlocks ultra soft, supple hair with professional quality.


The mask can be substituted with the conditioner once a week. It should be used after the Keratin Smooth Shampoo, apply a desired amount to the hair from mid-lengths to ends and let the mask work for 3-4 minutes then rinse thoroughly. After using this mask my hair feels soft, shiny, smooth and sleek, overall healthy.


The Shine Oil is a serum which is used to boost shine and is used as part of the Keratin Smooth System. The oil comes in a red and gold box containing a 50ml pump bottle. The oil has a luxurious gold colour. To use you simply rub 3-4 pumps in palms of the hands, apply evenly through lengths and ends of clean dry hair. It is lightweight and doesn’t leave the hair feeling and looking oily or stiff. It is great to use to tame the hair and also on dry split ends, it instantly smooths the hair and gives it a beautiful healthy shine.


I love a product that has many uses and the Shine Oil is one of them, not only can it be used on dry clean hair but also on wet hair as a nourishing treatment, or pre-styling to help protect and transform hair. The oil can also be used to massage into the scalp and hair, leaving you feeling relaxed and your hair intensely nourished. I haven’t tried these as yet but will definitely be doing so soon. I normally apply the oil after blow drying or straightening my hair for a smooth, shiny look with no fly-aways. It leaves my hair looking very healthy without even knowing that it has been applied because it’s so lightweight and is absorbed into each strand.


The entire Keratin Smooth Range gives my hair a gorgeous professional salon finish and it is my favourite range.

The Heat Defense Styling Spray does not form part of the Keratin Smooth range but was one of the products in the goodie bag and also has worked so well with the Keratin Smooth Range. It is a heat defense spray that is applied on damp hair before heat styling, it offers heat defense up to 230°C protection. This little wonder protects my hair against damage from the use of my hair dryer and heat styling tools.

The spray comes in 100ml black bottle with a purple label that says ‘protect’ as the spray forms part of the TRESemmé protect range. I spritz the Heat Defense Styling Spray onto my damp hair, what I like about the spray bottle is that the product evenly sprays out throughout my hair rather than spraying into one spot, so only a couple sprays is needed, I then brush it through my hair to make sure that it is evenly distributed and then heat style.

This baby softens my hair, makes it easier to brush through, helps prevent my hair from becoming dry, brittle and dull and it also helps speed up drying time as my hair is easier to work with. It’s always important to protect your hair with a heat defense product before letting any heat styling tools touch your hair. With continued use of this product it helps prevent up to 82% less breakage. For best results use this product in addition to other TRESemmé products and finish style with a TRESemmé hair spray.


The Keratin Smooth models had sleek pulled back hair and were dressed in gorgeous black garments with gold and white print and red accessories. They looked well put together and elegant.

Keratin Smooth Models

I recreated the hairstyle by using the Keratin Smooth Range and the Heat Defense Styling Spray which I applied before blow drying my hair. After drying my hair I used a hair iron to straighten my hair for a nice sleek look and finished off the look with the Shine Oil to add some shine.


TRESemmé Beauty-full Volume System Range

The Beauty-full Volume Range comes in a turquoise, white and black packaging. The range consists of the Pre-wash Conditioner, Shampoo, Touchable Bounce Mousse and Hair Maximiser. This range is different to any other range as it’s a reverse system where the conditioner is used before the shampoo. This was very weird for me but I was excited to try it out.


Using a conditioner after shampoo can weigh the hair down leaving it looking flat. That is why the game-changing TRESemmé Beauty-full Volume regime starts with a pre-wash conditioner instead.

The Beauty-full Volume Pre-wash Conditioner comes in a 500ml pearlescent pump bottle which goes from white to turquoise when moved around (it looks so magical 😍). The Pre-wash Conditioner is white in colour and has the same consistency as the other conditioners from the previous mentioned ranges. This range has a lovely floral scent that stays in the hair until your next wash.

The Pre-wash Conditioner is used before washing with shampoo so that the hair will feel soft and silky but also have a beautiful bounce. The Beauty-full Volume range contains a combination of Fleximax Volumisers and Fibre Polishing Actives. The formulation preps the hair for voluminous bounce before using the shampoo, and binds to cuticles to protect hair during washing leaving it smooth and polished.

It states that 2-3 pumps would be sufficient but I tend to use a bit more to make sure that it is evenly distributed. I struggled to brush it through my hair as my hair didn’t feel as soft as it does with the other conditioners, I left it on my hair for 1 minute as stated on the bottle and then rinsed and followed with the shampoo.


The Beauty-full Volume Shampoo comes in a 750ml black and turquoise bottle and has the same lovely floral scent as the Pre-wash Conditioner. The Shampoo is a white shimmery colour and foams up quite well, only a small amount is needed and it thoroughly cleanses my hair. After rinsing it off my hair felt a bit dry and stiff.


The Touchable Bounce Mousse comes in a 200ml can, the pump/nozzle is different looking to the usual long nosed one as this is flat and has different sized holes where the product comes out from. The mousse is used to create volume to the hair and still run your fingers through it.


The Touchable Bounce Mousse contains Fleximax Volumisers, to create amazing root-lift and light hold whilst also smoothing the hair leaving it soft to the touch. This product should be used after the pre-wash and shampoo reverse system.

To use you simply shake the can well and dispense a generous amount into the palm of your hands. Apply it to damp hair then gently comb through from root to ends to ensure even coverage.

Here’s a quick tip: if you have flat hair always apply a hair mousse before blow drying, only apply it to the root of the hair for a lift and when blow drying the hair always use a big round brush and blow dry from the root and in the opposite direction of the hair growth for volume and lift.

A lot of product comes out from just one pump which I found was more than enough for my hair. I just love how soft and fluffy hair mousse is ☺. The mousse smells great and doesn’t leave my hair feeling stiff and sticky and makes it easy and quick to blow dry. I also found that after applying on the Touchable Bounce Mousse and the Hair Maximiser my hair was no longer dry and stiff.


The Hair Maximiser is a smoothing cream that is used on damp hair before heat styling, it offers volume while softening the hair.

The Hair Maximiser comes in a 70ml white and turquoise tube. It is white in colour, has a beautiful floral scent and is thin in texture so a small amount spreads widely throughout the hair. It contains Fleximax Volumisers which help create volume, and Fibre Polishing Actives, which smooth the cuticles. This product should be used after the reverse system for optimal result. Apply a small amount (pea size) to damp hair from root to tip, focusing on the lengths and then blow dry. This product makes my hair feel soft and easier to brush through making it easier and quicker to blow dry.


The entire range works well together and gives my hair bouncy volume from root to tip.

TRESemmé Salon Finish Firm Hold Hairspray does not form part of any of the ranges that I received, this is a product that I continue to purchase for years because I absolutely love it. I used this product to keep my curls in place, it holds the curls well throughout the day and the curls don’t fall flat. What I love about this product is that it firmly holds my hair style without making my hair feel stiff but soft, and even after touching my curls they don’t come loose. The 500ml bottle lasts very long, this product is really amazing.


The Beauty-full Volume models sported voluminous bouncy curls and were dressed in black elegant outfits paired with stilettos.


I recreated the hair by using all the products in the Beauty-full Volume range. I first blow dryed my hair then used a curling wand to create bouncy curls and finished of with the Salon Finish Firm Hold Hair Spray no.3.


In my goodie bag I also received a paddle brush which helped in creating the Keratin Smooth inspired look. I have a small collection of TRESemmé hair brushes as the quality is great and they are also affordable. Each brush has nano silver antibacterial technology which reduces friction for gentle styling. The bristles are flexible and adds shine to the hair.


Which is you favourite TRESemmé Range? Which hairstyle do you like best?



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  1. stunnersslayuniqueness says:

    Wow. Such a detailed review. Thank you so much for all the amazing tips. I’ll be sure to try these out. My hair is in serious need of some proper care. Ps. I love all the looks you created. Super envious by how amazing your hair looks.

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    1. I was abit worried that it was too long:) Im so glad that you read it and like the tips and the looks it means a lot to me. It took me forever to try and get my hair looking and feeling healthy I think hair masking once a week is so important to get your looking healthy and maintaining it. Thanks so much for your support;)

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