Hill’s Science Plan No Grain

Lola (our kitty fur baby) recently received the latest addition to the Hill’s Science Plan Range, new Hills Science Plan No Grain which has all the goodness you trust from Hill’s but is grain and gluten free.

As soon as Lola’s package had arrived without me even opening it up she already knew that it was for her she kept smelling the sealed package and sitting on top of it (she is very possessive of her things). She was excited about the new Hill’s before even trying it out.


Hill’s Science Plan No Grain comes in a 2kg resealable bag for cats and is available in chicken flavour, I would love to see a variety of flavours. The No Grain is suitable for cats from ages 1-6 and a 2kg bag lasts for 35 days.


The pellets are made using the finest natural ingredients and contains no grain and gluten for easy digestion for cats with sensitive stomachs. It is made with natural ingredients and added vitamins and minerals. The Hill’s Science Plan No Grain contains prebiotics to promote gentle and healthy digestion for sensitive stomachs, special blends of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids promotes shiny fur and healthy skin. Clinically proven blend of antioxidants for strong defences. There are no added artificial preservatives, flavours or colours. Hill’s No Grain provides precisely balanced nutrition that’s easy to digest, promoting a healthy skin and coat.


When it comes to food Lola is extremely fussy and won’t just eat anything but when I opened up the new Hill’s Science Plan No Grains for her she was very excited to try it out, I could tell by her loud meows and rubbing herself against my leg and had she no problem with me introducing the new food. She immediately showed a liking to it and enjoys it everyday with no problems.


I like that the pellets are small enough for Lola to eat, I find that sometimes pellets can be a bit too big for her tiny mouth and she struggles. The food does not look dry and she seems to enjoy it a lot. Another thing which I love is that the 2kg bag has a Velcro press-lok which makes it easy to reseal her food and it keeps the food fresh.


Lola enjoys her new Hill’s No Grain food and always manages to finish every last bit in her bowl (she always gets little crumbs all over her tiny chin 😊). Her coat is shiny and healthy.

The new Hill’s Science Plan No Grain is available for dogs too.

Hill’s Science Plan products are available exclusively from veterinary outlets around South Africa. Recommended selling prices:

Will you be introducing the new Hill’s Science Plan No Grain food to your fur babies?

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