Rimmel London Volume Shake Mascara and Scandaleyes Bold Liquid Eyeliner

Rimmel London recently introduced the new breakthrough technology Volume Shake Mascara and the Scandaleyes Bold Liquid Eyeliner with the innovative ball tip applicator. Mascara and liquid eyeliner form part of my daily makeup regime and I’m always looking for new and exciting mascaras and liquid eyeliners to join my makeup bag to see what works best for me and also being a winged liner junkie I’m always on the lookout for an all-in-one eyeliner which can take me from day to night in just a simple flick of the applicator 😉.


These two products really stood out to me when I received them as they are so different to the usual mascara and liquid eyeliner so I immediately tried them out to see how well they work and to see how different they are to others.

Rimmel London Volume Shake Mascara

The new Volume Shake Mascara really stands out with the gold chrome writing on the tube and its green unique cocktail/martini “shaker” shape packaging, not only is the packaging eye catching but the mascara is a lot heavier than normal mascara because of its breakthrough shaker technology on the inside. The mascara tube also looks bigger to normal mascaras.


This first-to-market patent-pending shaker system refreshes the volumising formula whenever it is needed. To use you simply shake the mascara vertically 3-5 times before using and it immediately refreshes the formula to its original ideal smoothness so that the volume always stays perfectly clump-free. The formula stays fresh from first to last use and offers beautiful clump-free voluminous lashes every time.


I love this innovative idea it makes the formula last longer so there’s no need to throw away a half used tube because the formula has dried out way before its time which is my experience with mascaras. The formula is non-drying and also long-lasting so with each use you get the same consistency that you got from the very first use.


The wand is a normal oversized wand to add volume to the lashes, the bristles are shorter towards the front of the wand and the end, while the centre is slightly longer which nicely separates the lashes without any clumps.


The Volume Shake Mascara nicely separates and lifts my lashes without any clumps. You can see the difference in the picture below, on the left I’m wearing the Volume Shake Mascara and on the right I don’t have anything on my lashes.


The formula is not too thick and not thin, it is the perfect consistency and it really doesn’t dry out thanks to the shaker system. I found that my lashes are more separated and lifted than voluminous but I like it, it looks natural and is great for everyday use.



Rimmel London Scandaleyes Bold Liquid Eyeliner

The packaging is like the usual liquid liners it comes in a 2.5ml tube with a screw on/off long lid applicator. The tube itself is black with silver writing, it doesn’t stand out much but what makes this liquid eyeliner different to most is the ball tip applicator that can be used to create both simple and bold looks.


The Scandaleyes Bold liquid eyeliner is waterproof and offers intense glossy colour and up to 24 hours wear without fading and transferring. The formula is lightweight so it does not feel heavy on the eyes and also does not peel off throughout the day. The applicator has a tiny ball tip instead of the usual pointed tip.


I really like the ball tip as it can be used as a stamp to create really out there bold looks by simply stamping on dots around the eyes, under the brows or along your winged liner.


The eyeliner applies on smoothly and easily and does not dry, smudge, fade, rub-off or crack which I appreciate in a liquid eyeliner. However I do find that if you layer the eyeliner with more than one coat it tends to crack and peel. The ball tip really helps when doing a winged eye as I use the side of the ball tip to pull/drag in my wing. It lasts throughout the day so there’s no need to touch up as it stays glossy and in place. I love that I can go from a really thin winged eye to a thicker more bolder one in an instant with the round ball tip applicator. The ball tip also works amazingly as a stamp and creates perfect dots. It is also very easy to remove so there’s no need to rub hard and irritate the eyes when removing.


The Scandaleyes Bold liquid eyeliner is only available in black I would love to see bright colours and maybe some metallic’s as a winged eye is my signature look something that you will always see me sporting 😉.


Below is picture of a winged eye look that I created using the Scandaleyes Bold Liquid Eyeliner to demonstrate how you can go from thin, to thick and bold and use the tip as a stamp to create perfect dots. You can take your winged eye to a whole new level by letting your imagination run wild with the Scandaleyes Bold Liquid Eyeliner.


The next time you’re out looking for a new mascara and liquid eyeliner allow Rimmel to serve up some scandalous eyes with their two innovative products 😉.


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