Astrum– A Top Global Brand


Established in Hong Kong in 2008 with branches across the globe, Astrum was launched in South Africa in 2010. Astrum prides itself on breaking the trade-off between innovation, quality and cost, and as such can provide consumers with robust, reliable – yet affordable high tech devices.

Astrum has dedicated itself in every aspect towards moving forward and constantly keeping abreast of technology advancements, product development and design, ensuring the organisation provides their clients with the best solutions possible.

Astrum believes that South Africans should have access to innovative products that simplify and enhance their lives.

We have had the privilege of testing the Astrum products and I was amazed. Astrum had given us the ET300 “True wireless freedom headset” and the ST150 “SoundBOX Bluetooth Speaker”.

Let us get into a bit more detail.

Astrum SoundBOX – Bluetooth Speaker (ST150)

Let’s start of with the packaging. The Astrum SoundBOX comes in a white, grey and blue magnetic seal box which is definitely durable enough to protect the contents within the box. The box itself has a lot of information printed with the technical specifications.


When they say dynamite comes in small packages they were talking about this little SoundBOX. Before we carry on with this let me first give you a brief history of my experience in sound and sound clarity. Between 2007 and 2010 I held the record for the loudest rookie car in South Africa. The car was built for extreme bass and pin drop clarity, with this in mind and knowing my experience with sound I can safely say that the quality out of this SoundBOX which is only 1224 x 47 x 20mm big is really impressive.


The SoundBOX comes in two colours black and white, the one we have received is a white one which has a silver frame with a white leather back and white speaker grill.


Behind the white speaker grill lays 2x 32mm speakers with a vibrating diaphragm. On the silver casing is the power button as well as the 5v Micro USB to charge the 7000mAh rechargeable battery which should last for 4 hours of playtime. The battery takes approximately 2.5 hours to fully charge.

To summarize this powerful SoundBOX

  • Ultra Slim and portable speaker
  • Bluetooth connection up to 10meters for maximal flexibility
  • Powerful Bass and Clear sound
  • Dual speaker with total of 10watts RMS
  • Rechargeable battery for up to 4 hours of music
  • Built in microphone for hands free calls

Astrum True Wireless Freedom Headset (ET300)

The true wireless freedom headset (wow that is a mouthful, for now we will call it the ET300) the packaging of the ET300 is similar to the SoundBOX it is a white, grey and blue box with the specification and features on the back of the box. Opening the box made me feel like a kid opening up Christmas presents.


Once you open the box you immediately see technology at its best, two wireless earphones with the charging doc. Figuring out how the headset actually works and connecting to my phone only took only a minute. Once that was done I had to figure out how to sync the two buds then EUREKA! it was working like a charm.


The sound quality is not as great as the SoundBOX but for the tiny buds that it does have it does a very good job. The one thing that I would change with this headset is the size of the rear of the earphone which I think is a bit bulky.


The bluetooth range is up to 10m which is more than sufficient. The talk time and music time both lasts up to 3 hours with a total charging time of 1 hour.


Charging the earbuds is really simple, all you have to do is put the buds in the charging dock, the magnetic grips in the charging dock does the rest. The dock can be used for charging and also storage for the buds.

To summarize the Astrum true wireless freedom headset

  • Play music wirelessly on both earbuds
  • Nano size for in ear comfort and durability
  • Impressive earphones with high quality sound
  • Earbuds can be charged straight from the case
  • High quality sound connected with Bluetooth 4.1
  • Convenient and comfortable headsets for hands-free calls
  • True wireless independent earbuds for unmatched freedom

Astrum has really left an impression in my ear with these impressive speakers. I will definitely be trying out more tech by Astrum, especially the drones and sports action cameras.$16EF8C5555878158

Another amazing piece of tech that I have come across by Astrum as well is the 3-in-1 Router. Can you imagine a Router, A Hard Disk Drive and a Powerbank all-in-one, that is just mind blowing! As soon as we try these out we will let you know all about it.

These world class products are available through TakeAlot, Loot, Computer Mania, Fastrak, Mitabyte, Osmans, Matrix Warehouse, The Gadget Shop and mobimend.

What will you be acquiring from Astrum?

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