Kangol: Pretty Romantic

This season is all about soft pastel shades, burnt orange and bright shades of raspberry. Makeup is minimal with soft natural colours on the lids (Kangol Primal and California Dreams Eyeshadow Palettes are perfect to achieve this look), lips are in shades of orange or ombré pastel pink with glowy cheeks, lashes are kept bare and natural and nails have pretty floral details in an array of colours seen in nature.

Kangol’s Pretty Romantic Collection provides all the products needed to create this season’s inspired by nature look with 5 pretty shades of nail varnishes and ‘Snowflake’ eye pencil to make the eyes appear naturally bigger and brighter.

Kangol Nail Varnishes

I received all 5 colours of the nail varnishes from the Kangol Pretty Romantic collection. The colours are:


  • Butterflies: this is a pretty pale pink colour with golden shimmer. It applies on almost sheer with a slight pink tint and beautiful golden shimmer. Two coats gives a full and even coverage and no longer gives a sheer finish. I love how well the pale pink and gold shimmer works together. This shade is absolutely magical and one of my favourites from the five.


  • Foolish Love: this is a milky white colour, it applies on sheer with a tint of white and looks so perfect and natural on the nails. Two coats gives a beautiful even coverage. It’s the perfect colour to use on its own or as a base for nail art.


  • Crazy Heart: this is another magical shade which caught my eye when I received this press drop. This is a gorgeous lilac shade with golden shimmer. This is a lot more pigmented than the first two colours so one coat is enough but two coats gives it a nice even finish. The golden shimmer is absolutely magical.


  • Goosebumps: this is a pretty pale grey colour with hints of silver shimmer. Although it is also quite pigmented one coat does not give an even coverage so two coats are perfect for full coverage.


  • Raspberry: this is a medium pinkish/purple colour with a slight blue undertone. This colour is a lot more bold and brighter than the others. It’s quite pigmented but needs two coats for a full even coverage.



Below is picture of two coats of each colour:


All five nailpolishes apply on smoothly, the texture is not thick or not too thin, it is the perfect consistency. These nail polishes have a thin brush applicator which allows for precise application. The nail varnishes last for about a week on the nails and the colour doesn’t fade. What I love about Kangol glossy nail varnishes is that it has a beautiful shiny finish and I’m always asked if i’m wearing a gel polish. The nail varnishes are quite fast drying so there’s no need to wait too long to apply the next coat. I love all five colours and have created a spring inspired floral nail art which fits in perfectly with the Pretty Romantic theme.


Kangol Kolour Jeepers Peepers Eye Pencil

Kangol’s ‘Snowflake’ eye pencil forms part of the Pretty Romantic Collection, this eye pencil is exactly what the name suggests, it is a white snowflake colour. White eyeliners are perfect to create the illusion of bigger, wide-awake, opened up, brighter eyes and it looks more natural making it perfect for spring/summer.



Not only can white eyeliners be used on the waterline of the eyes to make the eyes appear bigger but it can be used to:


  • Lift Brows by simply applying it under the brow arch and blending,


  • it can be used to brighten up the corner of the eyes by applying it to the inner corner of the eye and blending it in,


  • it can be applied onto the lid to intensify eyeshadows this can be done by colouring in the lid and blending it using the tip of your ring finger,


  • it can be used on the “v” of the lip to make the lips appear fuller,


  • it can also be applied in the middle of the lips to also make the lips appear fuller,


  • it can be used on the entire lip to intensify your lip colour and


  • white eyeliner can be used together with a black liquid liner to create a two-toned winged eye


  • lastly white eyeliner also looks great lined along the inner crease of the eye to create a semi cut crease look.


White eyeliner has multiple uses and should be a must-have in your makeup collection. The Kangol eye pencil is soft in texture yet firm so it won’t break when applying. It applies on smoothly and is easy to blend, it is quite pigmented but the colour is definitely buildable for a more intense look. Remember to always wipe or sharpen the pencil after using it on the eyes before using it on the lips and vice-versa.



Below I have created a soft romantic everyday look that is perfect for the season. I used Kangol ‘Snowflake’ eye pencil on my waterline, Kangol California Dreams Eyeshadow palette on my lids (shade no.4 on the lids as a base, shade no.3 on the crease and bottom lash line and shade no.2 on my lids and inner corner of eyes)  for a soft natural look and instead of an ombré lip I opted for a gradient lip using Kangol matte lipstick in ‘Cover Charge’ I patted some in the centre of my lips blending it upwards and then I applied on Kangol Extreme Gloss in ‘Moonlit Lips’ over.



Shop the looks exclusively at Truworths Stores nationwide, the Kangol Nail Varnishes retail for R69.00 and the Kangol Eye Pencil retails for R55.00.

Which nail colour is your favourite? Do you have any other uses for white eyeliner?

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