Hi ladies, so a while ago I received a lovely Femagene press pack to help me get through “that” time of the month not only did my package include the Femagene hygiene products which are: Femagene Intimate Hygiene Soap and Femagene Intimate Refreshing Wipes but also the Femagene Heat Patch for period cramps, Femagene Intimate Soothing Gel and Femagene Intimate Personal Lubricant.

In my press pack I was also given some extra goodies to help make “that” time of the month easier with a mermaid blanket (which I have been wanting for the longest time thank you Femagene☺) and Nomu hot chocolate which tastes absolutely delicious (one of the best hot chocolates I’ve had and helps a lot with the cravings ☺).


Before I tell you about each product and my thoughts on them I first want to share some information with you on the vagina:

The vagina produces lactic acid naturally. It helps control the pH balance and thus provides a natural defence against irritations, itching, soreness and infection. Lactic acid is very important in keeping the vagina safe from infection. It works to maintain the perfect balance of pathogenic bacteria and beneficial bacteria in the vagina.

If your vaginal pH is above normal, you will experience itching, excess discharge and painful urination. The normal vagina pH is 3.8 to 4.2.

There are many triggers that can upset the vaginal ecosystem such as:

  • Menstruation: Blood has a pH of 7.4, so during your period vaginal pH becomes elevated. Which is why sometimes during your period it can often become irritated and itchy down there.
  • Tampons: Since they retain the fluids that cause the pH to increase, tampons can contribute to the problem. Don’t forget to change your tampons regularly.
  • Intercourse: The pH of semen is 7.2 to 8.
  • Douching and cleansers: Any vaginal infusion of water or other fluids can affect the vaginal pH.
  • Normal soap: has a pH of 9 or more. The pH of water is 7, and fragrances and perfumes can also irritate the vagina.
  • Menopause and pregnancy: These are times where hormones fluctuate, which is associated with elevated pH
  • Stress, tight clothing, lingerie and lack of sleep.
  • Other risk factors include a new sexual partner or multiple partners, use of antibiotics (which is why it is best to always take a probiotic when on antibiotics to help regulate the pH) among others.

Practising some of these prevention techniques may help or reduce your risk:

  • Always wear cotton underwear which I know can be difficult as all the “sexy” underwear are not made of cotton. Always wear cotton panties underneath your pantyhose never wear it without any underwear.
  • Always use water-based lubricants when vaginal dryness is an issue during sexual intercourse.
  • Always wipe from front to back after a bowel movement to prevent bacteria from being transferred to the vagina area.
  • Don’t use perfumed bath products or powders to the vaginal area. These can cause irritation and can lead to infection.
  • Don’t use douches! Douches wash away the natural protective mucous of the vagina leaving the vagina susceptible to yeast and other vaginal infections.
  • Use a pH balanced feminine wash for your genital area on a daily basis.

All Femagene products are pH balanced so it is safe to use even on ladies who are very sensitive down there.

Femagene Intimate Hygiene Soap For Sensitive Skin

Femagene Intimate Hygiene Soap is a liquid soap in a 150ml tube it has a milky white almost pearly colour and gel texture, it lathers up quite well. To use first shake the tube well rub a small amount in wet hands until it lathers up then apply to intimate area and rinse off with water. Only a pea size is needed I noticed when I accidentally added too much it takes longer to rinse off. The packaging stands out, I love the colour combination of the purple and turquoise on the white box and tube, each box and packaging has the signature purple butterfly which in my opinion represents how mild the product is for those delicate areas.


The Soap is fragrance and paraben free which is very important to me as I have very sensitive skin. It supports the natural pH for intimate health and hygiene. It is pH 5.5 balanced and safe to use during pregnancy. The Intimate Hygiene Soap assists the body with the countering of irritation, itching and odour, skin protection and renewal and gives all day comfort and freshness.

This product can be used daily and/or in conjunction with Femagene Intimate Gel if you have any irritation, itching, infection or odour. The Intimate Hygiene Soap gently cleanses the intimate area without drying it out and does not irritate or cause any discomfort. The 150ml tube lasts long, it is also available in a soap bar which I really want to try.

I like to use this product everyday it makes me feel fresh and confident throughout the day, when having a long day the Femagene wipes helps to maintain that freshness.

Femagene Intimate Refreshing Wipes

The Intimate Refreshing Wipes are wet wipes which are made to refresh your intimate area or any other area. Like the Intimate Hygiene Soap the wipes are also pH 5.5 balanced.


The wipes come in a small purple pack of 10. The pack is resealable to prevent the wipes from drying out. To use you simply lift the resealable flap and remove one wipe, unfold and gently use to wipe and refresh intimate area. Use only once and make sure that the pack is properly sealed. The wipes can be flushed down the toilet which makes it so easy and convenient.

The pack is slim so it is perfect to keep in your bag for on-the-go use. Each wipe is moist and not too thick that it makes it difficult to use and not too thin that it will break when using, it is the perfect thickness. One wipe is sufficient to gently refresh and the moisture stays within the pack even after opening and resealing often.

These wipes really do freshen you up especially during periods, it gives me such a nice fresh feeling. I saved a pack for my trip to Malaysia as I spent almost an entire day traveling to Malaysia and from Malaysia, these wipes were a lifesaver not only did they help me freshen up on the plane but also when travelling in hot humid Malaysia.

I recommend the Femagene Intimate Refreshing Wipes especially during hot summer days it just gives that extra clean and refreshing feeling and is so convenient.

Femagene Heat Patch

The Heat Patch is a soothing heat therapy for menstrual cramp relief, it provides up to 8 hours of heat. The heat packs come in a box of 5 individually wrapped patches which are not reusable. I was very excited to try this and was also asked by some of you how well it works.


I suffer from very bad period cramps as I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) so I’m always looking out for products which will help ease the pain. This product looked really promising as it is almost like a stick on water bottle but when I read the instructions I wasn’t so sure if this would work well. The instructions say that it should not be used directly onto the skin but should be placed on clothing or undergarments. This confused me a lot, how will it work over my clothes?

Femagene Heat Patch is designed to chemically produce heat once unsealed for up to 8hrs. The self-adhesive patch contains iron powder, activated carbon vermiculite, water, salt and super-absorbent polymer. The patch looks like one big square plaster and contains tiny beads inside, it should be positioned 3.5cm-4.5cm below the navel in the middle of the body. Okay so positioning it was a little difficult as I’ve recently gained some weight due to PCOS my weight is always up and down and because I stopped gyming for a couple of months as life happens, so I’m not sure if this product is perfect for ladies with bellies like myself.


Being a bit sceptical about how it will work over clothing and if it will stick with the curve of my belly I still went ahead and tried it on a day where my period cramps were just unbearable. I went ahead and put on some tight fitting clothes and stuck the patch on just like the instructions stated I should, after a couple of seconds the patch started to heat up and surprisingly eased my pain in minutes! It was a bit difficult laying on my side with the patch on and found that because of my belly I sometimes had to press down the patch.

Overall the patch worked wonders, it did not damage my clothes and I had a good nights rest without medicating myself, the patch stayed on for a couple of hours but then stopped sticking around the edges. I would like to see this patch in a bigger size so that it covers more of the painful areas.

Femagene Intimate Soothing Gel

The Femagene Intimate Soothing Gel assists to counter irritation, itching, infection and odour. It helps with cell regeneration and helps cleanse and refresh. The Gel also contains Aloe Vera which is a soothing agent, basically the gel is used for any infection or irritation one may have.


The Intimate Soothing Gel comes in a box with the brand colours, the box contains a 50ml tube. I haven’t had a reason to use this product but tried a little on the back of my hand, it has a slight aloe vera scent and has a cooling effect on the skin, it dries down quite quickly but has a slight sticky feeling afterwards.

The Intimate Soothing Gel is for everyday/regular use if you are experiencing any irritation, itching, infection and odour, which is quite common among us ladies as just utilising a public toilet or even using a rough toilet roll can cause an infection. The Gel should be applied liberally on affected areas 3 times a day. It can be used in conjunction with the Femagene Intimate Hygiene soap.

The Intimate Soothing Gel is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. I think that this is an awesome product to keep in case of any unexpected irritation and infections.

Femagene Intimate Personal Lubricant

This is a water based pH balanced, long lasting, fragrance free, paraben free, easy to clean, hydrating and moisturising lubricant which can be used everyday/regular. It is smooth and silky lubrication used when experiencing painful intercourse due to vaginal dryness.


The Intimate Personal Lubricant comes in a box containing a 50ml pump bottle. When using apply a few drops onto genital area. Vary amount to achieve desired lubrication.

I haven’t used this product but applied a little to the back of my hand to feel the consistency, it has a soft almost minty scent and slightly thick in texture so only a small amount would be needed as I can imagine 😊.

Overall I am very impressed with the Femagene products, they are so gentle on my skin and has no side effects which makes it perfect for everyday use and vaginal care.

I decided to end of this post with 5 reasons to celebrate your period according to Carla Yssel Femagene’s brand manager and my thoughts on each reason:

  1. Use your period as an excuse to take a break. Slow down for a day, and make a point of looking after and treating yourself well. Relax in a bath, read a book, and take stock of what is happening in you life at that moment.
  2. Hooray! Your PMS is on its way out the door. PMS starts a week before you get your period, and not while you are having your period. So all the mood swings and the bloating will soon be over.
  3. You are healthy. Getting your period is a good sign as it shows that your body is working the way it should. If your cycle changes drastically it could be a sign that there is something wrong and a trip to the gynaecologist may be in order.
  4. It is self-cleansing. The lining of your uterus takes a month to thicken, which is then shed and therefore bleeding occurs, i.e your period- this is the one way it self-cleanses.
  5. Have a good cry. Its an excuse to watch the Notebook and be allowed to cry without having to explain yourself to anyone. This can be very therapeutic.

During my periods I like to lay in bed and watch series, I also find that exercise helps a lot to relief period pain. I hate getting PMS as it gets me into a lot of trouble as I tend to take out my frustration on the people around me and the bloating makes me feel so uncomfortable ☹. I always look at getting my period as a good sign after having problems with my periods in the past and having an ovarian cancer scare. Getting my periods regularly lets me know that all is well. I don’t know if I can look at periods as self-cleansing the entire process kinda feels gross to me. I find that I cry a lot on my period sometimes for no reason at all but it definitely helps get a load of my chest and helps me get a good night’s rest.

The Femagene Cleansing Products has really helped me feel fresh and confident during my periods and travels. The patch helped a lot to ease my cramps and is definitely something that I will be purchasing. Judging from my experience with these products I am sure the Femagene Intimate Soothing Gel and Femagene Intimate Personal Lubricant work amazingly.

Have your tried any of the Femagene products?

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    Yes i did femagene product is so amazing-i love it

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