Fashion Squared Hair and Beauty Salon

This past weekend I collaborated with Fashion Squared Hair And Beauty Salon based in Fourways Valley Shopping Centre. I enjoy doing girly things like getting my hair and nails done, it’s not often that I do these things mostly when it is needed or when there’s a special occasion and I’m also very fussy when it comes to my hair and nails I’ve had many disasters like wanting to go blonde and ending up with green hair, wanting ombrรฉ hair when the trend was still fresh overseas and the hair stylist not knowing what it is but insisted on doing my hair anyway and when it comes to my nails I’ve had my nails shaped weirdly, a gelish peeling off the same day and acrylics damaging my nails so I always do my own nails and my own nail art.

Hair changes everything, it makes you feel confident do you agree?

After many hair disasters, tears and growing out and cutting off all the dry damaged bleached hair I decided to risk it again and change up my hair colour for this collaboration and I regret nothing ๐Ÿ˜.

Im based in Bedfordview and not entirely familiar with Fourways but I found popping the address into the GPS took me right there to the correct place so it was not difficult to find. The shopping complex is quite small and there’s no need to pay for parking so you don’t have to worry about paid parking when getting your hair and nails did ๐Ÿ˜‰.

The salon is quite a big space there’s lots of natural light going in with a reception area in the middle separating the two sections, hair on the right and nails on the left. It is a beautiful, bright, tidy and spacious space and the staff is friendly.



Upon arrival I was told to have a seat, asked if I needed anything to drink and was introduced to my hair stylist who is very friendly and has given me some great hair tips. I’m a very shy person but found that I was relaxed enough to start a conversation with my hair stylist Wayne. I told him that I would like to go a little lighter (lighter is always a great option for spring/summer), he knew exactly what I needed we agreed on low lights which is basically subtle highlights that lighten up after every wash and blend into the hair so it looks more natural (think strobing but for your hair). He decided on a light shade of brown that would nicely compliment my skin tone.


Did you know that your hair naturally fades towards the ends and this does not mean that it is unhealthy. Something that I learnt ๐Ÿ™‚ and also that washing your hair a lot causes more damage than anything else. Wayne brushed his fingers through my hair and it kept getting stuck towards the ends, I apologised for all the knots as I’ve been out since early that morning but he told me that when that happens it is not necessarily knots but rather your hair telling you it needs a trim..MIND BLOWN I didn’t know that.

I also got my nails done (ah I love being pampered โ˜บ). The manicurist was so friendly and patient while I was trying to pick a colour (this is definitely the most difficult part of getting a manicure). I had quite a wide variety of colours to choose from which is fantastic, we decided that I needed something bright as i’m going on holiday and want my nails to pop, with the help of my manicurist we opted for a bright green and silver glitter on the accent nail. She was so gentle pushing my cuticles back, filing my nails and did a great job painting my nails neatly and took her time with each coat making sure that it was the right pigment and making sure she fully coated each nail.



Now it was time to have the colour rinsed and also get a wash. This is not always my favourite part at a hair salon as the basins can often be very uncomfortable and hurt my neck but I did not have any problems at Fashion Squared. The chairs and the basin was very comfy I didn’t have to strain and hurt my neck, I could sit back with my legs up on the ottoman provided at each basin and enjoy while the lady thoroughly washed my hair and massged my scalp when conditioning, it was so relaxing that I almost dosed off.

Lastly I got my hair trimmed, added some layers towards the bottom as full layered hair gives these visible steps which can not always be a good thing and got a side fringe/bangs. Wayne has some awesome skills with the scissors ๐Ÿ˜‰, I love that he explained to me what he was doing with my hair every step of the way and why he was doing it which really put my mind at ease.


Before I got my hair blow dryed I asked for some advice on my natural curls. My hair is naturally curly but I don’t often wear it that way as it is such a struggle it gets so big and frizzy and some strands are wavy while others are straight.

Wayne shared some tips with me one being the โ€˜Twist and dry trickโ€™ which is basically sectioning the hair, applying a curling product on each thick section and twisting it down and then leaving it to air dry, this way the form of the curls stay, the curls dry down as opposed to up and big and there is less frizz, once the sections are dry then all you have to do is run your fingers through the base of the hair to loosen up the curls. Wayne took a section of my hair to demonstrate and blow dryed the rest of my hair leaving that section for last, he then loosened up that section and showed me how each strand of hair in that section stayed nice a curly. This is definitely something I will be trying and posting up on my Instagram page.


I’m so in love with my hair and what’s great is that I don’t need to maintain the colour, as I wash my hair and as my hair grows it will start blending into my natural hair colour. Now my hair and nails are on fleek and ready for the Malaysian Grand Prix this week ๐Ÿ˜‰.


My overall experience was great I had no problems, everyone was so helpful, professional and easy to talk to and the results are absolutely amazing I definitely recommend Fashion Squared Hair And Beauty Salon not only do they do hair and nails but they also sell skincare products for both ladies and men and they sell women’s clothing. Be sure to check out their Facebook and Instagram page.

A girl should have two things: beautiful nails and fabulous hair ๐Ÿ˜‰.


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