Floss Like A Boss With Sunstar GUM

September is national Oral Health Month and Sunstar GUM will help you ‘floss like a boss’ for a clean and healthy mouth. Cleaning can be quick and easy with the right tools and know-how, Sunstar GUM has got you covered with a variety of tools to choose from for your preferred flossing because finding the right floss and/or interdental tool is the first step.

I’m going to be honest I only recently started flossing and was excited to receive a variety of flossing tools to use and see which works best for me.

For a clean, fresh, healthy mouth you need to floss everyday. Sunstar GUM sent me five different floss and interdental tools for national oral health month: GUM Original White Floss, GUM Expanding Floss, GUM Easy-flossers, GUM Trav-ler and GUM Soft-picks Advanced.


GUM Original White Floss

GUM Original White +Fluoride is a waxed whitening floss with micronized silica and fluoride that helps remove stains and plaque from between the teeth where a toothbrush cannot reach, providing effective interdental and below-the-gumline plaque control for more beautiful and healthy teeth and gums.


The floss comes in a small egg shaped packaging with see through turquoise in the centre to differentiate it from the GUM Expanding Floss and to see how much floss you have left. It is small enough to carry anywhere for quick flossing in between meals.


GUM Expanding Floss

GUM Expanding Floss is thin and easy to insert, it expands during use to fit all interdental spaces to clean more tooth surface and below the gumline. It is gentle on gums making it ideal to use if you have small gaps between the teeth, sensitive or receding gums.


The floss comes in a small egg shaped packaging with a flat bottom and back (just like the GUM Original White Floss), it is purple and see through in the centre to differentiate it from the previous mentioned floss and to also see how much floss there is.


I like this one as it is thin and flat enough to fit in between the tight gaps of my teeth and expands in between the teeth for a thorough clean.



How to floss:

1. Take about 30 cm of floss.
2. Wind it around your middle fingers and hold between the thumbs and index fingers.
3. Slide the floss in-between teeth using a gentle back-and-forth action.
4. Bend the floss around the tooth in a C-shape; Slide it up and down against the tooth’s surface, gently going in under the gum.
5. Repeat using a clean section of the floss until you have flossed in between every tooth.

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GUM Easy-flossers

GUM Easy-flossers +Fluoride and Vitamin E waxed effectively removes plaque between teeth and below the gumline, it has a special ultra shred resistant floss coated with fluoride and vitamin E and a comfortable grip handle which makes it ready to use and easy for adults and children to use.


The Easy-flossers come in a zip lock pack of 30, all fresh mint flavoured and a bonus carry case so you can carry it in your bag. Each Easy-flosser has a pointed end which can be used as a toothpick.



I like this product as it makes flossing easy with the easy grip handle and I like the pointed part that can be used as a toothpick (2in1 so convenient ☺) but I find that I need to use a lot more if wanting to floss my entire mouth so this is best for a quick floss in the front as it is also quite difficult to reach the back of the mouth with this tool because of its shape.

GUM Trav-lers

GUM Trav-lers are cute tiny interdental brushes for normal teeth, crown, bridges, implants and orthodontics. They come in different sizes from 0.6 mm to 2.0 mm.


The Trav-ler professionally removes plaque for optimal gum health, up to 25% more plaque is removed thanks to the triangular-shaped bristles (compared to a conventional nylon filament). It has improved comfort and control thanks to a flexible handle and a bendable neck for easy cleaning of the back teeth. Antibacterial bristle protection (bristle cover) keeps the brush cleaner between uses. It removes 4X more plaque than normal floss.


The GUM Trav-lers come in a pack of 6. They are small and rubbery for flexible grip and the head is bendable for hard to reach places. It reminds me of the brushes used to clean baby bottles teats☺. Each brush has a little lid over the head to protect and keep the bristles clean.



How to use:

1. Use gentle in and out motions, do not force in tight spaces.
2. Rinse brush after each use.
3. Replace weekly.

I like this tool a lot as it is reusable and it is cute and fits in between the tiny gaps of my teeth with ease I also feel that it gives an extra clean because of the tiny bristles.

GUM Soft Picks Advanced

GUM Soft Picks Advanced Regular is for highly effective cleaning between teeth. Easy access to hard to reach areas throughout the whole mouth to remove food particles and plaque anytime and anywhere. It is wood and metal free; gentle for gums and teeth. The soft rubber bristles gently massage and stimulate gums; it is great for adults and children.


The Soft-picks come in a pack of 30 with a little carry case to keep in your bag. It is soft and rubbery with a pointed tip to insert between teeth. It is also slightly bended making it easier to use in the back of the mouth.



How to use: use gentle in-and-out motions. Do not force into tight spaces.


I like this and prefer to use it over a wooden toothpick as it does not split and have a weird taste like wooden toothpicks do. The carry case makes it easy to pop some in and pop into my handbag and use when needed. So effective and convenient for the whole family. The only problem that I have with this tool is that I struggle to get it into some of the tight gaps in-between my teeth as it becomes broader towards the bottom.

The GUM Easy-flossers and Soft Picks Advanced are a great way to get kids into the routine of flossing as they have an easy grip and they are quick and easy to use.

Brushing alone only removes up to 50% of plaque. Flossing is essential for more complete oral hygiene for a clean, fresh and healthy mouth.

The Sunstar GUM floss and interdental tools are available at Clicks, dentists, Dis-Chem, pharmacies and retailers.

Below is the pricelist of each product I have reviewed:

GUM Original White Floss: RRP R51
GUM Expanding Floss: RRP R55
GUM Easy-flossers: RRP R50
GUM Trav-lers: RRP R101
GUM Soft Picks Advanced: RRP R89

Which ones will you be getting your hands on this National Oral Health Month? 😉

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