Rimmel London – Brow This Way Fibre Pencils and 3-in-1 Ultra Soft Powder

I don’t know about you but I am obsessed with eyebrow products. Brows are a game changer they can either make or break your entire look. With brow products you can always make those thin brows look thick, the sparse brows look fuller and add shape and definition to your brows. There’s really no excuse for bad brows when there’s so many amazing brow products to choose from.

Today i’m going to be telling you all about the new brow products from Rimmel London: Brow This Way Fibre Pencils and Brow This Way 3-in-1 Ultra Soft Powder.



Brow This Way Fibre Pencils

Raise your brow game with the Brow This Way Fibre Pencils. The Fibre Pencils are pigmented brow pencils with integrated fibres (like tiny brow extensions), the filling fibres help reduce the appearance of sparse areas. They fill, plump and define the brow.


I love any product that has fibres because it always gives a natural look and leaves people wondering 😉. You can actually see the fibres in these pencils.



The Brow This Way Fibre Pencils are available in 3 shades:

  • 001 Light: This shade is more for blonde babes as it hardly shows on my dark brows but you can definitely see that my brows are slightly fuller.


  • 002 Medium: this is one shade too light for my brows but you can see that because it contains fibres it fills and plumps my brows regardless of the shade. This shade is perfect to create an ombré brow with dark brows like mine.


  • 003 Dark: this is the perfect dark brown shade for my eyebrows, it matches perfectly and looks so natural. It perfectly fills, plumps and defines my brows.

003 DARK

These pencils are perfect for precise application (small hair like strokes to fill in brows). The fibres nicely attach onto eyebrows which can be seen when filling in the brows making them look fuller especially in the sparse areas and really gives brows a very natural look. The pencils have a soft texture but be careful not to press to hard when applying as the tip might break off.


How to apply: first brush brows with a spoolie then outline the eyebrows from the inner corner to the tail and do the same on the top but only outline from where the hair is facing in the direction of the tail not the first inner part. Then fill in brows by adding a little pressure when doing hair like strokes as the pencils are not very pigmented (the light pigment and fibres is what gives you the natural look) use a spoolie to brush brows this helps the product blend in giving you a natural look and viola! Natural fuller, plump and defined brows.



This has become my favourite everyday brow product.

Create Ombré Brows With The Brow This Way Fibre Pencils

Ombré brows are brows which are lighter from the thickest part of the brow and then goes darker towards the tail. You can easily achieve this look by pairing the light and dark Brow This Way Fibre Pencils.

To create an ombré brow I used ‘002 Medium’ starting from the lightest part of my brows I used light strokes in the same direction of the hair growth to fill in my brows, I then blended in the product using a spoolie and then I used ‘003 Dark’ from the darkest parts of my brows filling in my brows with light hair like strokes in the same direction as the hair growth. I then blended that in using a spoolie and lastly I brushed my entire brow with the spoolie making sure that the shades blend into each other.



It’s so easy to create “instagram” brows just by using two different shades which blend well together 😉.

Brow This Way 3-in-1 Ultra Soft Powder

I have been eyeing this product since it was released in the U.K and not long after that we got it in S.A. I have never used a brow product like this so I could not wait to try it out.

Get bold sculpted brows like Cara Delevingne with the Brow This Way 3-in-1 Ultra Soft Powder. The Ultra Soft Powder is a powder which defines and fills brows the silky soft applicator is perfect to line the brows. The powders do not fade, smudge, transfer and are also waterproof.


The brow powder comes in a small liquid liner bottle in the same colour as the actual powder, the applicator is a little strange looking though, its long, soft and bendable my first thought when seeing it is that it looks like spider legs. The soft powder and applicator fill, define and line brows making it 3-in-1.



The Brow This Way 3-in-1 Ultra Soft Powder is available in 4 shades:

  • 001 Light Brown: this shade is a very light brown almost blonde shade and would work well for blonde brow girls or light brown brows. It gives me a natural look but also looks a bit too ashy on my brows. This shade is also perfect to create ombré brows.


  • 002 Medium Brown: this shade is perfect for medium to dark brown brows. This shade matches my brows perfectly. This is also a good shade to use to create ombré brows.


  • 003 Dark Brown: this shade is very dark and but looks more red than brown. This would be perfect for red haired babes. This colour is just too bold and red for my brows.


  • 004 Soft Black: I was once told not to use black brow products as they can make my brows look drawn on and not natural looking so I always scare away from black brow products but this shade is called ‘soft black’ so I had to try it out. At first I was worried that it might look too dark regardless of the name but it’s such a beautiful soft black shade and works so well with my eyebrows. It makes my brows look so soft and natural, I now love this shade!


The applicator is almost sponge like, it is long rounded and has a rounded tip. This product seems to contain fibres as well as the applicator looks “hairy”. The applicator is really silky soft and also quite flexible. These powders are very pigmented, when I first tried it on I did not dust off any excess powder so I had chewbacca brows don’t make that same mistake!


I find that the powders can be a bit messy so when working with them put it over a tissue don’t forget to dust off excess powder, I recommend applying it onto brows before applying on foundation as the powder can get everywhere this way you can dust it off before applying on foundation and use foundation or concealer to clean up the mess without messing up your makeup.


How to apply: Before applying first shake the pack to disperse the powder well for optimal use. Brush the brows in place with a spoolie, then use the rounded tip of the applicator to line brows like I explained earlier. I then fill in my brows using the tip from the tail of the brow (I start with the tail as it is darker and work my way up so that there is less product on the applicator by the time I get to the thicker parts of the brow) working my way up using the rest of the applicator on the thicker parts (this can be a bit messy). After filling in my brows I then brush them with a spoolie to make sure that the powder is evenly distributed and blended in.



The applicator is quite bendy which can be a good thing or bad as it bends according to the shape of your eyebrows or it can bend and go out of the “lines” so rather do softer strokes with the tip of the applicator when filling in your brows. I love that this powder allows you to fill in your brows in an instant, it’s quick and easy to use and I love to use it when I don’t have time to spend on my brows but want fuller looking brows in an instant. The powders are very pigmented so you can definitely achieve Cara Delevingne brows with this product and if you are into the latest wavy/squiggly brow trend then this is the perfect product to use to create the wavy/squiggly brows, have a look at my squiggly brows on Instagram 😉. The only thing I would change about the powders is the applicator I think a smaller shorter one would work a lot better than the long applicator.

Create Ombré Brows With The Brow This Way 3-in-1 Ultra Soft Powders

To create ombré brows with the soft powders I first brushed my brows in place and then used the lightest shade ‘001 Light Brown’ on the lightest parts of my brows then I blended it in with a spoolie, I then used ‘002 Medium Brown’ on the darker parts of my brows and blended it in then lastly blended in both the colours for a natural look.



I did not create ombré brows with the other two shades as they won’t blend in well the same goes with the shades that I didn’t use in the Fibre Pencil ombré brow.

Both the Brow This Way Fibre Pencils and 3-in-1 Ultra Soft Powders can be used individually or together for a bolder look or the powder can be used over the pencil to set it. Below are pictures of the pencils and powders used together:

  • 001 Light Fibre Pencil with 001 Light Brown Ultra Soft Powder


  • 002 Medium Fibre Pencil with 002 Medium Brown Ultra Soft Powder


  • 003 Dark Fibre Pencil with 003 Dark Brown Ultra Soft Powder



These have become my favourite brow products I use them individually almost everyday for natural looking brows and for a night out I like to use both the pencil and powder together. I love that these products are innovative as I have never seen or even heard of fibre brow pencils before these and I have never heard of or seen a brow powder quite like the 3-in-1 Ultra Soft Powder’s. Although there isn’t an extremely wide variety of shades I’m certain that no matter what hair and brow colour you are you will find a shade that would match your brows perfectly ☺.

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  1. justnadez says:

    What an in depth review. Loved it.
    I thought the same about the spider leg lol!


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    1. Thank you glad you loved it 😊. Lol yeah its kinda creepy but it works well.


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