His & Hers Yardley London BOND ST & BOND ST No.33


Yardley London has recently introduced its most sophisticated aerosol, BOND ST for him and her. The BOND ST brand is inspired by Yardley of London’s 1910 flagship store on Bond Street in London. This famous street in London is known for the exclusive and elegant designer fashion houses and luxury goods stores.

The brand launched its first fragrance in September 2015 with four variants, it became popular with consumers due to the quality, packaging and affordability.

For both ladies and gentlemen, there are two varieties of the aerosols, the Yardley London Bond Street and Yardley London Bond Street No.33 which both nicely compliment the perfumes.

Yardley London Bond St for Him and Her


•BOND ST for her perfumed body spray

This is the original Bond Street it comes in a pretty pink can which shares the same design as the perfume box. The ladies perfumed body sprays come in a 90 ml spray can whereas the men’s deodorants come in 125 ml spray cans. Yardley London Bond Street is a modern, classic floral fragrance with a delicate fruity twist.

It has beautiful Jasmine, Patchouli and Vanilla notes for a sensual, bold yet sophisticated fragrance with an elegant base.

I love that it is not a strong body spray and that it settles into a lovely sweet floral, vanilla scent which makes it perfect for any occasion.


•BOND ST for her Eau De Parfum

Yardley London Bond St perfume comes in a beautiful pink square box and bottle. It is a sophisticated, chic fragrance for today’s modern women.


The Bond St perfume opens up with classic floral notes with a delicate modern fruity twist. You’ll first encounter fresh and exhilarating Orange Blossom notes, introducing a soft and feminine facet. The middle note is graced with Jasmine and Patchouli, to create intensity and awaken your senses. Finally, the Cedar Wood and Honey chords warms the base for an elegant ending.



•BOND ST for him perfumed body spray

The Yardley Bond St deodorant comes in a shiny copper colour aerosol can with a black zig-zag design which makes it look sophisticated yet simple.

The Yardley Bond St has a spicy oriental scent which stands outs. The scent is perfect if you want to make that first impression last.


•BOND ST for Eau De Parfum Pour Homme

For the man who believes that life is about achieving your dreams, taking responsibility and making significant material success. Yardley London Bond St for him brings you the sophistication and confidence of the female version with a distinctly male scent.

The packaging is the same as the deodorant with the zig-zag pattern on the box. The actual bottle has an elegant matte black cap and perfectly square look.


This aromatic fragrances fuses together powdery notes with bold Woods and Vanilla. With top notes of Cardamone, zesty Bergamot and crisp Apple, middle notes of Cashmeran Violet and Lavender and rich base notes of warm Sandalwood, Coumarin and sumptuous Vanilla. It’s the perfect oriental woody scent.



Yardley London Bond St No.33 for Him and Her


•BOND ST NO.33 for her perfumed body spray

The perfumed body spray has the same packaging, colours and look as the perfume (black and pink). It is a cleaner, milder and softer scent than the previous body spray. Yardley London Bond St No.33 is a rare combination of the finest fragrance notes.

It opens up with an exhilarating fresh Orange Blossom note and developes into a beautiful warm, Floral and Cedar Wood base.

This one is my favourite of the two as it has a much milder softer scent making it perfect to use on a daily basis.


•BOND ST NO.33 For her Eau De Parfum Pour Femme

This is a beautiful floral scent which has a rare combination of the finest fragrance notes.


It opens up with an exhilarating fresh Orange note and developes into a beautiful warm, floral and Cedar Wood base for an elegant ending.

I have reviewed this perfume before which you can read more about here.



•BOND ST NO.33 for him perfumed body spray

Bond St No.33 has the reverse colour scheme of the Bond St original. The deodorant has a black background with the copper zig-zag pattern.

The Bond St brand really has that ‘smell me’ kind of look and once you smell Bond St you will get hooked and you will have to have it. Bond St No.33 is a lot more subtle than the original with a musky fruity scent which could be worn at any time.


•BOND ST NO.33 for him Eau De Parfum Pour Homme

Bond St no.33 for him has a spicy, floral woody scent which I really love. I am able to wear this perfume on a daily basis. It has subtle notes which does not cause any headaches which I tend to get with certain perfumes.

The packaging is really elegant with a sleek looking matte black bottle with copper writing.


Seductively warm and sophisticated, this fragrance combines fresh and citrusy top notes with an aromatic and floral heart. The foundation lies in the heady combination of Patchouli and Vetiver.



The perfumed body sprays and perfumes are perfect for everyday use and for any occasion. For a long lasting scent use both the perfumed body spray and perfume together, this way there’s no need to reapply any one of them throughout the day 😉.

Both BOND ST and BOND ST No.33 for him and her finish off any look and work so well when we both use them together (bae goals right there😉). His and hers perfumes and aerosols both nicely complement each other the ladies one being more subtle and the men’s more manly with almost the same notes as the ladies making it the perfect pairing combo.

Yardley London BOND ST Original and Yardley London BOND ST No.33 for her retails for R34.95 for 90ml.

Yardley London BOND ST Original and Yardley London BOND ST No.33 for him retails for R34.95 for 125ml.

Both the perfumes and perfumed body sprays are available from Clicks, Dis-Chem, Edgar’s, Foschini and leading pharmacies.

The aerosols can also be found at Shoprite, Checkers, Pick n Pay and Spar.




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