Kangol Matte Mousse Foundation & More

Kangol recently launched their Matte Mousse Foundation which is lightweight, evens out the skin tone leaving your skin looking radiant and flawless. Together with their new Matte Mousse Foundations I received some extra goodies to try out which is the: Kangol California Dreams Eyeshadow Palette, Kangol Liquid Eye Liner, Kangol Matte Lipstick in the shade ‘Bitter Chocolate’ and Kangol Matte Nail Polish.

Today I’ll be sharing with you my thoughts on the products and show you how to create a quick and easy makeup look using all the above mentioned products☺.

Kangol Matte Mousse Foundation

When I first heard about the launch of the Matte Mousse Foundation I was super excited as I have never tried a Mousse Foundation before and have always wanted to.


Kangol launched their Matte Mousse Foundation in four shades: Natural Beige (Light), Caramel (Medium), Almond (Med-Dark) and Cocoa (Dark). I received the shades ‘Caramel’ and ‘Almond’ as I wasn’t sure which one would suite me best.


The Matte Mousse Foundation comes in a cute glass tub with a black screw on lid. Each tub contains quite a lot of foundation that will last long as you only need a small amount. The foundation has an SPF 15 factor to protect the skin against harmful UV rays but I suggest wearing sunscreen before applying foundation for extra protection.


Out of the two shades that I was sent I found that ‘Caramel’ suited me the best but I wasn’t going to let the darker shade go to waste as it is the perfect shade to get a natural contour. I feel that ‘Caramel’ has a slight red undertone which had me a little worried but once completely blended into my skin and after applying the rest of my makeup the red is barely noticeable.


The foundations feel soft like chocolate mousse (yummy) and because of its very soft texture it is best to apply it using your fingers than a brush as this will help you get the best coverage. It spreads quite easily and smoothly onto the face and gives a very soft even coverage, the foundations are pigmented so you can definitely build up the coverage by applying on more product where needed.


I found that I did not need to use a powder after application to set the foundation as it sets nicely into the skin and has a soft velvety matte finish. It feels super soft on my skin and lasts the entire day without getting flaky and without making my skin feel dry or oily.


‘Almond’ is one shade darker so I used this shade to contour by applying it with a foundation brush under my cheekbones, along my chin and forehead and along my nose and just under my lip along the chin curve. I then blended it into my skin using a beauty blender. It blends in so well and gives me such a soft beautiful contour with no visible lines which I absolutely love.





The Matte Mousse Foundation offers medium to full coverage and leaves my skin feeling velvety soft throughout the day. They are super lightweight so it feels as if you have not applied on any foundation and feels very comfortable on. The Matte Mousse Foundation is suitable for all skin types and is so affordable at R159.00.

California Dreams Palette

I already own two Kangol eyeshadow palettes which I love you can find out more about them here and here. Kangol eyeshadow palettes are definitely must-haves they are super pigmented, offer different finishes and sooooo affordable at only R159.00 for 12 pigmented shades and unlimited amount of looks. I can not tell you enough about how amazing these palettes are!


The ‘California Dreams’ palette has beautiful soft nude, pink and plum shades which are perfect for everyday use and all year round.

The packaging is eye catching, each palette comes in a black Kangol box which opens up to a long silver tin which then opens up to 12 beautiful eyeshadow colours, a nice big mirror and a double sided brush. The flat side of the brush is used to apply on the eye shadow and the fluffy part is used to blend. The brush works well, these palettes contain everything that you need.


This palette contains 2 matte shades which are perfect to use as a base colour on the lids and 10 shimmery, some almost metallic finish shades.

Each colour does not have a name so I have numbered them from left to right and will explain each colour and what finish each shade is:


  1. Beige matte
  2. Light shimmery pinkish peach
  3. Light shimmery golden brown
  4. Light matte brown
  5. Metallic pink
  6. Shimmery copper
  7. Shimmery bronze
  8. Light shimmery bronze
  9. Pretty metallic purple
  10. Darker shimmery purple with a grey undertone
  11. Shimmery steel grey with abit of brown
  12. Shimmery black


Each colour is soft, pigmented and blends well. There is no need to apply on an eyeshadow primer as they last long on its own without creasing and smudging. I do find that there is some fallout when applying the eyeshadow so I recommend that you apply your foundation after your eyeshadow so that you are able to dust off any fall out and/or cover it up with foundation.


I created a soft look using the ‘California Dreams’ palette to show you how it actually looks on. Below are quick and easy steps:

  1. I applied no.4 on my lids and under my brows
  2. I applied no.6 to my entire lid
  3. I applied no.10 to the crease, outer corner off my eyes for a smokey eye and also below my lower outer lash line
  4. I applied no.3 to the inner corner of my eyes and blended it inwards to the center of my lid and also applied it to the lower inner lash line
  5. Lastly I applied no.5 to the centre of my lids using the tip of my finger and blended it using the fluffy side of the brush.


It was quick and easy to create and you can try it too using the above easy steps ☺.

Kangol Liquid Eye Liner

I have always been obsessed with liquid eyeliners and always trying out new liquid liners to see which one works best and which one will help me achieve a quick winged eye without ruining my eyeshadow. I was excited to try the Kangol Liquid Eye Liner as the brush is super thin.


Firstly the packaging is so cute the liquid eye liner comes in a teardrop shaped bottle. It is a black liquid liner (please can we get more colours Kangol? Like metallics 😁) and has a super thin brush which helps you achieve precise super fine lines above the lid or a thick winged eye by applying on more product.


I like this liquid liner but find it a little difficult to create a thicker winged eye so I’ll use this liner to create thinner wings and to line the lid. The liner dries quite quickly once applied so you don’t have to worry about it smudging. I find that it has almost a liquid latex finish and it lasts throughout the day. When removing it it kinda just peels off which makes life so much easier as you don’t have to struggle and hurt your eyes.





Kangol Matte Lipstick

I received the Kangol Matte Lipstick in the shade ‘Bitter Chocolate’ which by the sounds of it I thought would be a dark brown but it is actually a plum shade.


It glides on smoothly, feels soft on my lips, not drying and does not crack, it feels very comfortable on and it is long-lasting but does stain the lips abit.




I finished off my entire full face Kangol look with a winged eye, matte lips, Kangol Wonder Lash Definition mascara and the Sunkissed bronzer where I mixed all the colours together onto my cheeks and used the light shade as a highlighter. I would love for Kangol to come out with highlighters and brow products😉.



Kangol Matte Nail Polish

I’m not really a fan of matte nails but I find that some nail polishes actually look a lot nicer in a matte finish than a glossy one and there’s so many amazing nailart that can be done by contrasting gloss and matte.



The Kangol Matte Nail Polish is a milky white nail polish which can transform any glossy nail polish into a matte finish which you can see below.


After transforming my glossy nails to matte I decided to play around with the different textures and finishes by creating glossy polka dots using a glossy top coat. I absolutely love the feel and look of both the gloss and matte together and will be using the matte polish to create more nail art 😉.


All Kangol products are available exclusively at Truworths stores nationwide.


See anything that you like? ☺

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  1. justnadez says:

    That winged eyeliner though! Love it! I wish I can get mine to look like that… I am seriously loving the eyeshadow palette.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much 🙂 it takes lots of practice I will try and do a winged eye tutorial one of the days;) Kangol has such amazing palettes have you tried any of them?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. justnadez says:

        That would be so awesome. I desperately need to up my winged eye game.
        I actually haven’t tried any of their palettes yet and it seems I’m missing out.


  2. Tshepo says:

    I bought a kangol matte lipstick from truworths date 16 June 2018. When i apply the “matte lipstick” its so shiny it does not look like its a matte . Now my question is WHY is kangol MISLEADING the consumers into buying something its not. I want a refund as i was mislead into buying something that is not. I paid R85 for the lipstick.


    1. I’m sorry to hear that. Please contact Kangol directly on social media they will be happy to assist you.


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