Rimmel London Rita Ora Nail Polishes & Oh My Gloss! Oil Tints

I’m sure by now you have all seen the latest Rimmel London additions in store, I am so happy to finally see that we are now getting the products not long after it has been launched in the UK so we no longer have to look at them with envy especially if you are a makeup addict like myself ☺.

Rimmel London has recently launched the Oh My Gloss! tinted lip oil range and some new and exciting Rita Ora nail polishes among these new additions there are also brow products, an eyeliner and a new mascara which I will tell you all about soon so keep an eye out for that post😉. Today however I will be reviewing all five Oh My Gloss! lip oil tints and the new Rita Ora nail polishes.


Rita Ora Nail Polishes

The new Rita Ora nail polishes come in four vibrant shades and each 8ml bottle has an eye catching snake/crocodile skin design on the lid in the colour of the nail polish. All shades are so beautiful and I feel that they would look good on any skin tone.



  • 324 Fashion Heaven: this is a beautiful medium pink shade that pops on the nails it almost has a gel nail polish look and texture when applied onto the nails.



  • 404 Ora-Ngy Vibe: is a stunning orange colour just as the name suggests. I love the name of this colour such a creative play on words ☺.



  • 464 Urban Chameleon: this is an army green colour which has become such a huge trend lately. This is the only shade from the four that has tiny silver shimmer.



  • 807 My Grey: like the name states this is a light grey, in the UK there was/is a 50 Shades of Grey limited edition range and this formed part of the range.



All four nail polishes are very pigmented and offer full coverage in just one coat. I really like that the brush is nice and thick as it covers the entire nail in just one stroke. The nail polishes are long-lasting, fast drying and the colour does not fade. I love the creativity of the names (I always like taking note of the names on every product☺).





Oh My Gloss! Oil Tint

Tinted lip oil have become a thing now and i’m absolutely loving it! When I first seen these babies in store I did a quick swatch for you if you haven’t seen this then head on over to my instagram page 😉.


I was totally obsessing over these lip oils when I seen them released in the UK and how excited was I when not long after it was released in SA😃.


Basically these are tinted lip glosses which have an innovative tint-in-oil formula of four precious oils. They are available in five different shades of pink. The packaging is bright and eye-catching as the oil tints are not in the usual Oh My Gloss! see through tubes but each tube is the shade of the lip tint (so you know what colour you will be getting from the actual product as the shade of the tube matches the actual lip oil tint) and has shiny silver print on the packaging with shiny silver lids which have Rimmel London embossed into them as well as the signature crown on the top of the lid. Each tube has a pretty twist design which also stands out.


Let me get into detail about each colour ☺.

  • 100 Smart Pink: this is a light baby pink shade, it applies on almost sheer but once settled on the lips it has a very light pink tint.



  • 200 Master Pink: this is a pretty light pink and applies on almost like a white pale pink I love how this shade pops against my skin tone.



  • 300 Modern Pink: this is a pretty dark pink shade.



  • 400 Contemporary Coral: I love this shade it’s a pinkish coral shade and it is one of my favourite from all five shades.



  • 500 Pop Poppy: this is a very dark pink almost red colour like a magenta just a little darker. Like the name states this shade pops on the lips.



These lip oils have a flat applicator which I kinda prefer over the normal doe foot applicator. What makes this product so different to a “normal” lip gloss is that it is so much more thicker in texture, moisturising, still has that ultra-glossy finish but it is non-sticky, non-greasy (even though it’s an oil) and offers a beautiful sheer tint.


I absolutely love the sweet scent as I can’t use a lip product if it has an unpleasant scent. These lip oils are so hydrating and does not bleed. I like how the lids click close so that the product doesn’t leak and mess everywhere. The lip oils feel so comfortable on my lips, hydrating and moisturising which is perfect for winter. I’m loving the ultra glossy finish that I get from these oil tints.


These oil tints really pop on the lip no matter the colour, I find that the tint also stains the lips a bit which might be a problem for some but I like it as my lips will still have that beautiful tint even when the glossiness has rubbed off. This is really the perfect all-year-round product and also perfect for everyday use and all occasions.


I will soon be travelling again (YAY! 😃) and these babies will be going with me as I prefer using something glossy and hydrating on my lips when walking around and exploring and it really pops when you don’t have time to apply a full face of makeup.



I would love to see these oil tints in brown and purple shades. Just imagine chocolate shades, beautiful spring lilac shades and a unicorn iridescent shade 💕. Please can we have these shades Rimmel London? ☺


Which Rita Ora nail polish and Oh My Gloss! oil tint shades will you be getting your hands on? 😉

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  1. justnadez says:

    I’m loving that army green. Great in depth review.


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