Winter Lip Care Products

I have been posting up a series of posts on my Skin Care Journey sharing with you the products that I have being trying out on my face and body. Not only has winter taken a toll on my face and body but also my lips.

This winter has been terrible for me and I can not wait for summer so that the flare-ups stop and for my skin to just calm down. My lips have become so dry and I constantly get eczema flare-ups over my lips which really sucks!

With the flare-ups it becomes difficult to eat and drink anything as it burns and becomes irritated when something touches my lips. The itching becomes so unbearable that I feel like cutting off my lips and often scratching my lips leads to them swelling up and when I say swollen I don’t mean small grape size swelling where I can still go outside I mean HUGE! No lie! It’s so embarrassing and can not be hidden/covered up in anyway. I have being going back and forth contemplating whether or not I should show you how bad the swelling becomes and decided to put up the pic, the struggle is real! The redness and darkness on and around my lips are the rashes which often leave some scarring and pigmentation.




I have tried so many different lip products to help with the dryness in hopes that it will also prevent the flare-ups. I will be telling you about my lip care routine and the products I have being using and if they are working for me.

Beauty Treats Sugar Lip Scrub

I found out about this lip scrub from another blog and thought why not give it a try in winter as I always make my own lip scrub and feel that it can sometimes be too abrasive and can aggravate the flare-ups.


I picked up this scrub from Dischem and it was very affordable (I can’t remember the exact price right now). This is an all natural lip scrub made of natural sugars to exfoliate and leave the lips feeling soft and smooth.

I apply a small amount to my lips and gently massage away dull dry skin. I then wash it off or remove it with a face cloth which offers extra exfoliation. I use it a couple times a week or when needed to get rid of any dry skin before applying on lip balm.

I find that it sometimes helps but can also some times aggravate my lips so some days I use it or I use a homemade lip scrub (teaspoon of sugar, honey and coconut oil).

Labello Hydro Care

I absolutely love this lip balm as if softens and hydrates my lips during summer you can read my full review here. This baby went with me to Thailand and it soothed my lips in the hot sunny weather and moisturised them keeping them hydrated even after swimming in the salty ocean.


I thought that this lip balm would help me with the winter weather but unfortunately it’s not working the same in winter ☹.

Labello Med Repair

I was sent the Labello Med Repair to help with my dry painful flared up winter lips. This lip balm is perfect for dry chapped lips. It has helped me by hydrating my lips and giving me some much needed glossiness but unfortunately it’s not hydrating enough I get temporarily moisture and not enough hydration but it will be perfect for summer.


Hydra Lip Balm

I took a trip to Dischem (my favourite store 😁) to find something that will help my dry lips, something which I have not tried (and I have tried everything!). Moe knowing my struggles suggested I try the Hydra Lip Balm as it looked and sounded like something that would help.


So far this lip balm has being working but not as well as I hoped as my lips are still dry but not as dry as before and I still continues to flare-up ☹.

I am currently on a mission to find the perfect lip balm which will help with my current situation.

Do any of you suffer with eczema flare-ups on your lips? If so what do you use?

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