Justine Tissue Oil

I received a bottle of Justine Tissue Oil from Beauty Bulletin. I have always heard such amazing things about this tissue oil so I was excited to have been handpicked as one the influencers to review this product.

My mom was the first to tell me about the Justine Tissue Oil, she had an accident with a wax strip on her upper lip which left very bad scarring. My mom used the Justine Tissue Oil for a week or two and the scarring was barely noticeable, because the oil worked so well for her she suggested that I try it on my eczema scarring which has always made me feel very self conscious. Since then I have always wanted to try the oil but the Justine store in Sandton had closed down and I could not find a Justine representative in my area.


The tissue oil comes in a white and orange box with silver writing, the bottle is quite cute with its almost oval/egg shaped. I remember when my mom was using it it came in a long bottle with three silver strips at the bottom. Not only has the packaging changed but Justine has improved the formula with a new added revolutionary ingredient, micro algae which has anti-ageing properties and antioxidants which helps:

  • Soften and elasticise skin
  • Improve skin’s texture
  • Reduce lines and wrinkles

The new and improved formula helps reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks within 14 days whereas the previous formula the one that my mom used reduced the appearance of scars and stretchmarks after 28 days. It also reduces redness caused by sun exposure in 2 days and hydrates the skin for up to 24 hours after a single application.

The oil itself is quite orange compared to tissue oil that I usually use which is yellow in colour.


The Justine tissue oil has a pleasant sweet almond scent unlike some tissue oils which can sometimes have a very unpleasant scent. The oil is thick in texture not a runny consistency like most tissue oils. Only a small amount is needed (2 drops) as it spreads quite easily. A 100ml bottle lasts for quite a long time as not much oil is needed as a little goes a long way. I found that the oil is hydrating and absorbs quickly and does not leave my skin feeling unpleasantly oily but hydrated and soft.


I apply the tissue oil to my appendix scar and stretch marks every night before going to sleep. When I wake up my skin still feels smooth and hydrated in the areas that the tissue oil was applied the night before.

Below are my before pictures of my stretch marks on my inner thighs and also marks on my legs.


After One Week Of Use

After using the Justine Tissue Oil for a week I noticed that my stretch marks and marks have slightly lightened. My skin feels softer and hydrated and fortunately I have not had any skin irritation and flare-ups while using the oil. The picture below is of my stretch marks on my inner thighs the first pic was taken before using the Justine Tissue Oil and the bottom picture was taken after one week of using the oil.


After Two Weeks Of Use

I am loving the results after just two weeks of using the Justine Tissue Oil my skin feels softer, hydrated, firmer and my scars and stretchmarks are getting much lighter. I love the thick texture of the oil and that my skin does not feel uncomfortably oily as it absorbs quickly and easily into my skin.


The quality is absolutely amazing as it is very effective in just over two weeks of use the results speak for itself, now I see why there is such a huge hype over the Justine Tissue Oil. I will definitely be repurchasing the product and also trying out some of the other ranges.

I do however feel that the normal price which is R230.00 for 100ml Original Justine Tissue Oil is quite pricey and would rather pay the price that the oil is currently available for R139.00 as it is much more reasonable.

Beauty Tips And Hacks

Did you know that not only can tissue oil be used for you marks, wrinkles and stretch marks but also for dry brittle nails. Apply a small amount onto dry nails and cuticles and massage, use daily.

Tissue oil can also be applied to dry and cracked heels, knees and elbows to get them looking soft and keep them hydrated.

This next beauty hack totally blew my mind! Tissue oil can be used as a hair treatment. Apply the tissue oil to dry hair and scalp and wrap hair with a hot wet towel, leave for 15-20mins and shampoo, condition and style as usual. I have not tried this one as yet as I didn’t want to waste my small bottle of tissue oil, but I will give it a try sometime and let you know how it goes 😉.




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