Yardley London English Blazer Royal


Are you that one of a kind? That guy who will stand in the rain and open the door for your lady with the umbrella. Are you the unforgettable guy that would take his jacket off in the blistering cold to give to his date who is freezing?
Are you that man of honour?


Yardley English Blazer Royal is a new mark of distinction for the modern gentleman-a chivalrous, courteous and honourable man, created with crisp and juicy notes with an elegant floral bouquet of Jasmine, Rosewood and Cyclamen to suit the Royal acceptance of the throne. If there ever was a perfume to be warn to the golden chair this would definitely be it. The scent makes you feel like you belong on the top of pride rock.


English Blazer, by Yardley London has been providing sophisticated Fragrance solutions for the modern gentleman for over 25 years it’s on a league of its own. English Blazer has been the benchmark for unique affordable fragrances with any one being able to smell good without having to break the bank.


Yardley English Blazer Royal comes in the inspired Regal Colour Purple distinct with the perfect scent supported by a woody base unveiling note of sensual musk and amber.


With Father’s Day just around the corner it will make the perfect gift. Make sure to get yours for the king of your castle today

100ml RSP: R369.95
50ml RSP: R289.95

125ml RSP: R34.95

50ml RSP: R22.95

Available from May 2017 at selected Edgars, Foschini, Clicks, Dis-Chem , and leading pharmacies nationwide

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