Big Mac Dinner Experience

On Wednesday Adventures of Bee and Moe attended the Big Mac Dinner Experience where world-renowned chef, Honorary President of the South African Chefs Association (SACA); Chef Martin Kobald, prepared a three course meal for the evening – using fresh ingredients found in most of McDonald’s meals. Be sure to check out our Instagram page to see pictures of our delicious meal.

CEO Greg Solomon started off the evening with telling us more about the recent campaign launch of it iconic Big Mac Medium Meal. This is what he had to say “As a customer obsessed brand, knowing these tough economic times have been hard on all of us; we wanted to put our most iconic sandwich – the Big Mac® in accessible reach to the South African people. Whilst doing this, our number one priority remains maintaining the high quality of our food.”

“We are proud to serve great tasting food to the millions of guests that come to our restaurants every month. We are customer-obsessed through maintaining our brand DNA of Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value” added Solomon.

Greg Solomon

The Big Mac Dinner Experience event was designed to educate everyone who attended about the restaurant’s high-quality food standards that are coupled with strictly enforced cooking procedures.

Not only did we learn about the Big Mac and enjoyed a scrumptious intimate dinner but we also competed in a fun cook-off competition testing the skills in putting together the iconic Big Mac. Lots of fun was had as we tried to listen to the clues in a song and remember the ingredients from the last time we had a Big Mac at one of the 250 McDonald’s restaurants across the country. It was amazing to see how many of us knew the Big Mac and could recreate it almost identical to the one selling in store. Our group however did not do so well in the challenge you can have a look at our burger on Instagram ☺.

Below are some fun facts about the Big Mac burger:

114674 McD T2 Campaign Big Mac Facts

get to know the big mac

As you may all know by now the Big Mac meal is currently selling for R39.90 this is available in either chicken or beef which both taste equally delicious. The campaign will run for four months so be sure not to miss out.

About McDonald’s SA:

McDonald’s opened its doors to the South African market in 1995. Now, 21 years later, we proud to say we have 250 restaurants in nine provinces and employ over 11 500 employees. The food that they serve to the South African market is 80% locally produced.

To date, McDonald’s SA has 37 owner operators, otherwise known as franchisees. They are all strategic partners to the business and operate within their systems.

McDonald’s SA works with independent suppliers who are carefully selected and approved on the basis of their high performance, safety and quality control measures. This is how they ensure that the food they serve stays of the highest quality.

McDonalds is proud of the following:

  •  Voted Deloitte Best Company to Work for 2009, 2010, 2011
  • Brought first Drive Thru to South Africa
  • Brought the first hand held Breakfast to South Africa
  • 70 McCafe’s across the country
  • Operate 24/7
  • Introduction of our McDonald’s Delivery Services
  • Light Steel Frame designs into our stores
  • Know Our Food

They are still making sure you are lovin’it and going strong.


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