Like every other beauty addict/fanatic/queen/blogger/makeup artist I wanted to know what all the hype over GLAMGLOW is about. I have always watched makeup tutorials on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook and see vloggers using shiny face masks before applying on their makeup for instant results. I always thought to myself “No way! There isn’t really a product that gives instant results! Is there? 🤔”. Then I seen that the product that all the vloggers are always using and fussing over had finally hit S.A shores I just had to find out how GLAMGLOW gives such quick and instant results and if it actually works.

I was recently sent a very beautiful glamourous press drop from GLAMGLOW which contained three products: The Supermud Clearing Treatment, Gravity Firming Treatment and the Poutmud Wet Lip Balm Treatment. Having attended the GLAMGLOW brand experience and seeing all the beautiful bright packaging, smelling and playing around with the products Moe and I were super excited to try them out. Before I share my experience with you I would like to tell you a bit more about GLAMGLOW.


GLAMGLOW is a brand whose products give instant results it was developed for models and actors on set who needed a quick skin rejuvenation to look their best on camera. GLAMGLOW uses TEAOXI Technology– a secret patented leaf steeping process that gives GLAMGLOW its instant results. GLAMGLOW continuously sources the most powerful whole, ground or pulverised leaves from all areas of the world.

The GLAMGLOW Experience– GLAMGLOW products stimulates as many senses as possible through its vibrant colours (sight), soft touch texture (touch), unusual shape of each packaging, naturally sexy scent (smell) and “Hello Sexy” messaging. The entire process of unwrapping a GLAMGLOW product is a seductive tease, removing each layer one by one, not knowing when the final destination will be reached or how soon one can achieve the desired instant sexy Hollywood Glow.


Supermud Clearing Treatment

The Supermud Clearing Treatment is used for problem skin such as spots and skin imperfections. The treatment helps to clear pimples, it refines pores, mattifies and clarifies the skin instantly. It can be used as a full face mask, a spot treatment meaning that it is only applied on areas which need to be treated or as a multi-mask which means that you could use it on certain areas to treat problem skin together with another mask on areas which you have a different skin concern. Both men and women can use this mask and the results are immediate with just one use.


The Supermud Clearing Treatment comes in a beautiful white and metallic silver box, the jar itself has the signature silver star on the lid and the bottle is white and silver just like the box. The bold colours and shininess of the packaging is extremely eye catching especially for someone like me who easily gets distracted by pretty shiny things 😊.


The actual mask is a charcoal grey colour or almost black and has a pleasant minty refreshing scent. The mask is easy to use by applying an even layer onto clean dry skin. Leave it on for 5-20 minutes until it changes colour and is completely dry and then remove with water. When using the mask you can actually see your pore congestion pull-out and encapsulate within the mask. It can be used as often as needed (1-3 times a week).


The mask is so easy to apply, it is not messy when applying it on and it has a pleasant cooling feeling on the skin. Once the mask starts drying on the face you can see all the skin impurities that the mask is pulling out from the pores these show up as spots on the dry mask. It is also very easy to remove with warm water, I found that my skin felt cleaner and fresher and the pimples were less inflamed and visible.






How does it work? The Supermud Clearing Treatment contains:

  • Eucalyptus leaf TEAOXI: which delivers Eucalptol, Linalool Oil and Powerful Flavonaoids which heal, hydrate and protect the skin.
  • Acnencidic 6: A proprietary 6 acid blend of AHA and BHA acids perfectly pH balanced for mind-blowing faster results. Helping to de-clog and minimise pores to create clearer skin.
  • Pore-Matrix-Activated-X Charcoal: an Xtreme absorption carbon, attracts toxins and dirt from deepest and toughest areas.
  • K17-Clay: will extract and encapsulate excess sebum oils and toxins, ready to be washed away for seemingly poreless skin.
  • Bio-life-cell-Science: a complex with naturally derived skincare ingredients helps problem skin



Gravity Firming Treatment

I think this is the most popular mask from all with its shiny metallic silver finish once dry. This is the mask that we see many vloggers using often before applying on their makeup as it is a pre makeup treatment. The Gravity Treatment mask is used for firmer feeling skin in an instant. It firms, lifts, tightens, tones and shows off those sexy contours.


The packaging of this mask really stood out for me it is bold and bright. I love how the purple and metallic silver work together, the jar itself has the signature star on the lid which always makes me think of Wonder Women for some reason (which i’m so obsessed about! I wanna be her when I grow up 😉). The mask comes with a flat purple brush with white soft bristles which is used to apply the mask on.


The actual mask is like liquid silver, it is so shiny that I just want to apply it all over my body. It has a divine sweet scent which almost makes you want to eat it but please don’t☺. Like the Supermud Clearing Treatment this mask is easy to apply using the flat brush, if too much is on the brush it will drip but don’t worry it’s easy to remove. Apply a generous, even layer to clean skin with the brush, avoiding eyebrows and hairline. When applied it almost looks white in colour and once it is completely dry it has a stunning chrome finish. Leave on for 20-30 minutes until it is completely dry and chrome in colour. Peel off once dry starting from the edges and rinse off any excess with warm water. Use twice a week and clean the brush after each use with soap and water and allow to air dry. It is important not to wash your face after the treatment to ensure that targeted ingredients remain on the skin.


The mask has a very cooling feeling when applied onto the skin, if used with the brush it applies on smoothly and evenly. Once the mask is dry it is a bit difficult to make any facial expressions but i’m in love the chrome glow I get and wish I could wear it as highlighter 😉. After removing the mask (It’s such a satisfying feeling peeling off a mask) which is not painful to peel, my skin feels smoother, hydrated and instantly firmer.





How does it work? The Gravity Firming Treatment contains:

  • TEAOXI Complex with Marshmallow and Licorice Leaf (which explains its lovely sweet scent): this helps the skin look and feel firmer.
  • Mega-Targeted ingredients work together to help skin’s contours feel firmer and look more defined.
  • Vizitight: provides instantly tighter feeling skin.
  • Lunarlift: helps skin feel tighter and more toned.
  • Cosmiplexion: helps skin feel younger and more resilient.



Poutmud Wet Lip Balm Treatment

The Poutmud Wet Lip Balm Treatment helps renew/restore, energise, smooth and hydrate lips.


The balm treatment comes in a pink and silver box, the balm is in a round silver mirror finish container which is so unique. Its super shiny and round so be careful not to let it roll around. Like the face masks the packaging really stands out.


This is essentially a lip balm and used in the same way as you would any lip balm by scooping up a small amount with your finger and applying it directly onto the lips. It can be used day and/or night as often as desired. It can be used over lipstick as well. It has a yummy sweet minty scent, the balm itself is white in colour but applies on clear. It has a pleasant tingly feeling on the lips and also has a pleasant warm feeling. It is non-sticky, gives my lips a plumping feeling which I like (always makes me wanna pout hence the name). It is very hydrating, I find that if you wipe it off after a couple of minutes it removes all the dry skin leaving my lips feeling softer, smoother and definitely more kissable 😙.


This product is perfect to have in your handbag and the container itself can be used as a mirror when applying on the balm. I’m loving this for winter.


How does it work? The Poutmud Wet Lip Balm Treatment contains TEAOXI Multi Leaf Complex and Moroccan Mint which is cooling, calming and has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.


Im impressed with the GLAMGLOW products and finally see what all the hype is about, I will definitely be doing my own makeup tutorial soon and applying the Gravity Firming Treatment as a pre makeup treatment so keep an eye out on my social media pages 😉.

Have you tried any of the GLAMGLOW products? If so do you have a favourite?

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