Dermalogica Skincare Routine Part 2

This is part2 of my Dermalogica skincare routine in part1 I told you all about my cleansing routine and all about the new Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant. Now I will be telling you about the other three Dermalogica products which form part of my daily skincare routine.


Ultracalming Mist (Ultracalming Range)

I was prescribed the Ultracalming Mist for my sensitive skin and because I have been getting a lot of eczema flare ups.


The Ultracalming Mist is a soothing, hydrating mist that calms redness, sensitivity, stinging and aggravated skin. It is a lightweight mist which absorbs quickly to support the skin’s barrier function, it helps to minimise future flare-ups and can be used as often as needed to cool and calm the skin when experiencing any flare ups. It can also be used while travelling to refresh and soothe the skin and help with dehydration and can be used to set makeup which I have not yet tried.

I use the Ultracalming Mist after cleansing, it locks in hydration and primes the skin for treatment with the Ultracalming products. It works the same way as a toner but some toners can strip the skin of its natural moisture and make flare ups worst. It took a while getting use to as I always used a liquid toner and applied it to a cotton pad and swept it over my face. The mist definitely does soothe and calm my skin and has a mattifying effect on the skin. My skin feels prepped and ready for the next step.

I basically spritz it over my face, neck and chest with my eyes closed. My skin feels hydrated and not dry.


How does it work? It contains Oat and Ginger actives to ease inflammation, sensitisation, minimise discomfort and burning and soothes itching. Combined with Bisabolol and Boerhavia Root Extract work together to relieve and restore skin while fighting future flare-ups. It also contains Aloe which helps calm and hydrate the skin.

Age Reversal Eye Complex

The Age Reversal Eye Complex is an eye cream which has been reformulated, I have not tried the first one so can not compare the two. The eye cream is new and improved, it is tougher on fine lines and easier on the eyes. It reverses the signs of ageing around the eyes.


The new formula draws on microencapsulation technology and unique firming complex to address multiple eye area concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness, dark under eye circles and dryness lines.

The skin around the eyes is thin and has fewer oil glands than the rest of the face which makes it more susceptible to environmental factors (U.V exposure) that combined with frequent movements like smiling or squinting (which I do a lot) lead to fine lines and wrinkles.

With ageing the skin around our eyes starts thinning and is not as strong as we start to lose elastin and collagen which makes our eyes puffy, we get bags under the eyes and our eyes become sagging, all of this gives us a fatigued appearance. The Age Reversal Eye Complex helps support tissues and refreshes the resilience of the surface skin which then makes it smoother. It also speeds up the cell turnover process stimulating collagen production and thickening cell layers which makes the eye area plumper, fuller and smoother with fewer wrinkles and consistent pigmentation distribution.


When using the Age Reversal Eye Complex for the first time it is best to apply it on alternate nights for the first two weeks as skin builds up a tolerance to the retinol then it can be applied nightly.

I use the eye cream after my cleansing routine and after prepping my face with the Ultracalming Mist. Only a small amount is needed for each eye as it is thick, rich and creamy and spreads easily. Smooth and pat around the eye area, working from the outer corner inward.

The Age Reversal Eye Complex is thicker and richer than most eye creams and very hydrating I can definitely see the difference around my eyes they are less puffy and more even toned. This is definitely an eye cream that I recommend to everyone.

How does it work? The Age Reversal Eye Complex contains new ingredients and new technologies.

  • Microencapsulated Retinol 0.1%- restores the structural integrity of the skin, stimulates collagen production, improving epidermal thickness and increase elastin. It works deep within the skin layers to smooth away signs of skin ageing around the eyes and reduce the appearance of fine lines.
  • Microencapsulated Niacinamide- antioxidant vitamin B3 controls inflammation, reduces appearance of dark under-eye circles due to hyperpigmentation, reduces water loss therefore maintaining hydration.
  • AGE Reversal Firming Complex- exclusive formula includes: Palmitoyl Tripeptide-S which strengthens collagen and firms tissue. Hyaluronic Acid hydrates tissues and softens appearance of wrinkles. Dunaliella Salina Extract is an algae extract that stimulates epidermal cell renewal and Panthenol/Provitamin B5 stimulates cell regeneration.

Barrier Repair (Ultracalming Range)

The Barrier repair is a velvety moisturiser which helps fortify sensitised skin with a damaged barrier (my skin barrier is damaged as I always get eczema flare ups). It is recommended for sensitised reactive and recently resurface skin.


The Barrier Repair comes in a tube and has a gel feel and look, it looks exactly like a primer and has a mattifying effect on the skin. It is my first time using a face cream which has a thick gel texture, at first I thought that I would not like it that much but after using it a couple of times I got use to the feel and actually like it a lot.

It is a waterless moisturiser that gently melts into the skin to help shield it against environmental and internal triggers that cause skin stress. It feels very hydrating and my face and has a matte finish throughout the day without feeling dry.

I apply a small amount over my face, throat and chest in light, upward strokes. It is recommended to use twice a day so there is no need for two separate creams one for the day and one for the night which makes it so much more convenient. It can also be used as a targeted treatment on areas of sensitivity, whenever I feel a rash coming on I apply it to that part of the skin. It is perfect for flight and travel to instantly insulate the skin.


How does it work? It contains:

  • Oat and Botanical actives that work below the surface to interrupt inflammatory triggers that lead to sensitisation, while helping to minimise discomfort, burning and itching.
  • Oil of Evening Primrose, Borage Seed Oil and Silicones- help strengthen skin’s protective barrier to help restore healthy function.
  • Vitamin C and E- help combat free radicals that can lead to inflamed and irritated skin.

The last step of my skincare routine is the Phyto-Replenish Oil which I sometimes put before the Barrier Repair or after as prescribed by my Dermalogica skin specialist. There is a full review on the Phyto-Replenish Oil here.



Dermalogica is an amazing brand I have no idea why I did not try their products before. Their products are absolutely perfect for my sensitive skin it is not harsh and very hydrating and my skin looks and feels so much more healthier and glowy. I find myself using less foundation to cover up marks and pigmentation, I am now confident enough to go bare skin more often. I even see the difference in Moe’s skin he has a different Dermalogica range to mine as mine is more suited for very sensitive skin and he has more of a combination skin. Moe will soon put up his Dermalogica skincare routine post and let you know how he feels about the products so keep an eye out for his post 😉.


How cute are these travel sized Dermalogica products? 😍. These will definitely be going with us on our next trip as they are so small and won’t take up much space and also the amount of product is more than enough for the both of us. We recently had a complimentary Stress Positive Eye Lift express treatment so keep an eye out for our blog post and review on the product 😉.


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