Yardley London Gorgeous In Bloom

I love a perfume with floral and fruity notes as I feel that they best describe my personality I would like to think of myself as a sweet, kind and loving person that has a little bit of crazy in her but not crazy bad maybe crazy weird 😆.

Yardley London Gorgeous in bloom is my favourite everyday perfume. It is a sensual fragrance with a playful edge, it has a beautiful soft scent that lasts throughout the day and because it is not strong and overpowering it can be used everyday.


Yardley London Gorgeous in bloom comes in a cute peach almost dusty pink box that has the signature bow on the lid of the box. It makes such a perfect gift and because the box itself looks like a present there is no need to have it wrapped up 😉. The 50ml bottle is simple, slim and elegant with gold “Yardley London Gorgeous in bloom” on the bottle. The bottle is slim making it easy to hold and also perfect to keep in your handbag.



This perfume was created for the elegant, glamorous woman blended with delicate floral and fruity notes with just a touch of amber to create a fresh, summery scent to suit any occasion. Wearing this beautiful scent in autumn makes me dream of hot summer days.

Keep an eye out for a review on the all new Yardley London Gorgeous in love perfume 😉.

Have you tried any of the Yardley London Gorgeous perfumes? If so which is your favourite?

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