Vampy Winter Look

Since my girl Mel loves the whole vampy look I thought it would be perfect to create and do a step by step pictorial showing you how to create this look for her online magazine Rhose In Bloom. The vampy look is actually ideal for autumn/winter as we find ourselves going for more warmer tones such as plums and browns.


Below are the steps to first prep the face:

  • First prep your face by applying on a primer this allows for smooth and even application of your foundation and even prevents your makeup from smudging and creasing. It makes your foundation and overall makeup look last much longer than it would normally last. I used the Smashbox Photo Finish Radiance Foundation Primer as it gives a beautiful golden glow.
  • To get a flawless look I like to do some colour correcting to cover up any red spots and dark marks especially under the eyes. I used the L.A Girl Pro.conceal green corrector to cover up the redness around my nose as I experience redness in this area a lot during winter and then I applied on the orange corrector on the dark circles around my eyes and any dark spots on my face.
  • Apply foundation, I like to apply my foundation with my fingers and then use a beauty blender to give it a more flawless natural finish. I used Yardley London Even Complexion Foundation in ‘Caramel Fudge’ this foundation is perfect for winter as it is creamy and non-drying.
  • Eyebrows always takes the longest to do so I like to start off by doing them first before my eyeshadow. I first brush my brows in place and fill them in with the Essence Eyebrow Gel ‘01 brown’ and then cleaned up around my brows using the Essence Camouflage Cream Concealer in ‘10 natural beige’ and lastly I set my brows with the Essence Duo Eyebrow Powder in ‘02 mix it brunette!’.
  • Before starting with my eyeshadow I applied the same Essence Concealer under my eyes, blended it with a beauty blender and then baked under my eyes using the Essence Translucent Fixing Powder. Baking prevents the concealer from creasing under the eyes and also keeping on the translucent powder when applying on eyeshadow helps with any fall out of the eyeshadow so when dusting off the translucent powder at the end you also dust off any fall out from your eyeshadow.
  •  It is always best to first apply an eyeshadow primer when doing dark smokey eyes to prevent the eyeshadow from creasing, fading and smudging and making it last longer. But I find with really good quality eyeshadows there is no need to prime the lids.

Now for the fun part creating the smokey eye using browns, plums and golds. For this look I used the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette it has all the colours that I need to create this Vampy look. You can use similar colours if you don’t have the palette.


Step by step Vampy Smokey Eye:

  • I first applied ‘Salted Caramel’ on my lids all the way to the brow bone this is the perfect base colour as it is similar to my skin tone.






  • I used ‘Semi-Sweet’ as a transition colour, I applied it to the crease and blended it out to the outer corner of the eye. Always blend it upwards towards the end to create almost a cat eye look.




  • I applied ‘Amaretto’ on the lids. This is a beautiful plum colour.




  • I then applied ‘Cherry Cordial’ (deep plum) and ‘Black Forest Truffle’ (dark plum with glitter) to the crease and outer corner of the eyes again blending it out and upwards.





  •  I highlighted the inner corner of my eyes with ‘Champagne Truffle’ and also took that shade down to my lower lash line after I dusted off the translucent powder under my eyes together with any fallout from my eyeshadow. I used the same shade to highlight my brows by applying it onto the brow bone.




  • I dabbed on ‘Creme Brulee’ onto the center of my lids using my fingertip for a more intense colour and then blended it with a fluffy brush. I also applied this shade to my lower lash line.


  • I applied ‘Candied Violet’ to my lower and outer corner lash line.






I hope that this look inspired you to recreate it or to do something similar, if you do please tag me in your pics I would love to see what you come up with 😉.

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