NIVEA Firming Body Range Part 1

Hi ladies, a while ago I received the NIVEA Firming Body Range which helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. I thought it would be perfect to try these products in conjunction with working out and eating right.

The four NIVEA Firming Body Range products which I received are the NIVEA Firming Good-bye Cellulite Gel-cream, the NIVEA Firming Body Oil, NIVEA Firming Body Cream and the NIVEA Body Firming Moisturiser. I have been using two out of the four products for over a month now and will be telling you all about them today. I have not tried the other two products as yet but when I do I will definitely have a Part 2 of my experience and thoughts on them.

NIVEA Good-bye Cellulite Gel-cream

I remember that this product first came out when I was in high school, at that time I didn’t really have a problem with stretchmarks and cellulite but decided to give it a try anyway I really can’t remember what the results were but I was happy to try this product again now that I am bombarded with cellulite and stretchmarks on my buttocks and thighs 😒.

I have noticed that even the skinniest of people suffer with cellulite and stretchmarks so it’s a common concern for women of all shapes, sizes and ages. We all want to have firmer looking skin without having to go under the knife, so whenever I see firming products I love to try them out and see what will work best for me, I know that these products won’t completely get rid of all that annoying dimples and stripes but I can only try to make them appear less visible so that I can feel more comfortable wearing shorts, skirts and swimwear.

NIVEA Good-bye Cellulite Gel-cream comes in a 200ml blue tube even though the tube says “new” i’m sure they mean new formula. The Gel-cream reduces the appearance of cellulite and firms the skin in 3 weeks without having to massage it (I find that it’s so time consuming when you have to massage a product so many different ways into the skin in order for it to work). It is suitable for all skin types and should be used daily onto cellulite prone areas like the thighs, buttocks and stomach.


I would say that the Gel-cream is more of a gel look and feel. It is blue in colour and absorbs quickly and easily without leaving behind any blue residue. The gel has a light texture which makes it fast-absorbing, spreads easily and also there is no need to massage it into the skin. The gel has a very pleasant scent. NIVEA claims that your skin will feel more energised but i’m not too sure I experienced that how ever I did notice a difference in a few weeks, the gel did reduce the appearance of my stretch marks and made my skin appear a lot more firmer but not dramatically.


So how does it work? The Gel-cream contains L-Carnitine, Coenzyme Q10 and Lotus extract. The skin’s own L-Carnitine stimulates the conversion of fatty acids into energy, the skin’s own Coenzyme Q10 is involved in the cell’s energy supply and the Natural Lotus Extract reduces the formation of new fat cells.

NIVEA Firming Body Oil

NIVEA Firming Body Oil helps firm the skin in 2 weeks, evens the skin tone, nourishes intensively and reduces the appearance of stretch marks.


The Body Oil comes in a dark blue box and inside there is a 200ml blue bottle. The oil is suitable for all skin types and should be used regularly for best results.


The formula contains skin’s own Coenzyme Q10 like the previous product, Avocado oil, Cottonseed oil and Macadamia oil. The oil should be massaged into areas of skin where it is needed the most so I use it on my thighs and buttocks. It can be used on dry and wet skin (using it on wet skin locks in the moisture).


This oil is absolutely divine you can get the smell of all the different oils in the formula. It absorbs beautifully into the skin without leaving it feeling greasy and oily but really makes my skin feel soft and nourished and leaving my skin feeling silky soft and smooth. The oil is light, soothing on the skin and the appearance of stretch marks are lighter and my skin feels toner. Not a dramatic change but it does work. This so far is my favourite product from the two.



I find that it’s best to use Firming body products in conjunction to eating healthy and working out regularly as this helps the products work to its full potential as you are firming the skin from the inside and outside.

So far I am impressed with the NIVEA Firming Body Range and will be putting the other two products to the test soon. Keep an out for part2 😉.

NIVEA Q10 Firming Cellulite Gel-cream R109.99 for 200ml
NIVEA Q10 Plus Firming Body Oil R109.99 for 200ml

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  1. These sound great. Nice to hear of firming products which are actually effective.


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