Essence: Trend Editions and Permanent Products

Hi ladies, I always like to see what new products are being released overseas in the hopes that they will soon be available to us in S.A and this year I had seen so many exciting new products that Essence have come up with, soon after their release in Germany S.A has brought some of those products here. I’m glad to see that we are almost at the same pace as Essence Germany but would love to see us receiving the new trend editions at the same time as I can’t wait to get my hands on their awesome trend edition products. Having to wait gives me major FOMO.

So recently the most anticipated (by me of course 😊) trend edition was released, The Lights Of Orient so I had to get my hands on at least one of the products, I really wanted the eyeshadow palette and lipsticks but unfortunately I have the same shades.

Todays post will be on some of the products that I bought from the new trend editions and also the new permanent Essence products.

Products from the trend editions that I got are:

  •  Little Brow Monsters Trend Edition- Brow Brush and Eyebrow Lifter ‘02 Lift Em Up In Rosy’
  •  Lights Of Orient- Bronzer ‘02 Oriental Beauty’

And from the new Essence permanent range:

  • The Bolds Shine Shine Shine Wet Look Gloss ‘09 One-woman Show’

I also picked up some new nail polishes but you’ll have to wait and see them in my mani monday posts on instagram 😉.

Essence Little Brow Monsters Brow Brush

I’m always buying new and different brow products so I was so excited that Essence has a whole trend edition dedicated to eyebrows.

The brow brush comes in a cute packaging, a thin long plastic vial, the brush handle is peach with cute eyebrows on them. It is double sided, one side being a spoolie to brush the brows in place and the other a slanted brow brush to apply on a brow product, preferably to be used with brow powder or a brow gel.

I find that the spoolie is a bit too hard and can poke the skin if not used gently, brush the brows in place with light strokes to avoid touching the skin. The slanted brow brush applicator is a bit too thick so it’s difficult to get precise lines and to create tiny hair like strokes. Although it is not “perfect” I actually quite like this brush as I can do my brows quicker with a double sided brow brush, I just won’t achieve the thin hair like strokes but I can apply my brow powder on in one go and blend with the spoolie on the other end.

I used the eyebrow brush with my Essence Make Me Brow duo powder you can read all about the brow powder here.


Essence Little Brow Monsters Eyebrow Lifter

There are two shades of the brow lifter a white one with a more silvery finish and a rosey one ‘02 Lift Em Up In Rosy’ which I chose as it has a more rosy golden finish which I love.


The packaging is a lot like the Catrice Made to Stay Highlighter pen, the colour is also quite similar but I find that the Essence one blends much better than the Catrice.



The brow lifter is a cream stick brow highlighter which gives the illusion that the brows are a bit higher up and it also highlights the brows nicely and shapes the bottom of the brows. It can be used on the top of the brow just above the arch for some extra highlighting and definition. I think that a brow highlighter definitely pulls the whole brow look together and gives it a cleaner look.


I’m actually very impressed with this product as it is pigmented, blends well and evenly without looking patchy and white. The texture is so soft and creamy making it so easy to blend with the tip of your finger. It has a beautiful rosy golden shimmery finish and makes my eyebrows pop more.


Essence Lights Of Orient Bronzer

Since my favourite bronzer is no longer with us (rest in peace beloved bronzer ❤) I had to get my hands on the Lights of Orient ‘02 Oriental Beauty’ bronzer. This and the palette from this trend edition really stood out for me.


The bronzer is so beautiful with the embossed oriental designs, the colour is stunning it is medium brown with a small round golden highlighter in the centre. What I like is that each colour can be used separately or together.


I’m in love with this bronzer it gives me a perfect natural bronzy glow especially now with winter approaching i’m in need of every kind of glow I can get as my skin tends to look very pale and I end up looking like the walking the dead. The bronzer really warms up the face, it can be used all over the face or on the cheekbones or both. I like to warm up my face by dusting a little of the the bronzer all over the face and then warming up my cheeks with a slightly heavier hand.


In the pictures below I used the medium brown to contour my face by applying it under my cheekbones, along the bottom of my face and around my forehead. I then mixed the bronzer and highlighter onto my brush and applied it to my cheeks and lastly I applied the center golden shade on my cheekbones as a highlighter.


I prefer using both shades mixed together on my cheeks and a bit around my face to warm it up. It gives me a natural looking glow when I want that minimal no makeup makeup look. This bronzer is perfect for everyday use it’s so natural looking on the skin, it blends perfectly and the colour is buildable.



Essence The Bold Shine Shine Shine Wet Look Gloss

I told you ladies that glossy lips will be making a comeback!😃 I’m always a fan of glossy lips I remember buying those R2 or R5 ones in school and applying on sooo much it looked like I had battled with a piece of very greasy chicken lol. Now the extreme glossy look is called “wet look”, I love it!

Essence has so many new beautiful glosses to choose from but this shade really stood out for me (firstly I love bold shades and secondly it’s pink! 😃) I bought the shade ‘09 one-woman show’ which is a stunning stunning bright bold pink and nicely complements my skin tone.



The gloss has a nice small doe foot applicator which is slightly pointed at the tip and slightly rounded which I love as it allows me to apply on the gloss nice and evenly without getting any out of the lines. It can be a little messy though if you do get some out of the lines and have to wipe it up as it just spreads everywhere so be careful.


The gloss is very pigmented and applies on evenly giving me full glossy coverage. Even though it is extremely glossy it is not sticky or uncomfortable on the lips. I love how this gloss just makes my lips pop.




I finished off my Essence look by applying Essence Winter Wonderful! ‘02 eye candy’ onto my lower lash line to make my eyes look bigger, I then did a winged eye using Essence Super Precise liquid eyeliner and the gold eyeliner from last years Christmas trend edition. Lastly I applied Essence Forbidden Volume Rebel mascara.


Have you gotten your hands on any of the new Essence products? What is your favourite Essence trend edition?☺


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