Kangol Floral Rush

Hi ladies, not only does Kangol create affordable and good quality makeup but they also have beautiful scented perfumes. The new edition to their range is the Kangol Floral Rush, with mother’s day approaching what better way to spoil your mom with a bottle.

Kangol Floral Rush comes in a beautiful watercolor floral box opening up to a vintage round 50ml bottle with a long gold lid. The bottle has the same floral watercolor pattern around it. Every ladies dresser should have a gorgeous bottle of Floral Rush.


When applied you get beautiful citrus notes once settled a bit musky notes start coming through and throughout the day you get beautiful floral, musk and sweet vanilla notes coming through. The scent lasts throughout the day so there’s no need to reapply.

This is the perfect everyday fragrance as it is not strong and overpowering but has beautiful sweet scents that are perfect for any lady.

Quick tip: To make the scent linger throughout the day and even the next day apply a small amount of perfume onto your hairbrush and brush through the hair. When the wind blows through your hair everyone around you gets a whiff of your perfume. You’re welcome 😉.

The Kangol Floral Rush retails for R159.00 for a 50ml bottle which is so affordable and great to give as a present. All Kangol products are available only at Truworths stores.


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