Hi ladies, so today I want to introduce you to some new Smashbox products the Photo Finish Foundation Radiance Primer with Hyaluronic Acid, Always On Gel Liner in ‘Moody’ and ‘Fishnet’, Smashbox + Casey Holmes Spotlight Palette in ‘Pearl’ and Smashbox Always On liquid lipstick in ‘Stepping Out’.

Photo Finish Foundation Radiance Primer

A good primer is very important in my makeup routine as I always want my foundation to stay put throughout the day without any flakiness, smudging and creasing and a good primer helps keep everything in place.


The new Smashbox Radiance primer comes in a golden box and inside a 30ml tube which can last for a very long time as only a small amount is needed. The golden shiny packaging is eye catching, the packaging represents the type of primer it is as it is radiant and “light loving” which makes it easier to choose a primer according to a look or finish you are after.

The radiance primer illuminates, perfects and enhances radiance while hydrating the skin and allows for better smoother makeup application. It can be used alone, before makeup application and/or over makeup as a highlighter.

This primer is perfect to use on bare skin, I like to use it when my skin is not acting out it gives my skin a radiant glow while keeping it matte the entire day.

The Photo Finish Radiance Primer was developed to recreate that 24/7 glow in photoshoots and in real life. After getting my makeup done for a photoshoot or video shoot I would always want that glow to last as long as possible. Makeup, if done correctly always looks so flawless and radiant in photoshoots and videos and this primer gives you that exact flawless glowy look that I have been after.


The primer is a bronze colour and has a soft silky smooth texture. It applies on smoothly and transparent and has an even golden glow finish. A dime-size is all that is needed as it spreads quite easily. It contains micro-fine amber and bronze pearls which create the warm glow so you can get a beautiful bronze glow even in winter 😉. When applied it absorbs quickly and has an instant mattifying effect without making my skin feel tight and dry but moisturised as it is packed with hyaluronic acid and shea butter.


My foundation applies on smoothly and evenly and really lasts the entire day the primer gives me a beautiful healthy golden glow and blurs out any imperfections and pores. There is no need to constantly fix up my makeup with powder during the day as it all stays in place and doesn’t wipe off or crease. I’m definitely going to be using this primer more often in winter as my skin tends to look dull. The shimmer is not over powering but rather has a natural glow that makes people wonder how you got it ☺.

Always On Gel Liner Eye-liner Gel

I’m always going on about how eyeliner can always bring your makeup look together and that I never go anywhere without at least having eyeliner on as I feel that it makes me look more awake and alive.


I received two shades of the Always On Gel Liners:

1. ‘Moody’- which is a beautiful grey and
2. ‘Fishnet’- which is black


They eyeliners are a matte stick with a glossy lid and glossy end.


I would have never thought that I could use a grey eyeliner but when I applied it on I actually loved it, it looks perfect on the waterline and also a winged eye. Both eyeliners apply on smoothly, they have a lovely soft creamy texture and doesn’t smudge, like the name says it stays Always On throughout the day. I love that they are pigmented (so you don’t have to gouge your eyes out by constantly pressing for it to apply on darker 😐), long lasting and does not irritate my eyes.


I applied ‘Moody’ on my waterline and and ‘Fishnet’ in between my lower lashes and also on my lids keeping it as close as I can to my upper lashes.

Smashbox + Casey Holmes Spotlight Palette

I love to glow, highlighting has become a must for me nowadays and my mum is always saying “that’s too much glow!” but is there really such a thing as too much glow?? 🤔. I want to be seen by the Gods with my glow so there is never too much for me. I love trying out different highlighters so receiving this palette made me extremely happy and excited 😃 like a kid at a candy store.


Smashbox collaborated with YouTube vlogger Casey Holmes to create highlighting palettes that pops the features by placing light to bring the key features forward. There are two palettes the one that I received is called ‘Pearl’. Each palette has 3 complementary highlighting shades, 2 shimmer finish shades and 1 mega sparkle shade that gives a very intense glow. Each shade can be used alone, layered (I love layering for extra glow) over each other or over blush/contour to amp up the spotlight.



The packaging is super pretty the palette is in a shiny gold box once again the box shows you what you can expect with the product. The box opens up to a golden palette which fits into the palm of my hands and inside there is a clear mirror and three round highlighters starting from light to dark. The palette also comes with a ‘how to use’ booklet, there are three different ways to use the palette depending on what look you are going for. The three looks are:

1. Casey’s on-the-go look- which is a quick easy to do everyday glow.
2. Casey’s signature glow look- this is a layering look that captures light at the center of the face to give it a more brighter and refresh complexion and,
3. Casey’s blow-a-fuse look- like the name suggests this is more of a night out super glowy stand out look.


Each shade in the palette has a name:

1. Turn It On- this is a white pearly shimmery shade
2. Crank It Up- a beautiful golden shimmer colour
3. Blow A Fuse- a rose gold mega sparkly shade


I absolutely love the glow that I get from this palette it has quickly become my favourite highlighting palette. The highlighters are buttery soft and blend very well leaving me with a beautiful Egyptian God like glow.




I applied each shade to a different part of my face. I used ‘Turn It On’ on my brow bone and inner corner of eyes. I then applied on ‘Crank It Up’ on my cheekbones, temples, the centre of my nose and cupids bow and slightly on my chin. Finally I layered ‘Crank It Up’ with ‘Blow A Fuse’ for a more intense glow.

Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick

Matte lipsticks have become so popular but I find it difficult to get the perfect matte formula that doesn’t leave my lips feeling dry and that won’t flake throughout the day especially in winter. Smashbox created 20 perfect matte liquid lipsticks in the perfect shades (i’m after the shade called ‘Chill Zone’ beautiful grey *hint hint* 😉).


I received the shade ‘Stepping Out’ which is a stunning deep nude. The liquid lipstick has a doe foot slightly slanted applicator which curves with your lips when applying it on. The applicator allows for precise and even application. The lipstick applies on evenly and has full coverage meaning that one coat is enough as the colour is very pigmented and covers the entire lips.


The Always On liquid lipstick has a yummy almost vanilla ice-cream scent. The formula is so comfortable on the lips it almost feels as if I have nothing on, it is quick drying but not drying on the lips, there is no stiff feeling and no flakiness. The lipstick is long-lasting but not entirely smudge proof as I found that if I touched my lips it would transfer. It does not bleed, although it is not entirely smudge proof it does not move around on the lips so it stays in place the entire day even after drinking and eating.

I absolutely love the velvety matte finish and how comfortable it is on my lips not drying at all, the texture and feel is amazing. The colour is so perfect for my skin tone, it is the perfect everyday nude and the best part is that I don’t have to worry about reapplying it throughout the day as it is Always On ☺.


I finished off my Smashbox look using one of my favourite mascaras the Smashbox Photo Op Eye Brightening Mascara it gives my lashes volume, length, curl and separation without any clumps.


You can see the difference that the Eye Brightening Mascara makes to my lashes in the pictures above. I only applied it on the right eye and you definitely can see the beautiful length and separation it gives my lashes without any clumps.


Have you tried any of the new Smashbox products? Or do you see something that you like and cannot wait to get your hands on? ☺

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  1. I love this look on you and that highlight! Girl!!!I want!!!

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    1. Thanks hun. The highlighter is amazing 😍


  2. Omg😍 i love All these products especially the Photo Finish Radiance Primer

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    1. You should definitely give it a try


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