Vichy Anti-Blemish Routine

Vichy was recently looking for bloggers to review two of their new facial skincare product’s, always having heard about how great Vichy products are and been prescribed to use their products by dermatologists in the past I just had to try these products out.

Luckily for me I was one of the chosen bloggers to receive the two anti-blemish products, the Vichy Normaderm Aquagel Hydrate and the Vichy Idéal Soleil Anti-imperfections Anti-blemishes SPF 30 these products are created to target acne and blemishes. Most facial products which are targeted to treat acne and blemishes tend to be a bit too harsh on sensitive skin but Vichy products are formulated for sensitive skin, all products are hypoallergenic.

The anti-blemish routine has three daily steps:

● Step 1: Purify using the Normaderm Deep Cleansing purifying gel
● Step 2: Correct with the Normaderm Hydrating Aquagel and,
● Step 3: Protect with the Idéal Soleil Anti-imperfections anti-blemishes SPF 30

I wanted to use the entire range to follow the three steps and to get the best results so I went out and got myself the Normaderm Deep Cleansing purifying gel.


Vichy Normaderm Deep Cleansing Purifying Gel

The cleansing gel comes in a 200ml pump bottle which makes it so easy and quick to use. It contains no soap, no parabens and is alcohol free. The gel contains Vichy Thermal Spa Water. The gel itself is light green colour and has a gel feel, one pump is more than enough to wash the entire face and neck as the cleansing gel foams up nicely (I prefer a face wash which foams up as I feel that it cleans better). The gel has a fresh cucumber scent and leaves my skin feeling well cleansed and refreshed without feeling dry.



Vichy Normaderm Skin Balance Anti-oiliness Hydrating Aquagel

I was excited to try this product as it is a face gel which can be used morning and evening so there’s no need for two separate face products. The Aquagel comes in a 40ml tube with a pointed end so you don’t get too much product coming out which will go to waste, you can squeeze out the right amount.



The Aquagel is light green in colour and has the same refreshing cucumber scent as the cleansing gel.


The Aquagel has an instant mattifying effect and reduces the size of pores. It is non comedogenic, suitable for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic and contains Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water. It is formulated for oily skin, being a gel it absorbs quickly leaving the skin feeling instantly matte, no oiliness and keeps the skin feeling hydrated. The gel has an almost watery texture making a small amount easily spreadable onto the entire face and neck. It makes my skin feel fresh and clean throughout the day and my skin feels soft to the touch. My skin tends to get oily throughout the day but with this range my skin always feels matte and hydrated not dry and not oily.

Vichy Idéal Soleil Anti-imperfections Anti-blemishes SPF 30

This is a triple action SPF which is the final step in the Anti-blemish routine that is used in the morning and can be reapplied throughout the day. This mattifying corrective care triple action SPF helps target blemishes, reduces the size of pores and has an anti-shine effect.


The Vichy Idéal Soleil SPF 30 contains salicylic acid which helps with acne and reduces the appearance of blemishes. It is non comedogenic, paraben free and has a non greasy texture and finish. Most sunscreens have a white finish on the skin once absorbed or tend to flake and/or leave the skin looking and feeling oily but this one has a mattifying effect without any white finish and without the flakiness or oiliness. I like that this sunscreen absorbs quickly. My skin feels soft and smooth throughout the day, it does not leave my skin feeling heavy.


I have been using this range for over a month now and I am very impressed with the results I haven’t had any breakouts since using this range even during my monthly visits. I have a more even tone now and also my skin looks healthy and glowy. What I love about this range is that each product contains the Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water sourced from the heart of the French volcanic region. It is infused with antioxidants and a unique combination of 15 rare minerals which gives it the ability to protect the skin from external aggressors and strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier.

I took this range with me on my recent trip to Thailand and Singapore and with the humidity my skin still felt matte, no oiliness, no breakouts and my skin was hydrated throughout my travels. I did find that in Thailand the Vichy Idéal Soleil Anti-imperfections Anti-blemishes SPF 30 did tend to flake a bit but I don’t have that problem when using it in SA. Overall I am impressed with this range and would love to try out some of their other products.


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