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Recently Yardley has been launching a lot of new product’s. I remember my mum always being a huge supporter of Yardley product’s and throughout the years she has always purchased the same Yardley lipstick in the same shade ‘Sienna’. I was recently sent a few products to try out and review which are: Yardley London Even Complexion Foundation in ‘Caramel Fudge’ and ‘Caramel’, Yardley London Mono Eyeshadow in ‘Stone’ and ‘EOS’, Yardley London Blusher ‘Safari Sunset’, Yardley London Stayfast Kajal Pencil, Yardley London Volumelash Maximus Mascara, Yardley London Stayfast Lipstick ‘Watermelon’, Yardley London Super moist SPF15 ‘Scarlet Flame’ and ‘Bright Pink’, Yardley London Stayfast Liquid Matte Lip Vinyl 24hrs ‘Engine Red’ and Yardley London Stayfast Eyeshadow Stick ‘Royale’ and ‘Midnight’.

Yardley London Even Complexion Foundation

I received two shades ‘Caramel Fudge’ and ‘Caramel’ as I was not sure which one would better suit my skin tone. I’m always excited to try out different foundations to see which works best for me.


The foundation comes in a 30ml airless pump bottle, I’m liking the pump bottle as you can always get the right amount and not waste. As the name states this foundation helps achieve an even skin tone while reducing the appearance of dark spots and also protecting the the skin against the harmful and ageing effects of UV rays with an SPF of 20. It also contains Porcelain flower extract and Synerlight making it very moisturising. So not only does this foundation give you coverage but also moisturises and helps the skin which I’m sure we all love in a product.


The even Complexion Foundation offers medium coverage but I found that it is definitely buildable to achieve full coverage without looking cakey. ‘Caramel Fudge’ best suited my skin tone and I used the ‘Caramel’ to contour as it is a shade darker, this shade also suits my mum’s skin tone perfectly.


I have to say that this foundation has become my absolute favourite, I find myself reaching for this one more than the others that I own. It really does even out my skin tone and feels extremely soft on my skin with a very natural and flawless finish it looks and feels like I have nothing on. It also blends in well and moisturises my skin, I found that throughout the day it stays put, it does not rub off as easily as most foundations and does not feel dry and cakey but absolutely comfortable that you will forget that you applied a foundation. I’m really impressed with this product and even gave the other shade to my mum and she is just as much in love with it as I am. If you are looking for a new foundation I highly suggest that you try this one you won’t regret it.

Yardley London Stayfast Kajal Pencil

I basically can not go anywhere without applying on eyeliner I even use to wear it everyday in high school I seriously feel that eyeliner can complete a look and also make you look more awake and should be the one make-up product that every lady should own. I have very sensitive eyes so sometimes certain eyeliners can really irritate my eyes and make them look like I was in Rocky, so I’m always sceptical about trying out new eyeliners as I have only been using one brand for years. I chanced it and used the eyeliner along my water line and in between my lower lashes for a more intense look, to my surprise it did not irritate my eyes I did not experience any watering and itching.


The Kajal has a very creamy formula and glides on easily without smudging and it is also very pigmented. I have fallen in love with this product and even took it with me to Thailand and even through the extremely hot and humid weather and also been in the ocean my eyeliner stayed on it did not smudge or fade! I’m so impressed this has definitely become my everyday eyeliner.


What I also like is that even after sharpening it it does not break, I’m sure a lot of you have experienced that with some eyeliners, it’s not too pointy that you stab yourself in the eye (it has happened to me many times 😐) and it does not irritate the eyes, I always found with eyeliners which need to be sharpened it always tend to be a lot more harsh on the eyes the sharpenings always seem to get into the eye. Only thing I don’t like is having to sharpen the Kajal Pencil half the time I don’t know where I put the sharpener but the product itself is excellent.

Yardley London Mono Eyeshadow

When I first looked at the shades that I received I immediately thought that they are such perfect autumn shades but also looked a bit dull but that did not translate to my lids.



I received two shades ‘Stone’ which is a khaki green shade and ‘EOS’ which looks like a medium brown but is actually a golden bronze shade on my skin. They come in cute round pans, I love the soft texture and the colours are not very pigmented but they are definitely buildable and blend well with no fall out.


I used the blusher in ‘Safari Sunset’ as a transition colour on the crease, I then applied ‘stone’ to the crease and outer corner of my eyes to smoke it out and then I packed on ‘EOS’ onto my lids using the tip of my finger and blended everything. I applied ‘EOS’ to the inner corner of my eyes as well as the bottom lash line and I also lined my bottom lash line with ‘stone’. I also lined my upper lash line with the Stayfast Kajal Pencil.


Yardley London Volumelash Maximus Mascara

Firstly the 12ml tube is so pretty with the chrome and black and white writing it really stands out. This is not just a volume boosting mascara but also an enhancing lash growth Mascara! I love me a product that also has many benefits 😃. This beauty contains conditioning and strengthening lash serum with active peptide technology which enhances your natural lash growth cycle, seriously how amazing??


The Mascara has a thick wand which is also tapered at the end giving lashes full volume and curl and also separating them without any clumps. It really lifts my lashes and separates them nicely you can see this below I only applied it onto one eye look at the difference:


This has become my everyday mascara as it gives my lashes such a natural look, opening my eyes more and beautifully separating my lashes without any smudging and it has a long lasting stayfast formula. My lashes don’t feel heavy the formula is so light and does not give my lashes a dry look and feel throughout the day.

Yardley London Blusher ‘Safari Sunset’

When I saw this shade I thought it would be too dark for my skin tone and make my cheeks look dirty as it’s a dark rusty brown colour to be honest I did not like the shade 😐. Like they say don’t judge a book by its cover, the shade actually looked beautiful on my skin I also used it as a transition colour on the crease of my eyes and also lined my bottom lash line with it. I should really become more open to darker shades and not think of them as dull and boring 🙈.



The blusher comes in a big round pan just like the Mono Eyeshadow, it also has a very soft texture and it is very blendable and the colour is buildable. This shade is very pigmented so I lightly dusted it over my cheeks and whatever left over was on my brush I dusted it over my face to give it a warm look.



Yardley London Stayfast Lipstick ‘Watermelon’

The Yardley London Stayfast Lipstick is the lipstick that my mum has always been loyal to I have never tried them before but now I can finally see why my mum has always been using the Yardley London Stayfast Lipstick.



The lipsticks come in a thin sleek tube, the shade ‘Watermelon’ is a pinkish coral/peach shade with very fine silver glitter which gives it a beautiful shimmer. It glides onto the lips evenly with full coverage as it is very pigmented. It feels soooo buttery soft and smooth and very comfortable on the lips, being thin and sleek allows for precise application even on thinner lips. I’m so impressed with the formula it is creamy and soft and feels as if I am not wearing any lipstick, this shade is beautiful and will suit any skin tone.


Yardley London Supermoist+ SPF15

I received two shades ‘Scarlet Flame’ which is a stunning bright red and ‘Bright Pink’ just as the name suggests with a blue/purple undertone. These lipsticks come in the usual bullet tube that is matte silver with a shiny silver stripe round the tube.



I almost wanted to call them lip balms because they feel very moisturising and hydrating like a lip balm. Both shades are very pigmented and really pop on the lips, they apply on smoothly with a glossy finish and feel very comfortable on the lips. The formula is soft and buttery with all the benefits of a lip balm but with a lipstick finish.

Yardley London Stayfast Liquid Matte Lip Vinyl

I received the matte gloss in the shade ‘Engine Red’ which is a very bright bold red. The Lip Vinyl comes in an 8ml thin long sleek tube and has a flat doe foot applicator. The liquid matte Lip Vinyl has high impact colour, offers 24hr ultra-matte finish and contains moisture protecting vitamin E.


Matte glosses have become very popular but every matte gloss has a different feel on the lips some can be very dry and uncomfortable. Unfortunately this is one of them it has a very sticky feeling on the lips. To be completely honest I did not like this product at all I found it to be very messy, uncomfortably sticky on my lips and very drying but it is very pigmented and long lasting as I struggled to get it off. The only Yardley London product that I wasn’t impressed with.


Yardley London Stayfast Eyeshadow Stick

I received two shades of the Eyeshadow sticks which are ‘Royale’ which is almost a lilac colour with a grey undertone and silver glitter and ‘Midnight’ which is a charcoal grey with a slight blue undertone and silver glitter.


Each stick is 3.25g, the end part of the stick is the colour of the actual eyeshadow. They apply on smoothly and are very blendable it is better to blend eyeshadow sticks using the tip of your finger. It feels comfortable on the lids and doesn’t crease and smudge. I’m so impressed with these as I applied them on during the day fell asleep with it on, woke up and it looked like it was freshly applied I even went out that night and when I got home it was still the same no creasing, no smudging and the colour didn’t fade. I didn’t have to reapply it. This is such a brilliant product and very pigmented.


I applied ‘Royale’ to my eyelids and smudged it using my fingertips and then I applied ‘Midnight’ to my crease and outer corner of eyes to give it a smokey look. I also applied both shades to my lower lashes line and smudged it using my finger.



Overall I’m very impressed with the new Yardley London products they feel very comfortable and the quality is absolutely superb I highly recommend Yardley London.


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