Eau Thermal Avène – Thermal Spring Water

I recently recieved the Eau Thermale Avène Thermal Spring Water from Rubybox to test. I remember buying this product when it first arrived at Clicks, at the time I was desperately looking for a product that could help with the unbearable burning and itching of really bad eczema flare ups on my legs and face. Seeing that this was a new product on the shelves I decided to try it out having tried numerous products before that.

I first thought “how could water in a can possibly help???” but I did my research and found out all the benefits.

When Rubybox approached their Rubies with the opportunity to review the Avène Thermal Spring Water I immediately jumped at the opportunity wanting to try it again after a very long time and because my eczema had flared up again due to stress and lack of sleep and this time I could share all my thoughts with you.


The spring water is sourced from a region in France where all potentially polluting human activity is strictly regulated and controlled. Essentially it is rainwater with many benefits such as maintaining the skin’s balance in sensitive skin, decreasing the skin’s reactivity which means that the skin no longer reacts excessively and strengthening the cells so that the skin defends itself more effectively.

Avène Thermal Spring Water owes it’s skin care properties to it’s unique and original composition. It has a low mineral content and a neutral pH, it is ion balanced with bicarbonate, calcium and magnesium. It also contains a number of skin-enhancing trace elements which makes this the perfect product for sensitive skin and even the most irritated skin. The perfect balance of calcium and magnesium guarantees efficacy and tolerance: skin balance is restored and the low mineral content and presence of silicate make’s the spring water exceptionally gentle.

Exactly why is the is the Avène Thermal Spring Water so effective you may ask? Well research centres have isolated, identified and characterised a microflora in Avène Thermal Spring Water that bears biological witness to continuing long life. Named aqua dolomiae, it develops substances that make the product so effective which helps soothe the skin and their properties have been proven to act on the factors causing inflammation and itching. The microflora can only appear and survive in the very deep and very pure waters of the Avène aquifer.

I love a product that is versatile and the Eau Thermale Thermal Spring Water is just that. It has a variety of uses:

● Post-surgical procedure to improve skin comfort,
● Sunburn: to calm and cool the skin
● Facial redness: to reduce sensation of overheating
● Damaged skin: to improve healing
● Sensations of discomfort: to soothe irritation
● After removing make-up: to envelope the skin in a soothing mist
● After shaving: to calm razor burn
● After sport
● After hair removal: to calm tingling
● While travelling
● Nappy rash: to gently soothe baby’s fragile skin

I like to use the Thermal Spring Water after waxing and shaving to calm my skin and I especially like to use it to help soothe itchiness and burning sensations when my eczema flares up.

How exactly does the quality of the Avène Thermal Spring Water stay intact during packaging? Well the water emerges from the spring and goes directly to the production site. It is packaged in a sterile environment to guarantee complete purity and efficacy: through minerals/trace elements and active substances derived from the microflora are protected from all outside contamination. Each spray is protected by a tamper-proof seal.

The Avène Thermal Spring Water is formulated to minimise risks of allergy it has key elements for sensitive, hypersensitive, allergic and irritated skin. It really does soothe and help with irritation on my very sensitive eczema prone skin. Not only can the Avène Thermal Spring Water be used on all the above mentioned uses but it can also be used as a make-up setting spray as the fine mist does not move or wash away the make-up. My skin feels cooler and less itchy, you basically spray a fine mist on the area and wait for a few minutes then gently pat dry. The very fine mist is extremely cooling and gentle on the skin I love this product and would love to try the entire range.


Have you heard of or used any of Eau Thermale Avène products before?

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