Rimmel The Only 1

Hi Ladies, I’m so excited about today’s post I’m sure you have all seen the new Rimmel The Only One Matte lipsticks in stores and the ads in magazines and on T.V. Today I have a full review on all the Matte shades, Rimmel’s new lipliners and the three new The Only One satin shades.

When I recieved the Rimmel press pack I couldn’t wait to try every single shade and when I tried them I found myself saying “Oh Wow!” a lot, which means I’m impressed 😆.


The Only 1 Matte Lipsticks

Rimmel London’s The Only 1 Lipstick goes MATTE which offers long-lasting, non-drying colour with a velvety matte finish making it comfortable to wear. The matte lipsticks glide on like a dream without dragging or skipping.

The Only 1 Matte Lipsticks are available in eight shades from punky pinks, pinkie nude hues, fierce red, bold nudes, edgy purples and sumptuous berry. These eight shades make your lips pop, the colours are bright and vibrant.

The eight shades are: ‘110 Leader Of The Pink’ which is a light pink this really makes my lips pop it’s a bold pink which I love. ‘200 Salute’ is a pretty mauve shade, the perfect matte nude colour. ‘500 Take The Stage’ is a lovely bright red shade you can definitely make a statement in this colour. ‘600 Keep It Coral’ this is a light orange coral colour which really pops like the pink shade. ‘610 High Flyer’ is a mauve rose colour this is one of my favourite shades it is also the perfect nude colour. ‘750 Look Who’s Talking’ is a deep brown with a slight purple undertone this shade can also be used as a nude lipstick. ‘800 Run The Show’ this is a stunning purple shade I’m seriously obsessed with this colour. Lastly ‘810 The Matte Factor’ this is a beautiful burgandy berry shade another one of my favourites.


The packaging stands out each tub is matte red with a coloured matte ring around which perfectly matches the shade inside, what you see on the packaging is what you see on your lips and that is the truth. The top of each tube has a diamond shape with the Rimmel crown engraved, ‘Rimmel’ is also engraved into the side of each tube. The radical twisted design signals the innovative formula.


The lipsticks apply on smoothly and evenly with high coverage and full impact colour (they are very pigmented). With the new matte formula the lipsticks are comfortable on, it felt as if I wasn’t wearing anything on my lips! Although they are matte they are very moisturising throughout the day. They are non-drying, often matte lipsticks can feel so heavy on the lips and every time you move your lips the lipstick cracks but with these lipsticks I did not experience any discomfort the lipstick did not crack or dry out and it is very lightweight. There’s long-lasting colour, even after eating my lipstick stayed put and the colour didn’t even fade I was so shocked, it looked like I freshly applied on lipstick this is why I’m obsessed with this range!


Surprisingly all the colours looked good on me 😊. All shades are really flattering to my complexion. The lipsticks are easy to remove with waterproof make-up remover or micellar water and does not stain the lips. I can’t tell you enough how pleased I am with this range these are really the most comfortable matte lipsticks that I’ve used so far with such great pigment and amazing comfort.


Quick Tip: to make sure that your matte lipsticks apply on smoothly and evenly first exfoliate your lips. I do my own at home exfoliator by mixing a teaspoon of sugar, honey and Coconut oil. Wet lips, apply the scrub and gently massage/exfoliate, wipe off with a wet face cloth this gives it a little extra exfoliation. Then apply your lipstick, this is great especially in winter.

Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner

Rimmel has five new lipliners which are different to the normal lip liners, these lip liners are slanted at the tip rather than pointed. The slanted tip allows for all over lip application to use on its own or as a base for your lipstick or lipgloss, the pointed part of the slant can be used to precisely outline and contour the lips. These lip liners are also perfect to create an ombre lip.


The lip liners come in five vibrant shades starting from pinks to berry’s. The pink shades are: ‘101 You’re All Mine’ this is a dusty pink shade and ‘103 Pink A Punch’ this is a darker brighter pink. There’s one peach/coral shade ‘102 Peachy-Beachy’, this is the only lipliner in the collection that is shimmery. ‘104 Call Me Crazy’ is a orange-red shade and the last one is ‘105 Under my Spell’ which is a plum shade.


The packaging is bright and bold with silver the coral shade is the only one which has a shimmery packaging. The outside colour matches the inside colour.


Each lip liner applies on smoothly, they are all very pigmented and have a very soft creamy texture (be careful not to press to hard when applying as they do break). They apply on matte ‘102 Peach-Beachy’ also applies on matte but has silver shimmer.


I love these lip liners and plan on experimenting with them by creating bold ombre lips. These lipliners pair up nicely with the new matte lipsticks, you can match them together or mix and match its really up to you.


Below is a list of the lip liner shades and the matte lipsticks which can be paired or used with:

• ‘101 You’re All Mine’ pairs up beautifully with ‘200 Salute’ and ‘110’ Leader Of the Pink’ it can also be paired with ‘610 High Flyer’
• ‘102 Peach-Beachy’ pairs up with ‘600 Keep It Coral
• ‘103 Pink A Punch’ pairs up with ‘110 Leader Of the Pink’
• ‘104 Call Me Crazy’ can be used with ‘500 Take The Stage’
• ‘105 Under My Spell’ pairs up with ‘750 Look Who’s Talking’ can be used with ‘800 Run The Show’ and ‘810 The Matte Factor’


The Only 1 New Satin Shades

The Only 1 Satin lipstick comes in three new nude shades a nude that will suite everyone. The colours are: ‘720 I Dare You’ which is beige with a slight pink undertone, this colour matches the colour of my lips. ‘760 Ain’t No Other’ this is a beautiful mauve brown shade, one of my favourites. The last shade is ‘780 90s Baby!’ This is a deeper brown shade which I’m obsessed with.



The tubes have the same design and engraving as the matte lipstick tubes but they are glossy black which represents their finish with a ring of colour which matches the colour of the lipstick inside. The lipsticks apply on smoothly with its soft creamy texture. Each shade is pigmented with a glossy finish aswell as leaving the lips feeling moistured throughout the day.



“For the first time, Rimmel has created a virtual lip library to bring all the beautiful The Only 1 and The Only 1 Matte lipstick shades to life on Tumblr. You can sort by shade, by lip shape or by finish to find the perfect shades that suit you. Find out more about this exciting new creation with #liplibrary.”

The lipsticks retail for R119.95 and are available at selected Clicks, Dis-Chem, Foshini, Edgars, Pick n Pay stores and pharmacies nationwide.

Which colours will you be getting your hands on? ☺


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