ManiMonday With Yardley StayFast PRO-UV Gel Nails

I love nail art since I was little, I always use to do flowers and dots on my nails with my Barbie and Tinkerbell nailpolishes (remember those peel off ones?) Some times I would get my hands on my mum’s nail polishes. Now that I’m a big girl 😊 I have my own collection of nail polishes, nail tools and nail art and love to play around with them when I have the time because some nail art takes long to create.

Today I want to show you how to create quick nail art when you dont have that much time to spend on your nails but want them to stand out. I’m creating the nail art using the new Yardley Stay fast PRO-UV Gel nail polishes. The process is quick and easy with soft colours so it’s perfect for everyday.

• First paint nails with Yardley Stay Fast PRO-UV Gel in ‘Praline’ which is the perfect nude shade. Don’t apply anything on the accent nail just yet. Apply another coat when the first coat is dry these nail polishes dry quite fast.

• Now apply the shade ‘Spring Sheen’ on the accent nail, this is a beautiful peach shade with a bit of gold shimmer. This shade is very pigmented so you don’t have to apply a second coat.


• Now take a thin nail art brush dip it into the peach shade and apply some thin and some thick quick strokes onto the nude nails but only from the top going to the middle of the nails, the strokes don’t have to be in line or perfect.


• Now do the same on the accent nail but using the nude shade. Apply the strokes at the bottom going up.

• Lastly clean up around the nails using an ear bud soaked in nail polish remover, apply the UV Top Coat and Viola!


Quick and easy! I love that these nail polishes have a thick brush applicator so you can coat the entire nail in one go which saves times rather than dipping the brush into the bottle many times just to coat a nail. What’s perfect about these nail polishes is that it has a gel effect without needing to cure it under a UV light.



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