Oscars_ Top 8 Looks

I love seeing what people wear to big events and awards. Below are my top 8 best dressed/favourite looks from the Oscars:


No.8  Ruby Rose Ok so I have abit of a crush on Ruby Rose (there’s just something about her) I’m loving this dress and that fur coat I just hope that it is faux fur though. I do feel that top part needed to be filled a little know what I mean?


No.7 Salma Hayek This is a very pretty dress love the little ruffles on the top and peek-a-boo sheer area.


No.6 Taraji P Henson I love this off shoulder velvet dress it is timeless and absolutely stunning.


No.5 Nina Dobrev I like this dress alot but I seen that Nina had a little wardrobe malfunction, there was clearly not enough support around the bust area.



No.4 Demi Lovato I’m a fan of soft pastel shades, love the colour and ruffles. Very pretty.


No.3 Vanessa Hudgens I like the extremely high slits. This dress is sexy.


No.2 Emily Ratajkowski Love the whole Gatsby look this is stunning and definitely timeless.



No.1 Hailee Steinfeld This is my absolute favourite dress I love the softness, the way the material falls, the colour, it’s sheer but elegant and the ruffles at the back really pulls the whole dress together. Love the flower detail and how it strategically covers certain areas.

To me Priyanka Chopra is the most beautiful woman she has the perfect skin tone, thick beautiful shiny hair, full lips and she’s curvy. Just Perfection! but I’m not sure how I feel about this structural dress.


Sheer seems to have been the trend on the red carpet. With make-up I seen a lot rocking a winged eye or red lips, make-up was very simple and elegantly done not over the top it was either a bold eye or lip (like Nina Dobrev and Emma Roberts). When it comes to hair it seems that simple is better. I seen a lot of sleek back hair or messy wavy/unruly hair, gone are the days of big fancy up do’s.


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