I Love By Lenthéric

Hi Ladies, I recently recieved a beautiful press pack containing four fun, bold fragrance’s from Lenthéric I shared a picture of the box with you on instagram aswell as a little sneak peek video into the box which you can see here.

The house of Lenthéric has developed a new fragrance brand called I Love by Lenthéric. The fragrance’s are available in four fun and bold variants to suit any occasion, mood and attitude. The variants are: I Love Vanilla, I Love Candy, I Love Flowers and I Love Musk. The I love range is young, trendy and very affordable. The bold and vibrant attitude is translated in the I Love packaging, making a statement with the beautiful bright colours of each box which reflects the fragrance notes of each scent.

All four variants are available in gorgeous simplistic round 50ml bottles, small long 15ml bottles which are perfect to keep in your handbag for touch ups throughout the day and 90ml perfumed body sprays. The round 50ml bottles are see through with the words ‘Lenthéric’ and ‘I ❤’ on them, each heart is the colour of the box. Although the packaging is simple it definitely stands out with the bold colour of each box and the glossy embossed ‘I ❤…’ and ‘love’ wording.

I Love Vanilla

If you are a vanilla lover then this scent is definitely for you. I Love Vanilla comes in a yellow matte box with glossy ‘I ❤ Vanilla’ embossed. It has a slight yellow colour. The vanilla scent starts off a bit bold with floral notes once it settles you get this beautiful fruity, woody, vanilla scent. Although the 15ml bottle is much smaller that doesn’t take away from the same quality as the bigger bottle. The perfumed body spray is a bit more mellow but still has that beautiful sweet vanilla scent.



I Love Candy

I Love Candy comes in a matte pink box with the same embossed wording, I love the feel of the contrast in textures. The perfume has a light pink colour, I Love Candy starts off with a burst of fruity scents once it settles you start getting the sweet amber notes. Once it has completely settled it has a beautiful sweet soft scent which I love, it smells absolutely delicious the perfect guilt free indulgence that leaves you feeling irresistible. Like the previous scent the body spray is a lot more mellow.



I Love Flowers

I Love Flowers comes in a bright pinkish red box and the perfume itself has a slight yellow colour. This has a more floral scent compared to the others it first starts off with fruity and floral notes then settles into floral citrus notes. The body spray is a bit more intense than the others but the scent is amazing.



I Love Musk

I Love Musk comes in a gorgeous violet box the perfume has a slight yellow colour. It starts off with floral notes and then settles into peach fruity musk notes. The body spray is very mellow.



The body spray’s compliment the perfume’s beautifully. The perfume’s are not over powering which makes it perfect for every day use and to make the scent more intense and last longer it is best to use the body spray and perfume together and always touch up with the smaller handbag sized perfume. The perfume’s and perfumed body sprays are perfect for the vibrant, fashionable and modern consumer.


I would say that the I Love Vanilla has a more intense scent than the others. All four fragrance’s smell amazing making it so difficult to choose one but with it’s affordable price tag who needs to choose😉.

The 50 ml EDP retails for R119.95, the 15ml EDP is R69.95 and the 90ml Perfumed Body Spray retails for R18.95. These will be available from March at Clicks, Dis-Chem, Edgars, Foshini and selected leading Pharmacies nationwide.

Which one will you be getting your hands on if not all? 😉


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