Hi Ladies, I’m always going on about my sensitive skin and always sharing with you product’s which are suitable for sensitive skin and my skin condition (eczema) and which work well for me. Today I would like to tell you about the Epi-Max Range that is suitable for dry sensitive skin and for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Epi-Max is an all-purpose emollient moisturiser. Emollients are a complex mixture of chemical agents designed to make the external layers of the skin softer and more pliable by increasing the skin’s hydration (water content) and by reducing evaporation of water from the skin. Emollients provide a protective barrier on the surface of the skin so that water doesn’t escape from the skin, it rehydrates the skin, improves the integrity of the skin barrier, reduces signs of dryness, reduces water loss and alleviates tightness and itchyness without being greasy but has a rich texture.

Epi-Max is an alternative to greasy intensive skin emollients or aqueous type cream formulations which are not highly effective. Epi-Max product’s are hypo-allergenic, perfume free, SLS free, rich in texture and non greasy. Epi-Max hydration replenishes Atopic Skin, protects Sensitive Skin, repairs Irritated Skin, nourishes Severely Dry Skin and soothes Intolerant Skin.

The difference between Aqueous Cream and Emollients Epi-Max are:

  1. Certain Aqueous Creams contain SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) whereas Epi-Max does not.
  2. SLS (it breaks surface tension and seperates molecules causing irritation and thinning of the skin) known to be a profound skin irritant (which explains why I’m continously itchy when ever I used Aqueous Cream). Epi-Max enhances the skin barrier effect.
  3. SLS weakens the skin’s barrier and increases water loss from the skin (completely makes sense now why I also had more flare ups when using Aqueous Creams). Epi-Max prevents water loss from the skin and helps control dry-skin conditions.
  4. Creams containing SLS (SLS is used in alot of skincare product’s aswell as detergents..scary stuff) should not be used as a leave-on or washing product. Emollients Epi-Max can be used as a soap substitute and leave on skin moisturiser.

Epi-Max is the only body product which I confidently use on a daily basis, I have tried many Aqueous Creams and creams suited for skin conditions but non have worked as well as the Epi-Max Range has. Today I’ll be telling you about four Epi-Max product’s which I recieved, the product’s are: the Epi-Max Cream the tub and tube, Epi-Max Bathe and Epi-Max Plus Foot Cream.

Epi-Max Cream

The Epi-Max Cream is one of the best sellers in the range used by young and old to treat eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions. It is a pure cetomacrogol (used as a stabiliser) and glycerin (soluble in water, attracts and holds water) emollient cream for all skin types and dry skin conditions. It can be used as a soap substitute.


The cream comes in a 400g tub and is white in colour and has no scent, it is not too thick and not thin in texture and is hydrating but I find that the Epi-Max Plus Cream is more hydrating for my skin and is thicker and much more creamier. The Epi-Max Plus Cream is an enhanced emollient it moisturises very dry skin and still contains cetomacrogol and glycerin but also added 10% urea which makes my skin feel hydrated and moisturised for longer. The Epi-Max tub retails for R62.


Epi-Max Cream 100g

The Epi-Max Cream 100g tube is exactly the same as the Epi-Max Cream in the tub but this is the perfect size for travelling and to keep in your handbag and use as a hand cream. It keeps my hands hydrated, moisturised and smooth. It is definetly a handbag must-have.


Epi-Max Bathe

Epi-Max Bathe is a bath and shower oil (but please don’t use this in the shower it is very oily trust me). This bath oil is the perfect addition to any bath-time ritual especially during winter. It contains evening primrose oil, vitamin e and pure lavender essential oil you can definitely smell all these oils. Like all Epi-Max product’s the bath oil is used to treat eczema sufferers and very dry skin conditions.

The oil comes in a 250ml bottle, has a slight yellow colour and has a very relaxing scent. I have been a bit busy to take a nice long hot bath and try out the oil in the bath, but I tried using it in the shower which I do not recommend as it gets very slippery which was life threatening 😐lol, I had to hold on tight to the wall so that I don’t fall and break something. Despite the nearly death experience (jokes) I found that the oil was soothing, it moisturised my skin and made my skin feel silky soft and smooth.


Epi-Max Plus Foot Cream

The foot cream contains cetomacrogol, glycerine and 10% urea. Basically urea helps bind water into the skin. The foot cream is suitable for dry and thick skin areas such as hands and heels.

The cream comes in a 125g tube, has a thick creamy texture and retails for R37. It keeps my feet moisturised, feeling and looking soft and smooth so that I can wear my summer sandals without having to worry about dry flakey heels, my feet are definitely going to love this foot cream more in winter.


Do you suffer with any skin conditions? If so what to do to help alleviate it? I would love to know☺

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  1. christyvee says:

    Hi. I bought the epimax products recently and read what you said about the bathe.
    I have also the same experience about the bathe oil- its very oily and I am struggling to see how I am supposed to use it even in a bathtub as it is doesnt lather.
    Are we supposed to just add it in the water as a ‘bubblebath’ and use normal soap to bath?


    1. Hi there. I suggest using the oil more as a relaxing soak in the bath than an actual cleanser. I have been using a product which is suitable for sensitive skin and lathers up which has been working really well for me I will have a post up next week maybe it will work better for you as you are looking for something that lathers up.. I also prefer that as I feel like its actually cleaning my body.


      1. christyvee says:

        Okay. Thank you
        Will be waiting for the post next week


  2. Sissel says:

    Hie I’m 24 and suffer from enzema. Someone recommended Epimax baby and Junior as she said it worked well for her and I have been using it for 4 days now applying it in the morning and at night but my skin is developing some irritating rash. However my skin is now soft and hydrated. Kindly advise me which Epimax will best work for me and get rid of the rash or I should give the one I’m already using time?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sissel, I suggest using the Epimax Plus Cream it comes in a blue and white tub and has been working for me. The Epimax baby range has a slight scent so that might be irritating your skin the Epimax Plus range has extra ingredients that will help with your skin and is fragrance free so it shouldn’t irritate your skin. Please keep me updated.


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