Mio Workout Wonder And QuickStart

We all want to be fit and rock a sexy healthy body but dread the aches and pains the next day as a result of working out. I welcome the pain as it means I pushed my body to its limit and it means I’m getting closer to reaching my goal but some times it can be a bit debilitating keeping me from doing the simple every day things and dreading walking like a new born giraffe the next day.

Since November Moe and I have been taking our workouts very seriously (we basically spent our holidays at the gym), we want to look and feel our best but the aches and pains can often keep us from attending gym the next day. We had recently discovered the perfect product’s (all thanks to Poise Brands 😉) that is now assisting us by easing the daily aches and pains of very a intense workout. Allow me to introduce you to the perfect combo of product’s which have made every day life so much easier:

Mio Workout Wonder

The Mio Workout Wonder is an invigorating muscle gel that can be used pre (to jump start the muscles) and post (to help cool down and prevent soreness) exercise or when ever needed to get the best from your body and eases muscle soreness and tension from daily life. It helps with muscle recovery and energises, cools and revives muscles instantly.

How it works:

It contains energising V-tonic an incredible blend of natural essential oils that gives instant and long-lasting relief for muscles, these oils are Citrus, Lavender, Menthol, Cyprus and Spearmint. Horse Chestnut and Horsetail Extracts are rich in natural Magnesium. Arnica Montana Flower Extract and Chamomile help soothe and reduce the appearance of puffiness. Spearmint Leaf Oil and Spearmint Oil refreshen, cleanse and stimulate. Fig Extract, Shea and Murumuru Butter are powerful moisturise actives that help keep the skin smooth and subtle.

How to use:

Massage 1 or 2 pumps into hard working legs, achy upper back, neck and shoulders.


• Kick start circulation and awaken your senses
• Instant relieve of muscle soreness
• Eases muscles the whole day
• Energise muscles before workout
• Less stiff muscles after workout (prevention)
• Refreshing and uplifting

The gel comes in a 100ml pump bottle and has an intense refreshing minty scent. What I absolutely love about this product is the tingling/cooling sensation I get when it is massaged into my aching muscles it gives me the impression that it is working but it REALLY does work, it instantly helps soothe my muscle pain.

The recommended retail price for the Mio Workout Wonder is R610.00 for a 100ml.


Mio QuickStart Shower Gel

The Mio QuickStart Shower Gel is an exhilarating shower gel which helps boost your energy. It’s a super-stimulating shower gel that gets your mind and body going, even if you skip the coffee. It cleanses deeply with skin-safe coconut-derived cleansers. It is hydrating, brightens skin and relieves swelling and puffiness.

How it works:

It contains coconut derived cleansers that gently cleanses and lathers the skin without drying out your skin. Spearmint Oil tones and soothes the skin and contain natural antioxidants which stimulate and help with circulation. Witch Hazel Extract is a natural antibacterial which helps protect the skin and has strong antioxidant benefits. Organic Lemon and Grapefruit extracts are packed with Vitamin C which helps to brighten and energise the skin, boosting circulation and skin renewal. Caffeine which is a natural stimulant helps pep you up for the day ahead. The QuickStart Shower Gel is pH balanced and can safely be used in delicate areas and even on the most sensitive skin.

How to use:

Obviously wash in the shower 😉, squeeze a small amount onto a wet loofah and foam up. Breathe deeply so you get the full benefit of the minty zesty essential oils which actually helps open up my sinuses.


• Kick start circulation and awaken your senses
• Clears your mind and prepares you for your busy day
• Great for that business person that wants a great jump start to the day
• Use less moisturizer when you are finished washing
• Protecting collagen and gives your skin bounce
• Antioxidants prep the skin’s defence against pollution

The shower gel comes in a 200ml tube that can be kept in your gym bag. It has a minty/citrus scent that is not as intense as the Workout Wonder but in the shower the scent is a lot more intense and helps me feel relaxed but awaken and ready to take on the world!

The recommended retail price for the Mio QuickStart Shower Gel is R535.00 for a 200ml


These two product’s are definitely life changing it has helped both Moe and myself easily cope with every day life tasks/challenges by easing our workout aches and pains. We definitely recommend these product’s and they work so well together, really the perfect combo.

The best thing about Mio Skincare product’s is that they contain no nasties which means they are paraben free, free from petrolatum, synthetic fragrance and colourants, xenoestrogens, PEGs, pthalates and glycols. As you all know by now I have very sensitive skin and because the product’s are free from nasties I did not experience any irritation and eczema flare ups.


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Poise Brands is the exclusive distributor of Juliette Armand, Mii Cosmetics, Mio and Mama Mio skincare in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

For more information, a stockist near you or to order directly from Poise Brands, please visit www.poisebrands.co.za or contact Poise Brands on +27 11 033 0500.


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