Eucerin For Sensitive Skin

Hi Ladies, if you have sensitive skin or suffer with skin conditions such as eczema then this post is for you. Today I’ll be reviewing four Eucerin facial product’s which is ideal for sensitive skin and should be added to your daily skincare regime.

DermatoClean Mild Cleansing Milk

The Eucerin DermatoClean Mild Cleansing Milk is an extra mild cleanser which removes make-up effectively and protects the skin from drying-out. It is fragrance free, free from alcohol, colours and parabens making it safe to use on very sensitive skin.

The cleansing milk has a creamy texture and is white in colour and has no scent. I apply it before my toner with a cotton pad. It makes my skin feel smooth and soft and removes all residue. It can be used before a moisturiser or after a toner. It is very creamy so it tends to leave my face feeling a little oily but it is a great product to use during winter when my skin needs that extra moisture.


DermatoClean Clarifying Toner

The toner can be used on all skin types yet it is gentle enough for sensitive skin. The toner is a clear liquid and is best applied morning and evening with a cotton pad as the last step of your cleansing routine.

Like the DermatoClean Mild Cleansing Milk the DermatoClean Clarifying Toner gently removes any residue without making my skin feel dry and tight. This is perfect to use straight after the cleansing milk as it takes away the extra moisture without making my skin feel dry, my skin feels refreshed, soft and smooth afterwards.

What I like about this toner is that it is not harsh on my skin and is gentle around the eye area.


AQUAporin active

The AQUAporin active is a day cream which provides deep, 24 hour hydration. It relieves skin tightness and leaves the skin feeling smooth and supple. The cream contains SPF25 UVB and UVA protection which effectively helps protect the skin against UV-induced skin damage. This product is designed for sensitive skin it is fragrance-free and paraben-free.

The AQUAporin active is best used in the morning after cleansing. Like all Eucerin cream it comes in a box and a glass container, the bottle is a dusty blue colour which in my opinion represents the moisturising properties that the product contains. The Aquaporins strengthens the natural barrier to help prevent water loss and ensure long-lasting hydration effect.

The cream is beige in colour, has no scent, it is light in texture and is fast absorbing and instantly gives my skin a matte finish without feeling dry. Due to it’s instant matte effect it is an excellent make-up base and can act as a primer. I love the feel especially with the hot summer weather my skin does not feel oily or dry. This is definetly a skincare must-have.


DermatoClean Eye Make-up Remover

The 125ml bottle is cute and can be put straight into my handbag. It is liquid with blue on top and clear at the bottom. The upper layer removes water resistant make-up like your water proof mascara’s and the lower layer removes water soluble make-up. You have to shake the bottle before using it to mix the two layers together and then apply onto a cotton ball or cotton pad and gently wipe over the eye make-up. It is fragrance free, alcohol free, paraben free and also suitable to use with contact lenses.

This dual-phase eye make-up remover really gets rid of my water proof mascara whilst being gentle around the eye area and does not burn my skin. My eyes, lashes and entire eye area feels thoroughly cleansed. It is non-greasy but I did find that my skin felt abit dry afterwards but feels moisturised when using the DermatoClean Cleansing Milk straight after.


Below is a picture of half my eye make-up removed effortlessly with just one swipe. That night I had on water proof mascara, a dark smokey eye and water proof liquid liner.


Although the product’s have an extra mild formulation it is very effective and great for dry and sensitive skin.

Below is the price list of all four product’s:

DermatoClean Cleansing Milk– R139.99 for 200ml
DermatoClean Clarifying Toner– R139.99 for 200ml
AQUAporin Active Moisturising Cream SPF25– R199.99 for 50ml
DermatoClean Waterproof Eye Make-up Remover– R109.99 for 125ml

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