Mii Cosmetics

Hi everyone I hope that you all had a wonderful festive season and ready to take on the new year ☺.

In November I briefly introduced you to the new cosmetic brand Mii Cosmetics and briefly told you about the five handbag must-haves from the brand, today I will be reviewing three of the five handbag must-haves.

Here’s a recap on Mii Cosmetics: Mii Cosmetics is a new make-up range that launched across South Africa this summer, it is a range that is inspired by the wants and wishes of beauty spa, salon devotees and a team of make-up artists and skin care experts.

The product’s are all about You (Mii) and are made with the finest ingredients and skin loving formulas which allow for effortless application. It is a 100% mineral line and all the shade’s are wearable for the eyes, lips, cheeks and complexions.

There are five different foundation’s to choose from and sixteen professional brushes. The brand is easy to choose and easy to use.

Last month Adventures of Bee and Moe were invited to the official launch of Mii Cosmetics where we learnt more about the brand, we got to see how you can use the product’s to create many looks starting from an everyday look to a look for the working mom. We also got to swatch the product’s and see for ourselves just how amazing Mii Cosmetics really is. To see all the pictures from the event go to our instagram page here.

We recieved a media bag which contained three out of the five handbag must-haves product’s for touch up and go for any occasion. The packaging is sleek and each product comes in a box with a little note on them which creates such a pleasantly unique touch to the packaging.


1. Celestial Skin Shimmer

The Celestial Skin Shimmer adds radiance and warmth to the cheeks and temples. The six subtle shades can be blended together or used individually and gives your cheeks the perfect glow for day and night. It is available in two colours ‘Aurora’ which is the one that we recieved which has beautiful bronzey shades and ‘Rose Quartz’ which has more rosey shades.


The shades are soft and warm and can be used for any occasion. I hardly experienced any fall out with the product. I just love that this product is so versatile and can be used as a blush, highlighter, bronzer and even as eyeshadow. Below are pictures of it used as a blush, highlighter aswell as an eye contouring palette.




The texture is absolutely soft and buttery I have never felt a product that is so buttery! It also feels so light on the skin.

I dipped my brush into the pan and lightly dusted it all over my face to give it a soft warm glow, I then applied it to my cheeks and the lighter shade I used to highlight. The Celestial Skin Shimmer has a huge clear mirror which is just another reason that this product is a handbag must-have, not only did I use it all over my face but I used it as an eyeshadow palette by applying the lighter shades on the lid and inner corner of the eyes and the darker shades to smoke it out. It is really an all-in-one product which makes it so convenient.

2. Perfect Finish Brush

This brush is perfect for dusting on pressed powder, warming up the face with a bronzer or finishing with a highlighter or blush. It is really versatile and feels soft on the skin without the scratchy feeling. I used the Perfect Finish Brush to apply on the Celestial Skin Shimmer onto my face and cheeks, I love the fact that the brush is big it allowed me to blend all the colours without mixing them in the pan.



3. Forever Eye Crayon

The Forever Eye Crayon is an eyeshadow stick which feels so creamy, super soft and feather light on the eyes. Like the Celestial Skin Shimmer the eyeshadow stick is very buttery and glides on effortlessly. What’s even better is that it is highly pigmented and lasts for hours it does not rub off and is crease proof.



You can create many looks with the Forever Cream Crayon from a subtle to a smokey look using any of the six different colours which the Forever Cream Crayon’s are available in. The shades are: Vintage, Rose Gold (which I have used here), Pewter, Indigo, Antique and Walnut.

The Rose Gold is such a stunning shimmery colour. It is easy to apply and easy to blend using your finger tip.


The product’s feel extremely light on the face and really feels like having on no make and best of all it is long lasting.


Below is the price’s of the product’s that I have just reviewed:

• Celestial Skin Shimmer- R580
• Perfect Finish Brush- R550
• Forever Eye Crayon- R360

The product’s are abit pricey but you are paying for high quality make-up, it is really worth the price tag as the cosmetics are the most comfortable products I have used so far. You have to find out for yourself, take a break and have some Mii time this year 😉.

Poise Brands is the exclusive distributor of Mii Cosmetics in South Africa. For more information, to find a stockist near you or to order directly from Poise Brands visit www.poisebrands.co.za or contact Poise Brands on +27 11 033 0500

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