Neutrogena Hydro Boost

Hi Ladies, today I would like to introduce you to the new Neutrogena Hydro Boost range which is a range that is lightweight yet intensely hydrate’s the skin. One of my followers had asked me what I would recommend for oily skin especially in this hot weather that we are having and the first thing that came to mind was this range so I found it fit to write this review now for everyone who is in the same position.

Let me first take you through a day in the life of your skin:

AM: Wake Up

Trans-epidermal water loss peaks while you sleep so that means you wake up with dehydrated skin.

AM: Shower/Cleanse

Hot showers plus cleansing agents in your bath products can impair your skins moisture balance. Lipids of your skin begin to “melt” at temperatures near 40°C. Some soap products can dry out the skin and increase the skin’s pH long-term.

AM: Getting ready for the day

It is important to apply moisturiser in the morning to improve the skin’s moisture balance. Always wear sunscreen as your skins ability to protect itself fluctuates throughout the day and the DNA-repair defences are at its lowest in the morning. An oil-free sunscreen is best applied over your daily moisturiser.

Work, chores, activity

Stress leads to inflammation and can cause havoc to your skin such as beak outs, rosacea flushes and eczema flare-ups. Additional external environmental factors like aircons, heaters can dehydrate the skin. Within minutes of stress trigger the cortisol levels increase and 30 minutes later your skins moisture balance is negatively affected.


The skins moisture balance is constantly fluctuating and your skin’s oil production peaks which is why you may look shinier because of this it is best to use an oil-free moisture.


When you step outdoors the UV rays damage the skin’s DNA. UV exposure is the greatest cause of free radical production. The skin’s barrier takes 3-5 days to recover from UV exposure but never goes back to being the same. The loss of hydration disrupts the skin’s natural moisture sensor and UV also causes a decrease in important skin lipids. South Africa’s harsh climate and other environmental factors can further dehydrate the skin.


Higher sweat production causes skin to enter a hyper-hydrate state which causes the pH levels to rise and lipid content decreases. Warm and humid climate on the skin can be a hot bed for microorganisms growth.

PM: Sleep

Poor sleep is associated with signs of ageing, diminished skin barrier function and also dull/tired looking skin.

Through extensive research Neutrogena understands what the skin needs and how to deliver hydration when it needs it the most.

The packaging of this range is beautifully blue representing water which equals hydration and the entire range besides the gel-cream has a very pleasant fresh scent. The entire range is suitable for sensitive skin it is so gentle on the skin but that does not take away from its effectiveness.

There are five products in the new Neutrogena Hydro Boost range which are:

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Cleanser

The water gel cleanser is a paraben-free face wash in a pump bottle. As you all know I gravitate more to face washes that foam and this innovative lightweight gel activates with water. I found that I only needed a small amount (a pump or two), all you need to do is add some water and work it into a lather. It foams up beautifully and gently removes away dirt and make-up while hydrating my skin and even after rinsing I can still get that fresh scent on my skin.


Neutrogena Hydro Boost Micellar Water

I like that micellar water is now available in many brands. This is a no-rinse cleanser and right now it is my new favourite micellar water as it is gentle on my skin even around the eye area, it does not burn/irritate my skin and throughly removes all residue and make-up and really keeps my skin feeling hydrated and not tight and dry afterwards.


Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

The face gels did not state whether the one should be used at night and the other in the morning but because the water gel is lighter and gel face creams are better to use when skin tends to get very oily which is during the day I decided to use the water gel in the mornings and the gel-cream at night.


This is a lightweight face gel and has a soft gel texture but does not leave your face feeling sticky. It is instantly absorbed into the skin and a pea size is enough for the entire face and neck area as it spreads easily. The gel is oil-free and has a matte finish on my face but does not feel dry but hydrated from the inside. My skin feels hydrated, soft and is oil free throughout the day.


Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream

The gel-cream is much more richer and provides intense hydration compared to the water gel which is why I chose to use this one at night.


The gel-cream keeps my skin feeling hydrated throughout the night and when I wake up in the morning it still feels fresh and hydrated. This one is different to the water gel in terms of colour, texture and scent it is more of a creamy gel texture, it is white in colour and it is fragrance free. The gel-cream spreads easily like the water gel so only a small amount is needed, it is fast absorbing and also has a matte finish but does not make my skin feel dry and tight but hydrated from within. This is recommended for people with extra-dry skin.


Neutrogena Hydro Boost Facial Wipes

I struggle to find the right facial wipes that is gentle on my skin, removes waterproof make-up, which is soft and also hydrating.


The hydro boost facial wipes is perfect as it does everything that I look for in facial wipes, it is so soft and gentle on my skin even on my eyes and works wonderfully at removing stubborn waterproof mascara. It actually removes my waterproof mascara with no hassles!

It has the same pleasant fresh scent as the other products and leaves my skin feeling hydrated I find that there is no need to apply cream on my face afterwards as it contains a fresh cleansing lotion within the wipes.


I highly recommend getting your hands on these facial wipes it effortlessly removes any impurities and make-up and does not leave your skin feeling dry which I experience a lot with some facial wipes. I find that some facial wipes tend to lose its moisture very quickly after one wipe but with the hydro boost wipes the wipe still feels moist after thoroughly removing all make-up.

This range is really the perfect range for these hot summer days as the hydro boost moisturises feature a hyaluronic gel matrix which is an exclusive Neutrogena technology that continously delivers hydration.

• Hyaluronic acid is found in the skin and helps hydrate it by absorbing up to 1 000 times its weight in water.

• Glycerin rebuilds the wall of your skin cells and replenishes the moisture barrier.

• Olive derivative helps fortify the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

The hyaluronic matrix creates a hydration reservoir and works with the skin’s natural moisture transport system to actively replenish, restore and deliver hydration throughout the day. Your skin feels fresh and supple and bounces back 😉.

Hydration is the key to supple healthy skin. This range helps the skin’s barrier to bounce back by protecting the skin barrier, boost hydration and locking it in. Stop moisturising and start hydrating with the Neutrogena Hydro Boost range.

Below is the price list of all the products:

Hydro Boost Water Gel Cleanser– R99.95
Hydro Boost Micellar Water– R99.95
Hydro Boost Water Gel- R139.95
Hydro Boost Gel-Cream– R139.95
Hydro Boost Facial Wipes– R99.95

If you have any questions please feel to ask me ☺.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Keabetswe Moruri says:

    For the past few weeks I have difficulty finding Neutrogena Hydro Boost Cleanser Water Gel and Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel, are the products been discontinued????


    1. Hi Keabetswe, I’m sorry to hear I’m sure that the range has not been discontinued. Please contact Neutrogena SA via social media as they will be able to assist.


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