From Day To Night With Essence

Essence recently launched new Spring/Summer product’s which I have been dying to try out as you all know I’m the biggest Essence fan I absolutely love the quality of their product’s and the affordability. I recieved a few product’s to try out and I bought quite a bit of product’s to add to my collection.


I’ll be reviewing these product’s and also show/tell you how I have used them to create an everyday look and how to jazz up the everyday look for a night out 😉.

Get Picture Ready Brightening Concealer ’20 nude’

One of the product’s that I couldn’t wait to try out is the Get Picture Ready brightening concealer ‘instant flawless finish’, I picked up the darkest shade I could find which is ’20 nude’ there wasn’t much of a choice as they are only available in two shade’s.


According to the package the concealer is high coverage, creamy, perfectly covers dark circles and skin imperfections and naturally brightens the skin for an instant flawless result. Firstly what I like about this product is that it’s different to others as it has a sponge applicator which is soft and gentle around the eye area when applying the concealer. I did find that the shade is abit to light and did not blend well so there was no high coverage I will rather use it to highlight after applying foundation.


Eyebrow Brush

You guys know that I am a fan of brow product’s and always trying out different product’s and different brand’s so I had to get my hands on the new Essence Eyebrow brush and Make Me Brow duo eyeshadow powder.

I am on a mission to collect all Essence make-up brushes but sad that we are not getting more of the cool brushes that they have in Germany 🙁.

The eyebrow brush has a cute design and is such a pretty colour, the bristles are curved and the brush is angled for a more precise application and also perfect to apply different textured brow product’s. I like to use the pointed end to define my brows and get the perfect shape. I use the thicker side to fill in my brows. With this brow brush you can easily define your brows and fill them in, because it is curved you can go from light strokes for a more natural look or thicker bold brows by using the flat side of the brush to apply the brow product.

Make Me Brow Duo Eyebrow Powder ’02 mix it brunette’

There are two shades of the brow powder duo one for blondes and the other for brunettes so I bought the ’02 mix it brunette!’ . You can mix and match the brown shades to create your perfect shade, the powder is soft and blends well and gives the brow a natural look. I use the lighter shade on the inner part of my brows and the darker shade it fill and define my brows this gives my brows a natural look.


Contouring Eyeshadow Set ’01 mauve meets marshmallows’

I recieved this from Essence, the contouring eyeshadow set comes in four colour combinations the one that I recieved is the lightest shade. A couple of months ago I had a post up on what eye contouring is and how to contour your eyes which you can read about here. I applied the light shade on the lid and darker shade on the crease and blended it. I like this set, it easily blends and looks so natural on. It’s quick and easy and perfect for an everyday look and to keep in your handbag as it’s all you need to contour your eyes with instructions and numbers embossed into the actual powder.




Satin Touch Blush ’10 satin coral’

I also recieved this from Essence, this is really the perfect coral shade to give your cheeks a soft flushed natural look. The satin touch blush is available in three colours and have a light pearl effect which gives a natural healthy glow. The embossed pattern is so pretty I did not want to mess up the pattern so it took me a while to suck it up and dip my brush into it 😊. This is my favourite blush at the moment I love that it can be worn everyday and the colour is definetly buildable.



Light Up Your Face Luminizer Palette

This product is the most exciting of all 😃. It is the perfect strobing palette that will have you glowing, there are three shades which are: nude highlighter which is satin sheer for a subtle glow, rosé-gold highlighter which has lots of shimmer for setting specific luminous highlights and is perfect for special events and lastly there’s the golden beige highlighter which is a pearly powder for adding a soft and warm finish to your complexion.


The three highlighters have light-reflecting pigments to accentuate the features with a light pearl, intensive shimmer or golden glow finish. Highlighters are applied on the cheekbone, bridge of the nose or above, on the chin, cupids bow, the brow bone and also the brow arch.


I first used the matte shade which is not really visible and then the golden beige which gave me a nice subtle glow but I’m all about extreme glow so then I applied the middle shade and look at that glow!! 😮 this highlighting palette is everything!!



XXL Volume On! Plumping lipgloss ’02 C’est bon, C’est bonbon

I have meduim sized lips not to small and not to big but I have always wondered what it would be like to have Angelina Jolie lips so I got this plumping gloss in a nice light natural pink shade. They are available in two colours the pink and a red. I love the tingly pouty feeling I get with this gloss because of the menthol/peppermint ingredients and I love the shine especially for summer but it doesn’t really plump my lips.


The products that I mentioned are really fantastic for everyday use and gives you a nice natural summer look but you can also take this look and turn it into a night look by just applying two more Essence product’s ☺.

Super Precise Eyeliner Longlasting and Waterproof

This eyeliner is a must have if you love to line your upper lid or create a subtle or bold winged eye. The thin/fine brush allows you to create any type of winged liner your heart desires from simple to big and bold. The formula is not very watery so it’s easy to apply and does not smudge when applying. It is smudge proof and comfy on the eyes I normally find that with liquid liner’s they can feel very dry on the lid and often crack but I did not experience that with this liquid liner. Essence please make this in more colours with a mettalic finish 😊.


On Monday I had a bad experience with my winged eye I was off to an event and it was sooo hot and because I’m obsessed with a winged eye I decided to have winged eyes for the event but before I got to there it had rubbed off and some of it was above my lid 😐. Oh the horror!! So straight after the event I decided I need a waterproof liner that would not smudge and Essence super precise liner is just that it is smudge proof and perfect for this extremely hot weather.

I took my everyday look and turned it into a night look by doing a winged eye and opted for a bold lip.


Matt Matt Matt Longlasting lipgloss ’03 Girl Of today’

I absolutely love this shade it is a dark pinkish colour with a blue undertone. It has a soft creamy texture and extremely pigmented that provides high coverage. This matte lipgloss has a beautiful sweet scent but unfortunately it is not longlasting as it is more creamy than matte but it is so comfy to wear, doesn’t crack and feels super soft on my lips. The applicator is everything it’s small thick and a little pointy at the end so that you can line your lips perfectly with the pointy part and easily apply the lipgloss with the flat bigger part of the applicator. I’m loving this matte lipgloss and the other four colours as they seem universal to suit all skin tones.





Below is the price list of all the new product’s that I used to create both looks:

Essence Get Picture Ready Brightening Concealer R57.95

Essence Eyebrow Brush R28.95

Make Me Brow Duo Eyebrow Powder R53.95

Contouring Eyeshadow Set R47.95

Satin Touch Blush R47.95

Light Up Your Face Luminizer Palette R76.95

XXL Volume On! Plumping lipgloss R44.50

Super Precise Eyeliner Longlasting and Waterproof R53.95

Matt Matt Matt Longlasting lipgloss R44.50

All products are available at Clicks, Dischem pharmacies, selected Red Square Beauty, Independent pharmacies and Pick n Pay stores. Essence products are also available online at and Red Square online.

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