We were recently sent the new Be Bold Labello Blackberry Shine as well as eight other Labello’s in their new packaging, five of which are the Labello Fruity Shine (watermelon, peach, cherry and strawberry including the new Blackberry Shine), three of the Essential Care (original, hydro care and men active care) and one from the Extra Care range (med protection).

Labello launched its new logo and design to reflect over 100 years of lip care expertise. The new blue packaging is clean, pure and modern making it easier to recognise in stores. Labello still offers a range to suit all tastes and preferences ensuring that your lips are always protected no matter what your style is.

I have been using the Labello lip butter’s (raspberry rose and vanilla & macadamia) ever since they were released and have one in each handbag so that my lips are always moisturised. The lip butters smell amazing! When I recieved all the different Labello fruity shine lip balms I just had to open them up and take a sniff at each one of them and they smell sooo good almost makes you wanna eat them up 😃 but don’t.


The Shine range has glossy colour, it’s long lasting and moisturising. Each colour and flavour has a delicious fruity scent that smells just like their fruit and definitely takes me back to my childhood. Each Shine lip balm has a glitter finish and a beautiful tint. I found that the cherry had a bit more glitter and the Blackberry Shine was more tinted as it is all about bringing out the BOLD.


Labello recently launched the new caring lip balm, Blackberry Shine which moisturises your lips and gives your lips a beautiful plum tint with hints of vanilla scent. The blackberry shine is compromised of the same highly effective formula from the Fruity Shine range with Hydra IQ, fine waxes and rich caring oils that prevent the lips from drying out. The new Blackberry Shine is all about bringing out your BOLD and adding a dash of drama to your look with its dark purple pigments. Purchase your Blackberry Shine now and enter Labello’s competition, details on the pack 😉.


The Labello Peach Shine smells like the peach ball sweets we use to eat as a kid. It has a very subtle coral tint which is barely noticeable, it has a very shiny finish and is very moisturising.

The Watermelon Shine smells just like the watermelon flavoured chappies, it has a pink tint on the lips.

The Labello Cherry tint has a nice reddish tint (pink/red) and a sweet cherry scent.

The Strawberry Shine smells amazing and has a subtle light red tint which is buildable.

All the Labello Fruity Shine lip balms combines fruit extracts, adds a pop of colour to your pout while protecting and moisturising your lips.




For a very long time Moe has been using the Labello for men active care and likes the fact that it does not leave his lips shiny and white like many other lip care product’s. This particular lip balm is developed for men it is fragrance free, and does not contain any colourants. It effectively protects the lips in all weather conditions and contains healing hobs extract and SPF 15 for protection against UVA and UVB rays. Labello caters for men and understands their needs.

Labello Original deeply nourishes the lips with an innovative moisture store formula and weightless texture. It protects the lips from drying out for 12 hours, it contains jojoba oil and shea butter and is pigment free which makes it perfect to use as a lipstick primer.

Labello Hydro Care is the most efficient solution to treat lips that feel dry and lack moisture. It contains pure water and aloe vera and is also equipped with SPF 15 for protection against UVA and UVB rays. This one is definetly going every where with me!

Labello Med Protection is perfect for people with very dry chapped lips as it provides intensive care and long-lasting moisture. It also contains SPF 15 to protect the lips against UVA and UVB rays. It contains bisabolol and wheat germ oil which is a source of vitamin e.

Part of the extra care range is the Labello Sun Protect which contains a high SPF 30, which is water resistant, does not leave any white residue, locks in moisture and contains vitamin e and sunflower extract. We did not recieve this but would like to try it especially in these hot summer days when your lips need that extra protection.

The Extra Care range is R24.99 each for a 5.5ml while the Essential range and Colour and Flavour range retails for R21.99 for 5.5ml they are available from all leading retail outlets and pharmacies nationwide. So affordable and definitely handbag essentials.

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