Babyliss Twist Secret

Hi Ladies, if you love experimenting with different hair styles then this is for you! I was lucky enough to be chosen by Beauty Bulletin to review the Babyliss Twist Secret hair styling tool.


I have always seen the Babyliss twist secret at Clicks and have always wanted to try it out, I had also seen that there are hair accessories available to use in conjunction with the hair tool. Once I recieved my Babyliss twist secret I went looking for the Babyliss hair accessories to try out some looks with them but it seems as if Clicks has discontinued them 🙁.

I love Babyliss hair tools I own a Babyliss tool used to create big waves and it works wonderfully. Babyliss tools are affordable and great quality.

So firstly when I opened the box I seen that the styler comes with batteries so it is battery operated and there’s no need to worry about cords and plugs yay. Even though the tool being portable I don’t entirely trust batteries they do not last very long so I suggest that after each use remove the batteries to make them last longer. It would have been nice if the tool was rechargable..just a thought. I wanted to use the tool right away but I had seen that the battery cover is screwed in and I could not find a screw driver at the time. So the battery cover being screwed in is a good idea as I always tend to lose the remote battery cover and some times the batteries fall out 😐 which I hate, but also if you don’t have a screw driver at hand it can be a little frustrating.



To my surprise the Babyliss twist secret is quite small which I love as it fits perfectly in my hand and it is light which makes this tool easy to use.

The hair tool has two tweezers at the top to clip the hair in and the top part of the tool rotates to twist the hair. There are two settings, setting one and setting two. The first setting is to create single twists with two strands of hair and the second setting is to twist the two single twists into one thicker twist. What I like about this tool is that you can let your imagination run wild and create all types of looks from romantic,  natural and hippie chic. Not only can you use the tool to create amazing twists but also to create your own head bands. How amazing is that! You can also style up your twists by keeping them in place with cute clips, hair jewellery and head chain and bands.



This hair tool is easy to use and creates twists in just seconds so you don’t have to hurt your arms twisting your hair with your fingers 😉. Since a young age I have always loved experimenting with different hair styles I have had corn rows, braids you name it I probably had it done at one stage. I always use to beg my mum to create a new hairstyle for me every day (hated when she brushed my hair though 😔).

When I put in the batteries I gave the Babyliss twist secret a try but it did not work out so well as my hair was way too oily. I suggest that you wash and blow dry your first before using the hair tool if you have oily hair. The boho look is on trend this summer so this tool is perfect to create some amazing boho styles. Please have a look at my video review here and let me know if you will be getting you hands on the Babyliss Twist Secret.

You can find the Babyliss Twist Secret at Clicks stores and also on their new click and collect online store. It retails for R399 but I seen that Clicks now has a special on them so hurry hurry and gets yours now ☺.

To check out what other Beauty Bulletin influencers think of the Babyliss Twist Secret use the hashtag #BabylissSecretTwist on social media.


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