Libresse Multistyle Liners

Rubybox sent me a couple of boxes of the new pro skin formula Lifestyle Libresse  daily fresh panty liners, a box for me and a box for three friends. I was excited to try out a different brand other than what I am currently using.


I am always wearing pantyliners a week before my monthly cycle and during as I always want that extra protection but I find that some pantyliners can feel very uncomfortable and can never stay in place and the really thin one’s seem to not do the job properly as a result my nice underwear is for ever ruined. With Libresse the liners have a new pro skin formula  with a pH balanced lactic formula which makes it 5X more breathable and caring for your intimate skin aswell as your lingerie.

The packaging is great, the Libresse pantyliners comes in a purple and pink box of 30 multistyle liners, so one liner can be used on all different styles of underwear including g-strings! How amazing is that. The box can be opened from the top or the side and closes back easily to keep the freshness. Each liner is individually wrapped in a cute pink and orange wrapper. The pantyliners are quite small so it’s easy to carry in those tiny clutch bags.


When I first opened one of the liners I noticed that the shape is different to the liners that I am normally use to. The liners are curved to contour you V-zone for all day comfort, it has flexible sides that fold to fit all types of underwear.


I found that because of its unique shape the pantyliner was comfortable to use it did not feel bulky and because of the absorbent core at the right place and flexible sides it made it easier to wear and move around comfortably without any worries. This is really the perfect most comfortable every day panty liner, it almost feels as if you are not wearing a pantyliner which I know every girl/lady will appreciate.

I absolutely love the fresh feeling and convenience of the Libresse pantyliners and will definitely be purchasing it. Libresse has definitely made me feel more secure and confident I can now enjoy wearing my sexy underwear and tight jeans knowing that I have full protection with Libresse.

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