Nivea Shower Products

Hi Ladies,  I have been putting the new Nivea Care shower products to the test for couple of weeks now. A while ago I received three new care shower products from Nivea which are the Nivea Care shower ‘Care and Magnolia’, Nivea Care shower ‘Care and Coconut’ and the Nivea Care shower ‘pampering shower oil’. Since I had such a good experience with the Nivea skincare products which you can read more about here, I decided to give the shower products a try in hope’s that it would not make my eczema flare up.

Nivea Care Shower ‘Care and Magnolia’ 

Firstly the shower creams come in such a nice big size (500ml) which will last you for a very long time. The Care and Magnolia contains caring shea and macadamia oil which caresses the skin and has a beautiful magnolia scent. img-20161130-wa0009

Nivea Care Shower ‘Care and Coconut’

The Care and Coconut which is my favourite from the three contains jojoba oils that caress the skin and has a  delicious coconut water scent. I absolutely love anything coconut scented so I immediately gravitated towards this shower cream.

Both shower creams smell divine and lather up beautifully.  You only need a small amount on your loofah to lather up the cream into a silky soft foam. The shower creams are very moisturising, it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth even after towel drying. I’m loving the shower creams and they are great for people who suffer from dry skin, the shower creams retail for R49,99 for a big 500ml bottle which is so worth it you will definitely not regret purchasing one of these beauties. img-20161130-wa0008

Nivea Shower Oil Pampering 

I was most keen on trying the shower oil as I have never tried any shower oils before. I have to admit I was a little scared trying the shower oil as I thought I might go slipping and sliding in my shower and break something 😐. Thank goodness the oil did not make my shower all slippery, I survived yay! Lol. To my surprise the shower oil foams up a bit not as much as the creams. I did find that it has a bit of a strange scent once it has foamed up but if you smell it from the bottle it has a very pleasant pampering scent.

According to the bottle the pampering shower oil contains 55% of natural oils and has a pampering scent for dry skin and also leaves the skin feeling moisturised after towel drying. I unfortunately was left with an extremely dry feeling after using it. My mum on the other hand found that it moisturised her skin and left it feeling soft, she had a completely opposite experience to me. I guess it all depends on your skin type and what you prefer. img-20161130-wa0010

The packaging is quite cute it is a 200ml  see through bottle, the oil looks like liquid gold and is the same price as the shower creams. I am loving the shower creams and even though I did not have a great experience with the shower oil I think you should give it a try like I said everyone’s skin is different it might not work for me but might work for you 😉.


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