Kangol Full Bloom

I recently recieved exciting new summer product’s from Kangol which I can’t wait to tell you all about. The new Kangol ‘Full Bloom’ range has everything you need this summer to look and feel your best at those hot summer parties, event’s, work function’s, beach parties and music festival’s “With Kangol you will always be the Belle of the ball.”

The range includes three mascara’s which have three different function’s which are volume, definition and long length I recieved the definition mascara, five different bright and bold nail varnishes I recieved blue and green, one mini fragrance, a red lip wand gloss and a ‘Graffiti Treats’ eyeshadow palette with such pretty bright colours.

This range really got me excited especially the eyeshadow palette as I have been on a mission to find the perfect bright palette at a reasonable price which is difficult to find, we hardly get such palettes in S.A. I feel so lucky that I got sent one and that Kangol created such a palette.

Let me tell you about all the product’s that I recieved πŸ˜ƒ.

Kangol Tropical Breeze Mini Fragrance

Firstly the packaging is super cute it comes in a long box which looks tropical with all the floral print. The bottle itself is beautiful it has green tropical prints on the bottle and the scent is divine. It has the perfect floral summer scent and this fragrance is perfect to carry in your handbag or clutch for touch ups at those summer events. The 15ml tube is only R99.00, this baby will definitely be in my handbag this summer so that I can touch up and smell amazing at all those parties I plan on attending πŸ˜‰.


Kangol Nail Varnishes

I recieved two beautiful nail polishes ‘Hawaain Palms’ which is grass green and the colour really makes me think of Hawaai with those beautiful palm trees and the rainforest (daydreaming of being there 😍). The second colour that I recieved is ‘Four Season’ which is a lovely sea blue colour (blue is my favourite colour). I have not tried them yet but I will create something awesome and will post pictures for #ManiMonday on my social media platforms so keep an eye for that.

The other colours look so pretty I’m planning on getting my hands on the yellow and pink. These nail varnishes retail for R65.00.


Kangol Instant Body Glow All Over Bronzer

Kangol was so sweet to add some thing a little extra into my press drop the Instant body glow bronzer which I had mentioned in my previous Kangol post here.

The Body Glow comes in a small easy to squeeze tube which is perfect to carry in your handbag when you need that extra glow. It has a soft creamy texture and fast absorbs into the skin leaving you with a beautiful golden shimmer. I love this product and plan on mixing some into my face primer for a beautiful glow.



And now for my summer look I created with the other three product’s πŸ˜ƒ.


Kangol Graffiti Treats Eyeshadow Palette

Oh my! I’m obsessed with this palette it has become my new favourite palette like I mentioned in my intro I have been searching for a bold summer palette and here it is!


The box is sleek and gives you an idea of what colours are in the actual palette but those colours don’t do justice to the actual colours. The palette itself comes in a stunning silver tin and opens up to reveal the most amazing bright summer colours with a double sided silver eyeshadow brush. One side of the brush is for applying the eyeshadow while the other side is to blend, the brush is nice and soft. I like that Kangol included a brush in their palette as I find that most palettes do not include brushes or they have the sponge eyeshadow applicators which I am not a fan of. The brush works beautifully which is another plus.



The palette has a big clear mirror which I really love. Kangol really thought about everything when creating this palette. The palette contains 12 vibrant bright shades one of those shades (baby blue) is matte while the others have a soft shimmer. The colours range from pinks, purples, greens and blues and also black to create a sultry smokey eye.


You can really get creative with this palette and play around with all the colours, you can create a classic smokey eye with a pop of colour or create a peacock look with all the colours like I did. I tried to use as many colours as I could to create my summer look and to show you how pigmented the colours are on the eye.


The colours blend well and have a soft texture making it easy to work with and are very pigmented which I love. I was suprised with the white shade as I thought it would come out chalky and maybe intensify the colours when used as a base but the colours do not need to be intensified as they are perfect the way they are, the “white” applies on more like a soft pink with pink and golden shimmer. This is my favourite colour from the palette as well as the gold but seriously all colours are perfect. If you are looking for a summer palette then I highly recommend that you get your hands on this one and it’s so affordable only R159.00 you won’t find another like this trust me.

Kangol Wonder Lash Definition Mascacra

I have become a huge fan of Kangol mascara’s they do wonders to my lashes. This mascara comes in a pretty pink mascara tube and the wand is thick with small thin bristles to really define and lift lashes. The formula is abit watery so be careful not to mess when applying it. I think that the watery formula allows the mascara to define lashes without the clumping. Kangol mascara’s retail for R99.00 which is not bad at all. You can have a look below at the difference it makes to my eyes:




Kangol Extreme Gloss ‘Campari Fizz’

The gloss is in a nice thick tube and has a doe foot applicator for easy and precise application. The colour is a beautiful red-orange almost like a sunset shade with golden shimmer. It has a yummy vanilla scent and applies on sheer with a slight tint and lots of glossyness . I like that even though it is so glossy it does not bleed on the lips, I mentioned in my previous Kangol post that gloss is in this summer it really makes the lips pop. You can pick up this stunning gloss for only R75.00 it’s so worth it!




I really enjoyed reviewing these product’s thank you Kangol for creating such lovely product’s. Sorry for such a long post hope you enjoyed the read though πŸ˜‰.


All Kangol product’s are available exclusively at Truworths Stores nationwide. When you spend R350 on Kangol product’s you will recieve a free selfie stick which is a must-have to capture all those summer moment’s. Keeping with the ‘Full Bloom’ theme the selfie stick comes in a beautiful floral print box.




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