Eylure and Elegant Touch

Hi Ladies, looking for a quick and easy mani? Eyelash boost of length and volume? Yes?? Well then carry on reading this post is for you๐Ÿ˜‰.

I recently received the Elegant Touch Statement French Glitter Tip, Eylure Brow Pencil ‘No.10 Dark Brown’ and Eylure Volume No.101 lashes to review. Here are my thoughts on each of the products:

Elegant Touch Statement French Glitter Tip

I love doing my own manicures and coming up with new and creative ideas when it comes to my nails but lately my nails reach a certain length then break and I have tried so many products from nail hardeners to supplements to help make them grow stronger but nothing seems to be helping.


When I received these stick on nails I could not wait to put them on, they look gorgeous with a modern twist on the classic french manicure. Each pack comes with 24 nails in 10 sizes, it includes the nail glue to apply them on, buffer and instruction leaflet.


They are super easy to apply I was excited to finally get some length and not having to worry about my nails breaking. So firstly you prep your nails by removing any nail polish and pushing back your cuticles and then you choose the nails that fits perfectly on your natural nail and according to the instructions you apply the glue directly onto your own nail and put the fake nail over but I found that when I applied it on that way it would leave bubbles underneath. So instead I applied the glue directly onto the fake nail then put it onto my natural nails, close to my cuticles but not over my cuticles and I kept it in place for a couple of seconds waiting for the glue to dry (the glue dries quick) once that is done you are left with gorgeous natural looking nails that looks like you spent hours doing โ˜บ.

According to the package these babies last for up to 10 days! It has only been three days so far that I have them on and they still looking good. They are so comfortable to wear except the length takes some getting use to if you haven’t had long nails before but it’s the perfect mid length that’s easy to work with.

These nails from Elegant Touch are perfect for those days that you don’t feel like doing your own nails or don’t feel like spending lots of money getting your nails done at the nail salon. Elegant Touch has such a wide variety of nails in different shapes and designs to choose from. So you can choose from a variety of nails to suit your personality and for any occasion.

I really like these nails they are so convenient but what I would change is the glue tube, I found difficult to squeeze the glue out so maybe a softer tube would be better and I also found that when applying the nails some of them would crack at the bottom but it’s barely noticeable unless you look really closely. One last problem was that the nails are not all equal in length when applied but I’m sure you can file them down. Overall it’s a great product and I would definitely purchase them.


Eylure Brow Pencil ‘No.10 Dark Brown’

As you all know by now I’m all about having brows on fleek all day eeerday ๐Ÿ˜‰. I am always excited to try out different brow products and this brow pencil is definitely a keeper!


The pencil is for precise brow shading and has a small brow brush at the end to brush brows in place and to blend the product. The brow pencil has a soft texture and is firm, you can always build up the colour for a bolder fuller brow.



First I brushed my brows with the brow brush at the end of the pencil and with a light hand and short strokes I filled in my brows for a more natural look but like I said if you want dramatic brows you can build the colour or use a darker shade brow pencil. After filling in my brows I then brushed it with the brow brush to blend the product and make it look more natural. It’s quick and easy to use and doesn’t smudge off. You can get perfect brows all the time with this product.


Eylure Volume No.101

I own three boxes of fake lashes (individual and full) but always feel intimidated by them ๐Ÿ˜. I have never applied fake lashes and always scared that im going to do the wrong thing and look like a clown. Normally fake lashes are always applied on me for photoshoot’s and music video’s and I always ask for tips from the make-up artists on how to apply them properly.


Sooo I finally “girled up” and attempted it and it wasn’t that bad it was a bit of a struggle the first couple of times as I don’t really have a steady hand but I think I got the hang of it ๐Ÿ˜ƒ.

A while ago Moe got me the Eylure lengthening starter kit to help me practice my eyelash application since I love the fullness and length that fake lashes gives. I used the applicator from the starter kit to apply the lashes that I received in the press pack which made life so much easier instead of using tweezers and my fingers.


Eylure Volume No.101 are full, shorter length lashes that really opens up the eyes. They are lightweight and comfortable and really make my eyes stand out more. The package includes adhesive and an instruction leaflet . I’m so obsessed with these lashes and want to wear them all the time! And for all the fake-lash-first-timers like myself it’s so much easier to apply lashes with the lash applicator. Eylure has a range of lashes whether you are looking for something very natural or something very dramatic for a party, Eylure has them all.


I really enjoyed reviewing these products the lashes was a bit of an adventure for me but I survived and don’t feel intimated by them anymore ๐Ÿ˜Š. Do you use fake lashes? If so do you have any tips on how to apply them? I would love to know.



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