Nivea Men Skin Care – It starts with you

When I was told that I would be reviewing men’s skincare products I was over the moon with excitement.  Who better to start my skincare reviews off with than with Nivea Men Skin Care Products.

We all know that moisturising is not just for the arms and legs but extremely vital for your face too. Men have a lot more oilier, thicker and harder skin than female’s and that is why Nivea Men is the way to go because they understand this concept. They have the most advanced and innovative formulas to suit our skin type.


Nivea Men Originals Deep Cleaning Face Wash

I am the type of guy that when it comes to face wash I prefer a face wash that foams up but not to much which Nivea Men Deep Cleaning Face Wash does perfectly. I have tried a number of face washes which would normally leave my skin feeling tight and dry. The Nivea Men Deep Cleaning Face Wash does not dry out the skin or leave it feeling tight, it deeply cleans the skin and unblocks the pores. I use it in the morning and Evening for a refreshed and comfortable feel.

Nivea Men Active Age Day Moisturiser

-Feel Ready For The day – Well Groomed and Vital

Face Creams usually leaves my face oily, sticky and feeling heavy. I have been using the Nivea Active age Day Moisturiser and it keeps my skin feeling moisturised for the entire day without the oiliness, with the constant use of the Nivea Age Day Moisturiser I can see and feel that my skins elasticity is improving and my skin feels tighter and looks a lot younger and smoother.

Nivea Men Active Age Night Regenerator

-For Men Who Want To Reduce The Signs Of Ageing for Healthy Looking Skin

The Nivea Active Night Regenerator being used with the Nivea Men Active Age Day Moisturiser is the perfect combination for healthier looking skin. Nivea Active Night Regenerator regenerates the skin during the night. Strengthening the skins elasticity, firming the skin and reducing wrinkles. The texture is light so does not make you feel uncomfortable going to bed and you wake up with your skin looking healthier.



Nivea Men Crème

The say save the best for last and this for me is the best. The Nivea Men crème is packed with UV filters and Liquorice Extracts, It is a non crème which is absorbed really quickly into the skin. The Nivea Men Crème has a fresh masculine scent which is perfect. It comes in a small compact container which you can take everywhere, keep it in your pocket or pop it into the center console of your car it is definetly a must have for any guy.

The Nivea Men’s Range is really impressive, if you are a practical person and a person who is always on the move Nivea Men is for you. There is no over fragranced smells, no sticky feeling and best of all it absorbs into the skin really quick.

Nivea Men Products are super affordable
Below are the price list of all the products
1. Nivea Men Originals Deep Cleaning Face Wash R59.95
2. Nivea Active age Day Moisturiser R179.95
3. Nivea Men Active Age Day Moisturiser R179.95
4. Nivea Men crème R44.99

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